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Olivine Munsell.
Age 17.
Nickname Lancelot.
Color Green.
Gender Male
Species Human.
Handedness Right-handed.
Hair Dark green.
Eyes Black.
Height 6'2.
Professional Status
Team Team OGRE.
Partner Gretel Sigrunn Truid.
Occupation Hunter in training.


He has clothing made from the skin of a reptilian Grim with lightweight white armor covering it to make up for his body low defense. This clothing was formerly his forefathers body armor from where they fought in the war. He has a heavy brow, thin eyebrows and he wears a red and black cape he made for his training at Beacon.


1st year

A noble warrior who lives by a code of honor his ancestors used to live by. He is a well disciplined and calm individual who talks with a old English accent, his mind is mainly focused on training and often tries to convince Gretel to train more. He decided to have Kurai as his main rival after seeing him defeat a group of criminals with ease and challenges Kurai whenever he can. In battle, he is shown to be near the same level as Kurai when it comes to combat.

2nd year

In his second year at Beacon Olivine becomes more harsh in his own training schedule. Whenever his team loses or when he felt he has battled poorly, he inflicts self-punishment on himself by doing even more rigorous training.

He tries his best to keep the peace with everyone he meet and always tries to cheer up his friends when they are feeling down and always tries to encourage them to do better.

Weapons and abilities

1st year

His main tool Arondight is a harpoon cannon that attaches to his arm, it can transform into a large double-edged sword It was given to him by the famed blacksmith Nivian at the 'Lady of the lake'. It's not too heavy, not too big, it's just the right size for Olivine. The harpoon is attached to the cannon by a long durable chain.

He also carries a meter long irregular hexagon shaped shield to make up for his low defense.

He is a skilled climber and has a lot of stamina.  He is very strong and can go at fast speeds. He uses his aura for defensive uses only and doesn't use any dust based moves.

2nd year

Olivine equips himself with his best sword, Arondight Kai. He spent years on this weapon. Though it has the same transforming feature as his previous sword, Arondight Kai has dust capsules inside that can help him in battle.

  • Red dust gives his blows a bit more strength and envelope his sword on a coating of fire.
  • Yellow dust allows him to fire a bolt of lightning from his sword.

He also has become more focused on his physical conditioning and always tries to help his teammates with their training.


Olivine was born in a small village of the outskirts of Vale. Due to greed and corruption the nobles ruling over the village became divided and Olivine's family had to flee to avoid the conflict. During their leave, they were attacked by one of the factions who wanted Olivine and his father to join their side in the small war. They managed to escape into the forest, but Olivine was separated from his family.

He spent days looking for them. He stumbled across a small crystal clear lake. Starving from his unforgiving journey, he limped towards the lake and drank some of the freshest water he had tasted in a long time. Suddenly out of nowhere one of the factions soldiers grabbed his neck from behind and was considering giving Olivine some beatings for all the trouble he caused. Olivine tried desperately to break free from the evil soldiers grasp, but what could a weak and starving boy do against a hardened thug? Suddenly a sword came out of nowhere and sliced through the cowards back. Olivine fell to the ground and lost consciousness.

He then woke up, finding himself in a blacksmiths workshop. A girl then approached him and introduced herself as Nivian, a professional blacksmith who lived next to the lake. She told him how she heard him struggling for help and that she struck down the solider. Olivine then explained to her what happened on his journey. She decided to take care of him while they waited for some of the townsfolk to find his parents and she spent two years teaching him how to become a skilled warrior and how to properly make armor and weapons.

After what felt like a lifetime of waiting, one of the townsmen came in and told them that he had found Olivine's parents. They where taken prisoner by one of the factions leaders, 'the copper knight'. Olivine and Nivian left with a few brave townsfolk to rescue Olivine's family. They challenged the copper knight who said that if they could best twenty of his best soldiers, he would battle them himself. Olivine fought the men and won against all twenty knights, but the copper knight used the battles as a distraction for his escape. Nivian broke the lock on the cell holding Olivine's parents.

He and his family now lived with Nivian at the Lady of the lake. Nivian then helped him get enrolled at beacon and gave him a new weapon, Arondight. When he stopped at Vale he saw a lone hunter battling a number of thugs. He recognized who he was, Kurai Jack Jade. Seeing Jacks magnificent swordsmanship Olivine requested that hey battled. Kurai accepted and the battle ended in a draw. Olivine impressed at Kurai's fighting skills, then declared that Kurai was his new rival and challenged Kurai whenever they crossed paths.

A few days after arriving at Beacon, he was teamed up with a girl named Gretel and became part of team O.G.R.E. He spends his time doing spartan-like training around Beacon and trying to help Gretel conquer her fear of heights.

Notes and trivia.

  • Olivine, Nivian and the backstory are based on Sir Lancelot.
  • Credit for Olivine's name goes to Maki.
  • His battle theme is Knight of the wind from Sonic and the black knight.

    Chibi Olivine

  • Credit for Olivines silhouete goes to DeathNapalm.

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