Laurel Olive Capulet
Age 17
Nickname Ollie
Status Active
Color Olive
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Right-handed
Additional Info
Emblem Olive16bit


Olive has light skin,  and dark red hair pulled back into a ponytail. She wears a light and dull pink shirt, with stripes of the both colors. Her sleeves expose her shoulders and are somewhat "fluffy", with the same colors of the shirt on them. Underneath her green eyes, there are two burn scars. Her shirt extends upwards to above the chest in a strap, then a dark pink large cross is placed across, where it connects a choker to her neck. She wears a light pink hood with the same dark cross on it. She wears blue jeans with the straps going across exposed skin. She wears silver and gold boots. On her hood, to the side, her emblem is there, an olive colored leaf where the top is shaped as a heart.


Rebellious and uncaring, Olive has trouble with commitment. She is very flirty and likes to flirt with most of the people around her, especially her teammate, Ferrer, whom she places a mutual crush on. She decides to be honest, and she despises the leader of the team, Silke. She sees Silke as an obsticle to her ambitions and dreams, and therefore she wishes Silke wasn't on her team. She is extremely abitious. She enjoys being lazy and daydreaming whenever possible. Sometimes, Silke tries to straighten her out and get her to focus, failing with her efforts. Despite her uncaring attitude, she really does care about others.


Born to a rich family, Olive got whatever she wanted, when she wanted it. She was rebellious to her parent's harsh rules, and she did what she wanted. She one day, met a guy she loved very much. They began to date in secret, knowing Olive's parents would never approve of them together. She was punished by being branded with a swirly lines coming from her eyes.

Soon after, her boyfriend moved away from her, leaving her heartbroken. She decided to do something with her life, and began to dream about being a Huntress. She was enrolled at Signal by her parents, at her own request.

After quite a bit of time at Signal, Olive was well trained and ready to attend Beacon Academy, so she enrolled to Beacon. Her parents gladly paid for it, but after that, Olive cut off contact from her parents until the rest of year.



  • Ferrer Taupe-


  • Silke Vermillion-


Combat and Abilities

A very well trained combatist, Olive knows quite a bit about combat. She can easily maneveur and figure out certain strategies. However, she can be easily overpowered when she loses focus.

She is a very good long range fighter, but an awful close range fighter. She seems to lose most focus when on the close range field, so she prefers to fight from a distance.


Olive's weapon is a bazooka that fires massive bombs filled with Dust to cause special explosions to opponents. Sometimes, the bombs are covered in poison. It can be folded into a spear, with the blade of the spear dipped in poison. She named her weapon Crown, due to the traces of gold in the color olive, and also to the fact of how many material times she owns.


  • She alludes to Juliet Capulet in Romeo and Juliet.
  • Her partner is named Mal Periwinkle.
  • She is a part of Team FLMS.

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