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"I may hide myself from the world, but you will discover that no rage can be hidden."
— Origenes Cretan
Origenes Cretan
Age 28
Title The Bull
Alias O Guard
Nickname Ori
Status Active
Color Brown
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Species Fauna
Born May 1st
Handedness Right
Complexion Tan
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Height 6’7”
Professional Status
Affiliation The Guards
Team N/A
Partner April Athens
Occupation Guardsman & Ex Hunter
Jobs Guarding Criminals
Personal Status
Relatives His Father & Mother
Additional Info
Likes Practicing, His partner & relaxing
Dislikes Rich Human Men
Special Skills CQC & Dust
Weaknesses LRC & Rage


Ori is a quiet and reserved man who seems to prefer the quietness of life, but will deal with things brought to him. Ori tends to keep himself for the most part, but his calmness can be easily disrupted by those who try to lower his stature or make fun of him.
As a Fauna and being the illegitimate child of a wealthy human man and a Fauna woman, Ori seems to have a hatred for men who think highly of themselves and human men. It also seems linked to the abuse he received during his youth when he was being educated.
Due to being a Fauna, he seems to hide his true appearance and conceal who he is. This often leads to many not being aware of who he is. This combined with his muscular body often scares those who encounter him.
In combat, he seems to have a natural short temper as he doesn’t hold his rage back. In society, he often has to hold himself back from attacking those who anger him, but when he fights, he becomes a raging bull.


The Guard often have to comply to a uniform issued for service. This uniform comprises of a white coat that reaches down to the wearer's calves. On this coat is red lines and has black trimmings. The exposed gloves are completely black with a red markings that run along the top of the fingers. Their exposed boots are similar to the gloves in coloration, but the the lacing is white.
Beneath the coat rests a black t-shirt with no modifications. The t-shirt rests over the white belt that holds up the completely black pants with white on the pockets. The neck region although is different as it’s covered in white bandages. Ori also wears a complete helmet made from the armor of large Grimm such as a Deathstalker. The helmet is completely flat across the face with two pockets for the eyes and a grill similar to a truck for the passage of oxygen.


Ori is a massive man with jet black hair and sandy brown eyes. His head also has two large bull horns that stand out. They reach out a good foot and a half feet. They are sharp and have some chippings in them. His skin is rather tan despite covering up and his body is covered in scars from his youth. Ori’s muscles seem to ripple with veins as he has very thick muscles. Both his palms and feet are larger than most. In depth, his eyes are a bit small, though they have roundness to them along with his hair being shaved down that one can see his exposed skull skin.

Limb Saw

Limb Saw - Ori uses a weapon with a simple and direct name, Limb Saw. This weapon is a seven foot polearm with a saw blade with the every piece of the teeth reversed to cause a ripple effect when used. The spaces between can also be used for stopping small or thin blades with ease. The blade is also connected to a circular ring that is hollow and can parry other polearms. On the hilt, there are two triggers, a small one built into the large one. The smaller trigger activates green dust which causes the blade and the polearm to glow green which strengthens the entire weapon. When the second trigger is pulled, the ring glows blue and causes a blue spell circle with the symbol of Taurus to appear the repels incoming attacks. When used together, the two creates a teal color spell circle that can be used to slow down an opponent's attack when used up close. Inside the polearm are located two dust crystals, green and blue. Both seem to recharge when not in action after a five minute shut down period which can be cancelled by using the weapon to attack.

Combat Style

Ori is the definition of a close range combat fighter as he uses his size and length of his polearm to increase his overall range. He heavily relies on his high endurance and body strength to keep on trucking. Enhancing his attack power with green dust and to repel long range attacks with blue, he manages to close in. Though he can drain the dust’s energy overall a long time, he can use both dusts to cause his opponent’s movement to slow down when activated. This Teal effects actually hardens the opponent’s joints and applies the effects of blue dust to further this by repel their movement. This at close range can lead to openings in his opponent and make up for his initial heavy body.


Ori is a brute: take in his short temper and immense strength, Ori is the embodiment of a bull in the form of a Fauna. His pain tolerance being on the higher end of the spectrum allows for him to take a great amount of pain and his higher stamina allows him to deal the damage. His use of Dust also allows him to further increase his close-range skills.


Like a bull, his temper can be his downfall as anger can lead to him reveal his weaknesses. His dust use also may drain the dust in his Limb Saw to make it lose it’s stats and lower it’s overall effective range. His size and fighting style makes him very open to long range attacks from all sides, but his most vulnerable region would be his lower back where his blind spot remains.


Ori’s past begins with his father, Thomas O'Brien and his mother, Eve Cretan. Thomas a wealthy businessman, who invested into a successful Dust Mine. At the time, he had employed Fauna to work as his servants in his mansion. Thomas’ most talented servant, a maid named Eve.
Eve was the head maid and secretly, Thomas’ mistress. Thomas was married to a Cecilia O'Brien. Though Thomas’ lust for women was blind to their species, he favored the Cow Fauna Eve. Eve knowing resisting would be futile, gave in after some time and began to comply with his actions. Sure enough, a child had come from it.
Thomas could careless and neglected any connection to the child, Eve bared the child and sure enough a healthy bull Fauna was spawn. This was Origenes Cretan. His mother Eve began to notice the boy had his father’s eyes, hair, skin and even his nose. She tried to present this to Thomas who continued to ignore, until she presented it to Cecilia who became enraged and attacked Thomas with killer intent.
The man survived this attack, but Cecilia would meet her fate at the hands of Thomas dealing a blow by knocking her out the window on the fifth floor and she landed head first into cement. Cecilia died and Eve was fired, but no longer protected by Thomas, she would begin to be looked down upon by humans who laughed and attacked her in public. This fate soon continued onto her beloved son Ori who like many other Fauna were looked down upon and treated like freaks.
Eve did obtain another job to support her son, but Ori was told to hide his head and stick to the shadows. Ori did, until the tender age of seven when a female cat Fauna were being picked on by some human boys. Ori already growing into a large boy decided to stand up and lead to a fight. It turned ugly as one boy attacked Ori who quickly began to retaliate and other students, even a teacher looked horrified at the scene as Ori’s bull nature became rather apparent.
Eve decided to put Ori into another school and keep him in a secluded school of Fauna. There even his own kind spread rumors about the event and avoided conflict with the gentle giant. This however helped as he befriended the same girl he saved that day. This girl was April Athens. She was a blond with bright yellow eyes.
The two would become rather close over the next couple years before April opened up to him now both 10 about his strength and told him to aim to be a Hunter like she wanted to be a Huntress. Never really knowing anything about it, she told him how they were heroes of stories and even Fauna could be ones. Ori agreed to this, until one day a group of men attacked the school and assaulted every student.
Ori came out with his body cut up, with the worst being on his back. Though he wasn’t in mortal danger, April was placed in extreme care. Ori was nearby and she did make it, but Ori could no longer hold back as he did continue the dream with her, but Ori didn’t take kindly to humans who looked at them any different. He began to wear a helmet that clamped on with his horns exposed. April found it strange, but it worked.
He even began to apply to streets fights where April acted as his supporter and when April fought, he took over as her coach as he gained more experience. Sure enough, April did most of the paper work. This included their applications to Beacon where both were accepted.
The two did get teamed up with, but sadly their years were a mix of happiness and sadness as April often got picked on by a fellow student. He was George White. George avoided Ori, except the day April setted him up where he thought he fight her in front of the school to only face Ori who beated him down. Many at first didn’t get the point, until ori revealed he was a Fauna and George considered one of the better students looked like he had seen a ghost. From there, Ori returned to the mask, but he became respected by Fauna and feared by humans after his childhood past returned to haunt him.
April and Ori did graduate from Beacon, but they were met with great criticism, until a group known simply as ‘The Guard’ came to them. This group dealt with guarding criminals to society and were particularly interested in those with skills that could apply to both human and Grimm. April unsure, Ori accepted as he was informed that every member of the group were Fauna. April agreed quickly after seeing ori happy by his voice as he still stuck to the mask.
The two were thus retitled as Guard A and Guard O from their initials. The two also received uniforms and by special request, Ori was given a helmet. The guard also selected the armoring of Grimm to apply to their uniforms and The Guard struck fear into people by posing as Monsters. The two worked with the other 24 Guards of the place as they rotated, though the two began to hear rumors of break ins.
One particular night, a group of thugs attacked from above and managed to break out a couple of the criminals. Though most wanted them alive, The Guard was tasked with one thing: kill them. The Guard was not interested in later attempts and with the given privilege, both April and Ori were tasked to hunt them down. Now they are after their selected person.


  • First Greeting “Stop staring. . .”
  • Revealing his face “Are you surprised?”
  • Enraged “Let me show you why I have horns!”
  • Entering Battle “Never grab the bull by the horns. . .”
  • Winning the fight “It seems you aren’t ready.”
  • Losing the fight “I will continue to push on.”
  • Victory “It seems you’ve lost to a bull.”
  • Lost “Damn. . . I am not ready.”
  • Aiding an ally “Come now, I’m not just here to watch.”

Theme Music


  • He seems to have a deep love for his mother.
  • April seems to often get in his way.
    • This is rather apparent with women in particular.
  • He has used horns in a fight.
    • They are useful against exposed skin.
  • He can be quite stubborn when it comes to things.
  • His mother and April in particular.
  • His father has lost his wealth.
    • It also appears that Ori isn’t his only Fauna child.
  • His mother now works as an aid to a retired Hunter
    • He’s human, though he was married to a female Bear Fauna.


  • He is based on the Minotaur of Greek mythology
    • The Father of the Minotaur is the Cretan Bull which the surname comes from.
  • Minos from Las Lindas is an influence.
  • His first name in Greek means “Mountain-Born”
  • His weapon is based off the Tree Branch Saw
  • He was inspired by Sajin of Bleach
    • The helmet and personality are related to this.
  • His birthday falls under the constellation Taurus
    • Taurus is the Western Zodiac for the Bull

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