Okrae Ronox
Age 44
Status Active
Color Ochre
Gender Female
Species Human
Handedness Right-Handed
Complexion Radiant
Hair Orange
Eyes Brown
Semblance Zellbrigen
Height 5'5"
Weight 140 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Kingdom of Vale
Team Team AERO
Partner Rossio Rarri
Occupation Huntress
Additional Info
Emblem Okrae
Character Theme

Make a Move - Icon for Hire
Battle Theme

Shockwave - Noisestorm

Okrae Ronox was a member of Team AERO, and is currently a Huntress


Okrae is a short, average built woman. She has neck length orange hair, and brown eyes. She wears an faded, rust colored duster and hood, given to her by her mother, with a red undershirt, a pair of black pants, and brown leather combat boots. She often also wears a black scarf to cover her lower face.


Okrae is very playful, acting like the teenager she used to be. She is the least serious of Team AERO, but can also be stubborn. She enjoys eating food, especially cookies.


Okrae grew up in Vale, with a middle-class happy family. She loved technology, and weapons. The reason why was never mentioned by her, though her mother often says it was due to her childhood crush on a huntsman in her neighborhood.

The huntsman had also helped her train at a young age, teaching her swordsmanship and how to do battle, giving her tips and tricks along the way. Even at this young age of seven, she had managed to discover her semblance after a bout of anger and frustration following a hard day of training

After several years, when she was finally of age, she had applied to Beacon and got in through her own merit, despite the kind huntsman putting in words of recommendation in her Signal years. She was then accepted and wound up in Team AERO

Current Status

Okrae is often sent on search and destroy, containment, and escort missions, usually accompanied by Rossio

Since the disappearance of Aerio Paris, Okrae has attempted to cheer up the others as best as she could, and has also tried convincing them that Aerio is not dead. She has not given up the fact that Aerio is still alive.

Weapons and Abilities

Okrae uses a Advanced Automatic Flame Edge, named Enigma. The weapon itself, in gun mode, is a boxy design similar to the experimental XM8 rifle. The weapon fires standard rounds, and has a scope with multiple zoom settings. In melee mode, the rifle transforms to form a sword with a 65cm long blade, similar in design to the ancient Greek Xiphos, although slightly longer. The sword is also able to split down the length middle of the blade ever so slightly, which reveals a vent spine, powered by dust, that is able to engulf the blade in flames. The rifle is colored a cool orange, while the hilt of the Xiphos is colored a darker, burnt orange.

Okrae also has the Semblance of concentrating most of her aura into one, single burst of energy, combining strength and speed. Named Zellbrigen by Okrae, after a term in a book she read, it can only be used on one person, and it takes immense amounts of concentration. Teamwork is essential when Okrae uses her semblance, as she is left vulnerable if the enemy is close enough, and after she is left barely able to fight, exhausted. The attack itself, however, is useful during one on one engagements, and is quite devastating, even to a Deathstalker.


  • Okrae is spelled similarly to Ochre, the name of a natural earth pigment
  • Ronox is a combination of Iron Oxide, as Ochre contains Hydrated Iron Oxide
  • "Zellbrigen" is a term used in the Battletech franchise, which is a certain way of dueling in Battlemechs. Here, it is meant to be used against only one person, and thus, a duel.

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