Don't count me out cause I'm small. I can still beat you, no matter how tall you are.
— Oria Zohar


Name: Oria Zohar

Age: 17

Gender: Female
Oria Concept

Inspiration for Oria (All credit goes to ThanuFia)

Race: Faunus (Fennec Fox)

Height: 5' 4"

Weight: 120 lbs.

Character Theme: ()

Entrance Theme: ()

Battle Theme: ()


Oria doesn't look all like an aspiring huntress. Her clothing reminds one of a merchant, a wandering spirit. Her clothing, highly conservative, only hides her lithe and curvacious figure, and sets off
Oria CG

Oria Zohar (Art Credit to Flora)

her highly tanned skin. It also sets off her long, bright blonde hair and light grey eyes. Her ears and long tail only serve to mark her out as a faunus, and have earned her some derision in her life. Derision that she has learned to tolerate over the years.

She wears a red scarf around her neck to protect from stiff breezes that she has often encountered in her travels. Over a silver short-sleeved undershirt she wears a golden yellow, longsleeved merchant's jacket--with a brick-red fringe pattern-- that covers her deeply tanned skin. She also wears a pair of long pants --held up by a belt of brick red color-- the same color as the jacket, with a pair of brick-red boots that nearly go up to her knees. On her hands she wears a pair of black leather fingerless gloves.

Her emblem, a sky-blue fox head, is prominently displayed on the fron of her jacket. She insists that she wears the clothing she has purely out of pragmatism.  


Her voice doesn't really match with her size, strong and somewhat resolute, rarely wavering in tone. But at sometimes, it can be soft in tone and volume, most often when she's either extremely frightened or embarrassed. Other than that, she's curious, playful, and is somewhat of a night owl. This can often be seen in her lethargy during the day, as she slow to get up and out of bed.

Her curiosity can be atributed to her past, having not lived in one place for longer than a year over the course of her childhood. But, having been born in a desert, she's used to any place that's hot and dry. But her curiosity doesn't mean she'll pry into personal lives if the person she's talking to doesn't want to. This has earned her a huge degree of respect.

However, she doesn't really like to be around people who seem to act or seem dense. But other than that, she's one that you'd feel happy being your friend.


Her weapons are a reflection of how she fights on the battlefield. To say it's an eclectic mix wouldn't be that far from the truth:

  • Akrepler Kuyruk: A Dust Amplified Razor Whip (DARW) that she keeps on the back of her belt. She uses this for offensive Dust based attacks. And being a razor whip, it can inflict damage even without Oria's magework.
  • Gölgesi Kum: A scimitar with a three and a half foot long curved blade, its blade is kept incredibly sharp. This sharpness in her blade allows it to cut through both human and Grimm alike.

As a faunus, she naturally gifted with phenominal night vision, allowing her to be able to see in the dark. And with her size, she can often get to places that people taller than her can't. Her Aura is defensive for her size, allowing her to take on opponents twice her size, with slight difficulty. 

Battle Style

Oria isn't a physical fighter. Instead of having her weapons making contact to do damage to her opponent, she uses her semblance and the dust in Akrepler Kuryuk to deal damage to both humans and Grimm alike, preferring to keep her distance from from opponents. If that doesn't do the job, the razor whip ihammer herself can be used as a weapon to deal damage to opponents.

If it comes to a scrap, she has Golgesi Kum to use in a fight. The sharpness of the blade can do damage to human and Grimm alike. This blade is, of course, only used if the first two options fail.


Oria's childhood was a bright but turbulent one. Born in a desert region, her father's kept her without a fixed home for most of her life. Because of this, she often has stories of the cities that she has lived in over her life. The time in each city was spent dealing with the prevalent animosity that humans had for Faunus. And even though she has been desensitized to such animosity, she is not too tolerable of it. 

At the age of twelve, her father finally decided to settle permanently in Vale, and Oria finally had a place she could truly call 'home.' However, she still misses her desert birthplace to this day. After settling down in Vale, Oria went to Signal Academy, where she had some success; despite her sleeping habits, of course. 

At the age of 17, she successfully applied to Beacon, where she hopes to make a name for herself as a future huntress. However, she still has her old habits getting in the way of that future success. 


  • Her first name, Oria, means 'golden' in Italian
  • Her last name, Zohar, means 'light, brilliance' in Hebrew
  • Her full name means "Golden Light" or "Golden Briliance"

Weapons Notes

  • The name of her Razor whip means 'Scorpion Tail' in Turkish
  • The name of her scimitar means 'Shadow Of The Sand' in Turkish

Character Trivia

  • Her curosity often leads her to burying herself into piles of people's clothes
  • And it also leads her to getting stuck in places as well
  • Her attention span also needs some work, not being all that well

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