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Do things how you want 'em to be. Nobody else has the right to tell you what to do.
— Onyx Rocker

Onyx Rocker is the member of the team Team JORE. Onyx's weapon of choice is a Dual Iron Fist Claw (DIFC) named Ironmen.


1st Year

Onyx appears a teenage boy, with short orange hair and red eyes. He also has a blue/orange jacket. Underneath that lies a orange tank shirt. Onyx also owns a cross that he wears on his arm instead of around his neck, even though it's not a bracelet.

2nd Year

Onyx is now much taller and has more muscle mass on his arm, he also now has a 4 pack. He changed his strands of hair to look more like a bowlcut instead of his bob cut hair.

He now wears a purple shirt under his black trench coat which is also never zipped up so it looks cool. Onyx also wears white baggy trousers.


Onyx is typically refered to as really mean and ice cold, he seems to not care about the rules and what actually happens to people that are irrelevant(people's he's never met), but he is willing to  people that he cares about. Onyx is also very distant towards other people around him which makes him sometimes alone. His mean personality seems to be that he only cares about his own dreams and won't help anyone achieve their own. He also has a sense of pride, despite being poor. Onyx can be very stubborn at times and will not swallow his pride because it's the same as losing. This causes him to have a lot of arrogance. Even when he beaten in combat, he'll have the will to try and get stronger and attempt to defeat them. 

Moreover, Onyx for some reason attracts girls. He seems to not be bothered at all as it actually helps in battle. This is because when he is injured he can picked up by them when Rufus is nowhere to be seen. Moreover, when girls come near him, Jorey and Rufus become very jealous of him.

Onyx is also has a very large and biased opinion about Faunus. Because of his past, Onyx has very deep hatred for them and does not forgive them for the destruction of his small village. He becomes very angry when he encounters a Faunus. Onyx dislikes Faunus and thus he's very 

Onyx is highly unintelligent, he always misses important information and never listens to anyone. This is because Onyx feels as if being the smartest just watses a lot of his own strength. Furthermore, Onyx will always rush head on when he sees someone strong. He'll want to take them on but this normally ends up in him getting beaten down repeatedly.

Onyx is also to fast forward as he will always rush into things which makes him passionate when he sees something that he likes. He is also very heated up when he wants to fight especially when he sees someone outshining him, he'll want to beat them at up in battle.



Onyx as a child revealing himself.

Onyx had lived in a town called Vexa, which was very poor. The weapons were not very good and they were poorly crafted. The town was actually well known for being a good source of dust. It was also on constant protection by Hunters. Onyx  often played with his friends. His parents, had tried hard to bring money, his father had spent his time cleaning toilets as a plumber and his mother had spent taking care of Onyx's siblings.

However one time, Onyx - at 11 -  had went out with three of his oldest siblings and there they found someone who had passed out on his way into the village. They brought him into their home without their parents realising. He was very old and gave the kids some of the weapons he found from other countries. Onyx had found two iron fists that fit his hands and thought they were cool. The old man taught Onyx and his older siblings how to use them.

When Onyx was 12, an attack from the White Fang had occurred. The attackers had also killed most of Onyx's siblings and his parents along with some of the Hunters protecting it. With this Onyx tried to find the old man so he could help the Hunters. However, he died by a fire and so did the rest of his siblings. The weapons were either burnt or retrieved by the White Fang. After going away, till this day Onyx learns that they were there for the old man and the weapons he stole. Afterwards, Onyx began to hate Fanus since he wasn't aware that it was the White Fang. The village became unsafe as Grimm started to appear so one of the few Hunters took Onyx to an orphanage.

His aggressive nature had not kicked in until he was at Abyss Academy, which was a school that accepted talented students. He was let in to Abyss because of his relations to a well known huntsman(read the Vexa history to understand why Onyx is poor) Onyx was the only poor one at the school, he started to get bullied and looked down upon because of his wealth. He also seemed to have no friends. To prove his strength, Onyx started challenging people into private fights(which was disallowed) and kept winning. Because of this, people were scared of him and no one wanted to be his friend and Onyx started making more trouble. This led to him getting in detentions. Onyx met Rufus Sabbia at one of the detentions he had. Onyx decided to be a hunter because he wanted to try and protect other establishments from being overrun by Grimm after hearing about Mountain Glenn from Rufus.

Battle of Beacon

Onyx was currently in a mission with his team and Team WEST. When hearing Beacon was in trouble, Jorey called for his dad to get an airship to get them back to Vale. However, they were quite late as they realised the Grimm was frozen. Beacon was unsuitable thus Onyx went along with Jorey to look for people that were injured.


Jorey Diamond

Onyx seems to be cold towards Jorey and doesn't quite respect him as a leader despite his attempts to get Onyx to like him. Onyx also seems to show apparaisal towards Jorey, saying that he can become the best leader, he just needs to know. Both of these two are really friendly with each other nonetheless, they seem to hang out and love to fight together to either get stronger or to protect what is right in the name of justice.

Rufus Sabbia

Rufus and Onyx have been friends since they were in Abyss Academy, Onyx seemed to like him because he would mess with others minds even though he couldn't properly fight. Also, Onyx is his best friend because when he began to cry, Rufus comforted him. These two both have the best care for each other, trying to help each other on a daily basis. He seems to not like Rufus because of his lack of confidence. Onyx seems to shout more at Rufus to command him and tell him what to despite not even being leader of the group. However, Onyx seems to hope the best in Rufus and thinks that he can do better than that. After seeing Rufus's dust skills, Onyx seems to change his impression of Rufus and thinks that his strength is quite abnormal.

Eli Leictreach

After their first meeting on the rooftops, Onyx has a semi grudge against Eli. He feels as if Eli was a coward when he left. However, Onyx stops this grudge after realising how scary Eli is and how he makes him freeze. Despite this, Onyx thinks that Eli's arm strength is outrageous because he is the smallest on the team.

Abilities and Powers

Athletic Skills

Onyx's recognisable trait is that he is incredbily strong. He is able to perform very powerful punches and also push his opponent away from him. Onyx's strength means that he can do enough damage to take down an opponent easiy.

Additionally, Onyx has lots of stamina. He can stay in a fight for a long amount of time. This means he doesn't have to worry about using too much of his aura. It also helps him because he's known for continously rushing his opponent all the time.

Despite Onyx is very slow because of the fact that he is using iron and his strength also stops this. This disallows him to rush at enemies with ease. With his hand being quite heavy, it stops Onyx from making quicker punches on his opponents.


Onyx's weapon - Ironmen - is essentially like brass knuckes but they actually cover his entire wrist then just his fingers. After stealing Virginia Demad's weapon after defeating her, Onyx now has the claws of the weapon attached on the knuckle part of the weapon. 

Onyx is really profecient in using his weapon, Ironmen, easily defeating enemies with really good punches and is able to do it without even getting exhausted.  Onyx, when he punches tend to be pretty powerful and can quite cause a heavy amount of damage to his opponents. Unlike most hand to hand combat fighters, Onyx doesn't have a definite style of fighting as he only just does normal street fighting.


Onyx has a orange flame aura. His semblance increases his reaction times which makes battles much easier, allowing him to dodge attacks in time. This lets him fight without wasting much endurance. However, it requires Onyx to dodge therefore if the attack is really fast, Onyx may not be able to dodge in time. Any repetitive use of the semblance causes Onyx to experience heavy nausea.

Onyx Rocker's Stats :

Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo

Total Stats:59/100

Battles and Events

Fight Chapter Outcome
Onyx Rocker vs Eli Leictreach Chapter 1 Interupted - Emile retreats.
Onyx Rocker vs Shady Cole Chapter 2 Loss
Beacon Academy Initiation Chapter 3 Victory
Jorey Diamond, Onyx Rocker, Rufus Sabbia and Eli Leictreach vs White Fang Chapter 6


Season 2

Fight Chapter Outcome
Onyx Rocker vs Jorey Diamond Chapter 8 Interupted - Johannes Leictreach stops the fight.
Onyx Rocker vs Jorey Diamond II Chapter 12 Interrupted -  Terrorist Attack
Onyx Rocker vs Virginia Demad Chapter 13 Victory


  • Onyx's name actually originated from an artifact that would have been used.
  • Onyx's Theme is In the End by Linkin Park all chosen because of his struggle.
  • Iromen is actually based on Iron Man.
  • Rocker is supposed lack subtlely on purpose as it's meant to be 'straight to the point', a representation of his fighting style.
  • Onyx's initials OR, are the first letters of the color orange.
  • Onyx is also a black rock.
  • Yes, the 2nd year picture is traced, if you don't like that go cry at the nearest corner.
  • Ironmen will get upgrades everytime he defeats a faunus opponent.
  • Onyx's first year picture is Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket

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