Even if we can't be friends, as long as you are here I'm happy...
Organdy Marvell
Organdy full body
Age 17
Status Active
Color Organdy
Gender Female
Race Human
Born April 17
Handedness Right
Complexion Pale
Hair White, gold
Eyes Yellow
Height 5'5"
Weight 105 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Partner Dia
Additional Info
Emblem Organdy emblem
Likes Bunnies, Rotatos, Rainbow Bunchies, Blood, Piano, Hydrangeas
Dislikes Grimms
Character Theme

The Wolf That Fell In Love With Little Red Riding Hood
Battle Theme

Difficult Love
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Organdy wears a pink coat for the top with two layers of cloathing from her breast up to her shoulders for thicker clothing since she lives on the northern lands. She wears a pink skirt for the bottom and another outer layer of light brown cloth with cross marks on it, She wears pink boots with white furs and fluff balls dangling down connected by a lace. She has golden white hair and pale skin, Her eyes are yellow.


Organdy is a shy type of person, she avoids contact with other people becuase she babbles when she speaks out of her shyness. She just wants to be surrounded by a peaceful environment, she's also kind, caring and gentle. She likes faunus and humans alike, she never discriminate or compare the two species. In her free time she likes to go to a field of hydrangeas and watch the skies as the cloud slowly pass by or just stay by her room playing her piano and making beautiful music. She has a tendancy to be innocent and simple minded, like the clouds, she often just stay lazy and go by on whatever is happening around her... She's also a klutz.


As a child, Organdy was a shut-in because she was afraid of going outside, she often hear stories about monsters and bad people so she just prefers to play the piano in her room and look through out the window to admire the beauty of the environment. One day, when she was reading a book she saw a picture of a white hydrangea. It was beautiful... she wanted to see one so badly, she grabbed a map and went outside. Being an innocent, simple-minded child she thought the white hydrangeas were located at the snowy forest. She got lost, she was afraid of being alone at the forest... Then there was a rustling sound at the bush near her. She didn't know what to do, A beowolf appeared, she ran screaming. The beowolf caught up to her and smacked her on the head, she fell to the ground and her sight was getting hazy. She saw the beowolf was about to slash her, but a shady figure with a red cloak appeared and killed the beowolf, the red hooded man slowly approached her as she was about to lose conciousness... She fainted... Then she woke up at a hospital, and her parents were there. She looked for the red hooded man but he was nowhere to be found. She couldn't remember the red hooded man's face but she wanted to thank him properly.

Organdy Marvell face

Organdy (face)

She decided to learn how to fight for her to be able to go outside without being afraid of grimms and find the one who saved her, so she asked her parents to enroll her to signal. She trained hard to become a great warrior, at first she was having problems because of her lack of will to fight, because she thinks fighting is pointless. But, in order to achieve her dream once again, she must put up with these trials and reach out her goal, to look for the lost soul who was kind enough to save her. That's when Viini thought her how to fight using staves with the Arme D'hast fighting style and helped her build up her confidence as he teaches her. Viini also lent her a hand when she was making her weapon, Ash Hortensia, and unlocked her aura. A few years later, she grew up to be a fine warrior, but she's still the young girl only stronger. She is well known for getting high remarks on her classes. Every now and then she wonders what will the red hooded man be like ? will he be nice ? will he remember her ? will they become friends ? 
Organdy Marvell


Organdy's weapon's name is Ash Hortensia. This is the weapon she made with the help of Viini, and the same weapon she uses now with her advance training with the Arme D'hast. It's a metal bo stick with even denser metal parts at both ends of the stick. The handle part contains a trigger and circular glass storages for different dusts located around the tip of the handles. She can rotate these storages to choose which dust she'll use, these glassed sphere-like storages are on both ends of the handle, meaning she can use two different dusts on both ends of the stick. When activated the dust powders will flow through the whole stick depending on which dust Organdy chose, and apply its effect upon contact. 


Glyph Notes. Organdy's able to make glyph music notes, in which she can enchant with the dust of her weapon. These music notes are small, about four inches. When Organdy hits these glyphs with her dust powered weapon, it'll enchant it with the given dust element of her weapon. Making the music note have lightning/fire/ice element effects upon contact. Organdy's limitation on making these music notes depends on her current aura, so she's careful when using this semblance because it drains her aura little by little. Music is the side effect of her semblance, whenever she hits the Glyph Notes they'll make sounds.


  1. The name "Organdy" is a silk fabric often used for wedding dresses.
  2. "Ash Hortensia" means ash colored hydrangea.


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