Call me Hazel if you want. I knew way too many Olive's growing up.
Olive Oakwood
Olive top view
Age 17
Nickname Hazel
Color Olive
Gender Female
Race Faunus
Species Chipmunk
Handedness Left
Complexion Fair
Hair Dark green
Eyes Lime
Height 5'3"
Weight 113
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Job Types Street Performer
Jobs Magician
Additional Info
Likes Mushrooms, Nuts, Sweets, Pranks
Battle Theme

Pressing Pursuit Cornered


Olive is a young girl of average height and light weight. Physical features include her fair-skin, short dark green hair, and lime eyes. She also has a set of ears atop her head that resemble a chimpmunks (of course). Without her hat, people would mistake her for a human, but that's completely unintentional.

Her normal attire consists of a long-sleeved, white collared shirt under an olive colored vest with bronze buttons and a simple black skirt. There's a belt on her waist that holds a deck of playing cards on the right side of her body. She also wears a pair of dark gray boots with a holster for her weapon. Above all that, Olive wears two important items at all times: a black silk top hat encircled with a light gray sash and a dark gray cloak lined with a golden trim, in memory of her uncle and mentor of magic. 


Olive is the type to be overly optimistic and just downright positive. She's always trying to cheer people up when she knows others aren't feeling so well (mostly via her magic routine). Olive is really helpful, and always puts others before herself. Because of her up-bringing she's been taught to be charitable and modest.

There are times where Olive simply cannot resist teasing her friends about certain events that have transpired, joking about one of their crush's, or even poking fun at someone's "masculinity". In the case of her pal Rina Rouge, she'll constantly bug her about her clumsy nature referencing times where that personality got her into an embarassing situation.

One goal Olive has strived for is to be different from everyone. Growing up with 2 other girls who shared her name in school when she was younger, made her feel a lot less special. Which is why she tries her best to stand out and make a name for herself, mostly via her magic routine. But Olive sometimes fears that she may be a little too boastful at times when making an attempt to stick out, and that she's going against the values she was raised by.

Weapon and Abilities

Olive uses a modified magician wand dubbed "Majestic Odin." It's made of light-weight metal, and can be held finely with just one hand. It looks like your standard magician's wand, except for the handle, which has had some adjustments to it, being the addition of an actual handle to one end as well as a guard right above it.

For combat, Majestic Odin is used in the same styling as a fencer would when wielding a rapier or epee, utilizing full effects of quick strikes and stabbing motions, but her skills in general are slightly aggressive and a bit lacking in proper technique. Olive is also capable of powering up her weapon with the effects of Lightning Dust. The Dust is applied at the bottom of the handle, and activated through the power of a trigger concealed by the weapon's guard. When the trigger is held, Majestic Odin starts to surge with great electrical energy which can increase the strength of her strikes as well as leave a shocking impression on foes. While focusing her Aura, Olive is also able to fire bolts of lightning at her foes using her weapon's Dust supply as well.

Aura and Semblance

Olive's Aura grants her the normal defensive abilities most Hunters get and glows a dark shade of green.

Her Semblance has been nicknamed "Now You See Me..." and revolves around the concept of teleportation. Upon activation, she will expell a cloud of green smoke that completely hides her presence from her opponent. While under this cover, Olive is able to warp to any location within a 100 foot radius. Her ability is mainly used for quick escapes, but will sometimes be used for a sneak attack on her opponent.

As the ability drains a lot of Aura, Olive can only perform 2 successful warps without causing extreme fatigue on her body. Consecutive usage of her Semblance would tire her out quickly, even if warping a short distance.


Olive had always aspired to learn the skills it takes to be a great illusionist like her uncle Copper. He would perform the most difficult tricks: levitation, sawing people in half and them still walking, even one time made a large monument disappear briefly (it was returned of course). He saw she had potential as a magician herself, so he trained her and taught her the secrets to some of his minor illusions (the tough ones she has to figure out).

At around age 14 Olive's parents, two professional Hunters, thought it would be best to end her little hobby and put her in a combat school to fight Grimm; so they enrolled her into Signal Academy. Olive was furious because she had to stop her magic training, and had to pick-up sparring and monster hunting instead.

She stayed for one year, learning basic combat, and crafted a weapon suited to her own taste. Her parents were proud of her attending, but not so proud of her grades. She didn't try at all only because her heart wasn't in it, and there was nothing that made her stand out, set her apart from her classmates; she was just your average C student. It was when Olive decided to go visit her uncle for some advice on what she should do, but unfortunately he had moved to another region in Vale. He did leave her a note and a few mementos though: his own magician hat and cloak. His message to her was simple, "Just do what you do best, that's how you'll make your parents proud," and that sparked a thought in her head.

Olive was only going to be average because she didn't try to do her best in school or with her attitude; after reading the note, she realized she had to make the attempt to put herself out there. With that, she continued her training with a new positive attitude as well as her new apparel. Wearing it proudly made her think that hunting Grimm as well as being a magician on the side would make her stick out pretty well. After graduating from Signal, she then made the choice herself to apply to Beacon.

Relationships (Still WIP)

Lily Dunstan- Because of her nature, Olive doesn't think Lily likes her much. She has made her laugh once, though, so she considers them more than aquaintances.

Yori Lloyd- Olive finds him to be a good friend of course. One person she can actually trust for anything, aside from all the rumors.

Damek Dunstan- She really likes his rebelious attitude a lot. She's normally one to follow him in battle whenever he does something impulsive.

Team AMBR- Fellow classmates, as well as friends with Rina Rouge, another Signal graduate.


  • Olive can be considered Lily Dunstan's polar opposite when it comes to personality.
  • Her nickname "Hazel" was used when she was younger, mainly because there were 2 other girls that shared her name in her class.
    • Why Hazel? Olive likes Hazelnuts, especially Hazelnut creamer in her coffee.
  • Just like the diet of a Chipmunk, Olive favors various nuts, fruits, and mushrooms included in her meals.
  • Her ncle was a great performer in the magic industry, and she admired his skills.
  • Majestic Odin is still technically a wand, so Olive uses during her performances.
  • Olive's, and technically her uncle's, tricks and skills as magicians are based off of those done by David Copperfield.
  • Her battle theme, is from the Ace Attorney game series (Apollo Justice to be accurate). Mainly plays when she starts to get an edge on opponents.


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