Ya know what we should do? Strike hard, move fast, Good Plan? Great Plan!
— Olivia trying to engineer a plan

Olivia Huile is a team member of Team ROSA. Though seemingly in a world of her own when the situation calls for it her speed and striking can take down even the strongest, all with a smile on her face.

Olivia Huile
Age 17
Title The Energetic Spark
Status Active
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Green
Eyes Green
Height 6'6"
Weight 186 Lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Team ROSA
Partner Amethyst
Occupation Team Member
Additional Info
Likes Olives, Her brother, Her team, Women, Her Brother
Dislikes People that underestimate her, anyone wanting to hurt the ones she cares about.
Special Skills Speed, Fighting, Marksmanship, Strength
Weaknesses She can be tricked, She is often distracted


Olivia is a slim, flexible yet very strong woman. She is known to have scars around her hands and stomach.

She has long shaggy green hair that covers her eyes making it hard for people to know what her eye color is (It is green).

She is shown to wear a long tan coat that is mostly buttoned up except for the bottom that exposes her midriff, a white shirt underneath that along with tan pants and black sandals.


She is often seen as very outgoing and friendly. Though her eccentric behavior is often breaking through making her switch from an over the top slang using braggart to a very happy though sometimes thoughtless person that goes with the flow.

She doesn't seem to take battle too seriously, as she will often play with her opponents and is happy to taunt her opponents, boasting about things she that she may make up on the spot. That attitude will go south fast if someone thinks of her as a weakling and then she will take the fight very seriously and show how she is many things but weak is not one of them.

She takes upon herself to be the woman that tries to counter balance her friend's polarizing personalities with her own cheerfulness and knows well how to counter Rosso's arrogance, Shirley's rage and Amethyst's quietness.


The Huile Family was once a great construction company that helped rebuild lost or ruined buildings, often being the first to help rebuild after large scale incidents happen, now it faced debt after using almost every dime the company ever made to save their son and daughter after an incident caused by an explosion that took away Irving's arm and leg, and lodged rebar into Olivia.

Since then Olivia and her brother Irving Huile found a way to become hunters to try and use their skills for profit to get their family out of debt from the companies they owe for saving their lives.

Though thanks to Rosso those debts are being mitigated though she knows it will be a good while before she can finally return to her family with the words "We never worry about money again" and "I have a girlfriend"


Meeting Rosso was an interesting affair, Rosso amused by her decided to try and keep Olivia around, Olivia in turn like to laugh and enjoyed the time spent with Rosso, at times Rosso worries that Olivia is after her money but Olivia always states, that she has a girlfriend and Olivia didn't even know who Rosso was at the beginning.

She often hangs out with Amethyst, both to make her smile, as to her eyes, Amethyst seems really sad, whether or not that's true is another story.

Weapons & Combat

She fights with a Long handle nunchuck with small scythe blades and set with revolver-like guns "Bashful Midori", she relies on grappling as her combat style. She is also quite agile and some of her moves represent gymnastics.

She performs a variety of body slams, most involving acrobatic moves, and some counter throws and considers using her weapon as a last resort. When it becomes apparent that she has to fight with her weapons then she uses her speed and Midori to eviscerate her opponents, it can also fire numerous bullets during its attacks that will ricochet off of any nearby surfaces.


Her weapon has range and slicing ability which allows her to change tactics when she needs to. Her marksmanship with the Revolver is quite good allowing her to even ricochet shots off walls. She can be quick with her blade surprising many with it inherit danger from being moved around at such accuracy. She also surprises her opponents with her grappling abilities as she can lift five times her weight.


She runs the danger of having her momentum stopped and harming herself with her own weapon. She also takes her time when grappling allowing others to come and attack her mid move. Her strange personality also means that she can get distracted easily, making it possible to trick her in various ways.


Olivia means Olive in Old English, Huile is Italian for Oil