Music is an expression of emotions without words, a message of natural beauty.
— Odessa Stagnum
Ophyra Stagnum
Age 17
Alias Warrior of the Waves
Status Active
Color Turquoise
Gender Female
Race German
Species Human
Born August 5th
Handedness Right-handed
Complexion Pale tan
Hair Light brown
Eyes Turquoise
Height 5'9"
Weight 118 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Teammates
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Father, Mother, one younger sister, one younger brother
Additional Info
Likes Music
Dislikes Armel Montagne
Special Skills Jack-of-all-trades musician
Character Theme

Lia - My Soul, Your Beats
Battle Theme

LiSa - Rising Hope
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Ophyra appears as a lithe Caucasian girl with light brown hair. She wears turquoise pants along with a black T-shirt, a belt arranged diagonally across her hips, and platform shoes. She also carries a small bag that carries her belongings, including a picture of her family. On her bag is a symbol depicting waves, colored turquoise. She also carries around a multipurpose tool that can transform into any instrument in existence. Although not a weapon, Ophyra insists on calling it Odette, after her favorite fairy tale character.


Ophyra was born to an athletic family, one who was famous for their feats and stunts. Ophyra, however, was different. She was obsessed with music, from the moment she encountered it. She mastered her first instrument, the recorder, at age 5. From then on, she practiced with other instruments and mastered them as well.

Her parents expected her to be an athlete. And she was. Ophyra had a body perfect to be a gymnast. She was strong and healthy in every aspect possible. Sure, she inherited her parents' abilities, but her interest was in the subtleness of music, not the feats of athleticism. At first, her father tried to drag Ophyra away from music, but her mother stopped him before he went too far. Although they were reluctant to let her go on her path, at least it made her happy.

Ophyra did put her athletic abilities to good use as well. She enrolled in Sanctum at the age of 13, and forged Nero Iremia there. She was a sensation, playing various music of all kinds, be it jazz or country, as well as being a star athlete, rivaling Pyrrha for athletic ability. Girls were often jealous of her, and boys would try to date her, to no avail. She had a good relationship with her friends on the gymnast team and her band, even if she has a sassy personality.

Yet, it was exactly that that broke up her life. Her band and her gymnast team, as time went on, grew tired of her bad personality, and asked her to change. Ophyra, being Ophyra, stayed adamantly the same. And thus, she lost her friends. She didn't care, though. As long as she had herself, she was okay. Nothing else really mattered to her. She faced her graduation at Signal alone.

Ophyra now awaits to arrive at Beacon with anticipation.


Ophyra's weapon of choice, Nero Iremia, is a Dynamic Vector Piercing Harpoon (DVPH). The harpoon is actually styled to look like a spear, with a hook on the blade for maximizing the damage on the opponent. In the staff of the harpoon is a light machine gun mechanism that can shoot out both ends of the weapon, with a slow rate of fire and high kick. She can also split the polearm in two and convert it to create two bladed tonfa SMGs for middle and close-ranged combat. The DVPH has an aerodynamic design optimized for extreme ranges of 1.2 miles, using the recoil from the LMG rounds.

Nero Iremia requires two types of cartridges to perform at its best. The first type of cartridge, the LMG rounds, are composed of cartridges containing 35 rounds of Water Dust with piercing power. Ophyra uses this type of ammo to give the harpoon more kick when she's throwing it, or to provide cover fire for her team. The SMG cartridges contain very small caliber rounds, enabling it to hold 35 rounds in each catridge. However, to make up for this, the SMGs have a very high rate of fire, about 18 rounds per second.

In combat, Ophyra is very lithe and acrobatic, often stretching just to dodge blows from enemies. She is just as agile with Nero Iremia as well, slashing quickly and making effective hits. Due to her athletic nature, she's very hard to hit with ranged attacks, requiring the opponent to get in close if they want to do any real damage.

Ophyra uses Ice Dust, ice shards being her primary projectiles when casting Dust.

Ophyra's semblance, Reversal, allows her to summon a glyph that reverses the direction of momentum of anything that hits it. Being octagonal in nature, the glyph has an approximate diameter of 5 feet, protecting much of Ophyra's body. The glyph only lasts for a second, but the recharge is about 5 seconds. Ophyra often uses this to move around quickly without slowing down, as well as deflect projectiles back to the enemy.


Ophyra is very sensitive and defensive when interacting with people she doesn't know. She can be very rude at times, as well as stubborn and difficult to deal with. She takes most jokes or sarcasm as serious and can often misunderstand people with a light tone, while utilizing sarcasm and jokes herself, much to other people's annoyance. She does have a bit of a high opinion of herself, and that leads to problems interacting with other people. Sassy in nature, she often cares only about herself.

When she knows a person well enough, Ophyra can be a bit more kind, remembering her manners reluctantly at times and be more easy-going, laughing along with inside jokes.

In battle, she's as serious as any other warrior in combat: Ruthless and efficient. She's neutral about going into battle itself, as she doesn't think about people getting hurt that much.

The one thing she's ecstatic for is music. She smiles whenever even thinking of playing a piece with her band or just a warm-up.


  • Ophyra is based off of Kirino from Ore no Imouto. Seriously. I'm not even kidding.
  • Stagnum means lake in Latin.
  • Nero Iremia is Greek for calm waters.
  • Kirino-lumforever-28755571-1000-1000

    Odessa's basis. No, I'm not joking. Yes, you can laugh.

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