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Rufus is a medic not a reviver.
— Onyx to Jorey

I won't stop fighting until what is right is done.
— Onyx's code.

If you are unable to fight, then you shouldn't be here.
— Onyx to Rufus.

Season 1

I'm the one who'll defeat you, like a rock, the name's Onyx!
— Onyx getting ready to fight Eli

I think... I hear a catfight!
— Onyx realising what Eli did.

You love kids don't you?
— Onyx teasing Jorey.

Season 2

Wake up team leader. (Jorey doesn't wake up, taps him) Wake up! (punches him) WAKE UP!
— Onyx attempting to wake up Jorey.

(punching Jorey) Stop trying to be me and leave Rufus.
— Onyx annoyed at Jorey's constant teasing at Rufus.

If I'm not strong enough, I'll never get my revenge!
— Onyx expressing why he wants to fight Jorey.

Since you're Faunus, it means focusing my strength in defeating you.
— Onyx getting confident in his fight against Virginia.

Old Fatty kept me behind for failing to come up for a show and tell.
— Onyx comming back from a detention from Port.

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