Jewels are like stars. They just sit there like you can reach them, but as soon as you try to grab them, you realize you can't even touch them.
— Olivia
Age 21
Alias Olive Boots
Status Active
Color Olive
Gender Female
Race Faunus
Species Cat
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team AZOL (formerly)
Jobs Cat-Burglar
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed parents (deceased)

Pussia Felicia (adoptive mother)

Additional Info
Emblem O
Likes Azul Kemosabe , Jewels' Crystallized Dust, Expensive boots
Dislikes Zed
Special Skills - Stealth Master
- Fast
- Resistant
Olivia child

Olivia as a child


She posses long, jet-black hair and beautiful blue eyes. Her cat ears appear from the top of her head. She usually wears an olive jacket matched with olive pants and arm bands. She seems to be fond of boots, occasionally wearing ones that can attract attention (for example, boots with diamonds attached on them). 

As a child, she looks the same, but with "normal" shoes.


Olivia doesn't remember who her parents were, where she lives or who she is. All she can remember is her first name and herself lying on the ground, surrounded by burning houses and dead humans and Faunus. Confused and afraid, she wondered off, not knowing where to go. That is when a Huntress saw her walking about. At first, Olivia was afraid. But the Huntress introduced herself as Pussia Amiella. Pussia adopted her, seeing that she is just a child that got caught in the Faunus war. Olivia was happy to have someone she can call "family." When she was already 7, Olivia asked Pussia to enroll her in Signal. Pussia agreed and when Olivia was 10, their teacher asked them to make weapons. Pussia helped her create Olivia's weapon. Together, they made the Cat Nap, a metalic whip with electrical charges coming from its handle. After Olivia graduated from Signal, Pussia was proud of her. Pussia enrolled her to Beacon next, with Pussia saying to her, "You're a big girl now. You wont be seeing me for a long time.  And don't, I repeat, DON'T pick-pocket. I love you." Both cried and hugged each other before Olivia left.

During her time in Beacon, she met her new teammates. Zed Black, son of a famous assassin, Azul Kemosabe, topnotch student and fighter, and Lime Serpent, a mysterious faunus boy. In time, she developed a crush on Azul (like most girls in Beacon do), and also developed a great friendship with Lime. When she heard of Zed's crime of killing another student, it did not surprise her, for she always thought of him as a bad person. After graduating from Beacon, she decided to become a Cat Burglar-slash-Monster Hunter. At the morning, she would wear her usual clothes, olive jacket and pants, to help people. On of her heroisms is preventing White Fang soldiers from stealing dust from a dust cargo ship.However, after this event, she saw other things in the cargo, specifically jewels. Suddenly, she got attracted to these and developed an addiction to jewelry. At night, she would go to museums, dust shops, and other places that sell or has jewelry, and steal the jewels. Despite this, she still cares for others, as sold some of the jewels she stole and donated it to an orphage.


She is a very gentle and kind-hearted person. But it can also be said that she is somewhat perverted (for a girl). She is also a very smart person, often outwitting her leader, Azul, who was said to be one of the smartest in Beacon. She also able to control her temper. She also has an addiction to jewels and boots.



  • Has earned perfect scores during classes.
  • Has defeated Azul and Zed during training by herself.

Outside Beacon

  • Has stolen Jewels worth 3 million Lien from a museum without being detected.
  • Has donated 1 million Lien to a certain orphanage in Vale.


She uses an Specialized Electrical Battle Whip (SEBW) named Cat Nap. The handle of the whip has electrical charges powered by a battery and emits the electricity through the thin metalic string covered by flexible, spark-proof leather. She maily uses this as a lasso.


Cat Nap


  • She is mostly based on Puss in Boots.
    • In the Puss in Boots novel, Puss asked his owner to give him boots and gold so Puss can start his own life. This is somewhat related to how Olivia asked Pussia to let her study in Signal and give help her create her weapon.
    • She's a cat-Faunus (duh!).
    • Her emblem and addiction to boots is refernce to Puss' boots themselves.
    • In the Puss in Boots adaptation by Dreamworks, Puss seems to be quite fond of gold/money. Then this is related to Olivia's addiction to jewels, similar to Puss' addiction to money.

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