Hi, I'm Orion, resident slicey stabber
— Orion Kane
Orion Kane
Age 18
Nickname Orion
Status Alive
Color Imperial Red
Gender Male
Race Human
Born April 1st
Handedness Left
Complexion Pale
Hair Red/Gold
Eyes Green
Semblance Strength
Height 6ft 2
Weight 90 Kg
Professional Status
Partner Liath Azure
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Father
Additional Info
Emblem OrionSymbol
Likes Cats, Women, School, Hunting, Fighting
Dislikes Getting beaten up, His father
Weaknesses His father
Character Theme

On My Own
Battle Theme



Orion, is a tall, fair skinned boy with messy red/gold colored hair that just reaches his shoulders as he almost always refuses to cut it, saying that "they never get it right." He has rather dark green eyes, which more often than not, are covered by his long hair. Under his clothes, most of Orion's back is covered in scar tissue from his childhood, as well as his upper left arm bearing the scars of being partially flayed.

Orion usually wears a black shirt with silver highlights dotted with small silver stars. Over that is a black leather coat which reaches down to his calves, with red highlights along the edges and ruffles of feathers on the shoulder. Finishing off his look are dark blue pants and dark leather boots. Because he sometimes feels like being a fancy motherfucker, at all times Orion has on his person. A collapsible top hat, a Cane which extends at the push of a button, and a monocle, because you never know when you may need a monocle.


Orion has a reckless and carefree personality which often gets him into trouble. He is unable to see the consequences of his actions and believes himself to be invincible, believing that he is simply unable to die unless he decides to. This reckless approach and act now think later attitude has gotten Orion into trouble multiple times. He is friendly in a strange way, one minute he can be nice then the next he will be cheerfully insulting people, most take offence to it but those close to him know he just likes trying to push other peoples buttons and he fully expects others to respond in kind.

He has a good wit and is rather funny and sarcastic, however he often uses his humor to puncture the ego's of those who have an over-inflated opinion of themselves, usually leading to him getting in trouble. Just by being himself, Orion has gotten into several fights without properly understanding why and or how he managed to piss of 8 people, or how flirting with that one girl led to him being stabbed in the neck, in fact several situations have arisen in which he has no clue what happened and how it got to this point.

He is also at times rather forgetful and scatterbrained, losing his clothes and possessions and just hoping they turn up However his personality and inability to back away, and his belief in his own strength often leave Orion fighting multiple people at the same time, so he has a collection of scars from ill fated fights. Despite this, Orion is almost always smiling, when asked about why he smiles so much he usually only responds with, "Takes very little energy to smile, takes a lot more to be sad." Orion is also a rather shameless flirt, and his reckless personality has made him flirt with several people whom have returned his affections with violence, due to this, he has several un-Grimm related scars. while he is well liked his reckless almost idiotic personality has baffled his friends and made them wonder if Orion is entirely sane. Orion polarizes people, you either like him or not, there is very little in-between.

A quote from Orion that sums him up nearly perfectly is;
Doors are for people with no imagination
— Orion

Weapons, Abilities and fighting style



SSD (Credit to Sam)

Orion's weapon is the Slicey, Stabby Device (SSD) when  asked about its somewhat odd name Orion tells them, "because, everyone thinks up really long, imaginative, obscure names for their weapon's, mine is named for functionality, it both slices and stabs." The SSD is a 1.5 meter long crescent shaped blade which he holds via two handles on the back of the blade. He uses the SSD to slice cut and stab at his opponents.

On the spine of the blade are two barrels (They point outwards from the blade stopping 10cm before the edge, so Orion can slice and shoot at the same target.) from which Orion is able to fire, "Dragon's Breath" Dust rounds. These rounds are highly dangerous often exploding on impact or setting whatever they hit on fire.

SSD also has a second mode, Orion is able to split it into two hand held axes, each of which has one of the barrels. Essentially turning SSD into a better suited to closed in environment weapon.  


Orion's Semblance allows him to increase his strength for a period of time, proportional to the amount of strength he is adding. Orion is able to become two times stronger than a normal hunter, for a period of up to a minute, but he is also able to keep adding to this extra strength, however this drastically shortens the time in which he is strong for, going so low as a second or two. the way the strength time ratio works can be seen bellow.

-2x as strong as normal hunter 1 minute 

-3x as strong 30 seconds

-4x as strong 15 seconds

-5x as strong 6 seconds

-6x as strong 3 seconds

Past this point the amount of time is so small that it is difficult to use the strength in the time that is allowed. After using his semblance, Orion becomes weaker based on how strong he became for a portion of time equal to the amount of time he spent being stronger. This weakness doesn't affect his speed, senses or other abilities it only makes him able to hit less hard, and with less energy/ strength, for a section of time equal to how long he spent strong. The weakness acts as a cool-down for Orion's semblance allowing him to use it again after the period is over. After having worked with his semblance for so long, Orion is now able to localise the strength gain to particular parts of his body, meaning he can localise it entirely in one arm. He gains extra strength on top of the normal gain proportional to the the amount of himself he's affecting, with a smaller area gaining him more strength.

Fighting style:

Orion has a very upfront and in-your-face fighting style. his reckless personality and his belief in his own invincibility make him a dangerous foe as he refuses to back down or stop a fight once he has started it. When fighting Orion uses his semblance to surprise his foes with amazing sudden bursts of strength, even if they only last for a second or two. he then offsets the time he spends weakened by backing off slightly and using the Dragon's Breath function of his weapon to keep his foes at a distance or even destroy them. Orion is a unique individual in a fight due to how reckless he is, this nature makes him unpredictable in a fight as he switches tactics constantly, always changing and shifting how he's attacking his foe. When working in a team, Orion's ability to think on the fly is a great asset to any team allowing for sudden changes in the plan. A secondary tactic of Orion's is his wiseassery. He's always mouthing off to opponents, and this sometimes works to his advantage, pissing people off and making them more likely to fight Orion's game rather than their own.  


Liath Azure: Orion's teammate and second in command, partner and best friend, many people speculate that they're in a sexual relationship but this currently remains unconfirmed at this time. The two work so well together they barely need to communicate in fights.

Bianca Catena: Orion's teammate, the two are hyper competitive with one another often fighting to stalemates in sparring practice, and a strong bond of respect exists between them. Orion hasn't made a pass at her because Liath has dibs.

Aeden Vesting: Orion's other teammate, Orion and Aeden are good friends though he spends more time with Bianca however they work well in a fight Aeden adding another element of unpredictability to Orion.


Born in Mistral, Orion Kane knew from a young age that all he ever wanted to be was a Hunter. His Father was a retired Hunter who’d been forced to quit when he suffered a serious injury which left one of his legs crippled and broken. His Mother ran a small business from their home, bringing in enough money to live on. His father now no longer having anything to occupy his days with in his eyes, turned to drinking to fill the void within him that his shattered leg had left. He slowly but surely drunk his way through the money he’d earned and saved while being a hunter.

When Orion was still very young, barely over four he proudly stated at the dinner table that he wanted to become a Hunter, just like his dad. However, his father did not feel a sense of joy at his son’s wish and instead felt seething jealousy that his son could do what he no longer could, and had the nerve to state it so openly.

Soon after that, he begun to ‘train’ his young son. This training consisted of waiting until Orion came home from school, then beating the young boy viciously until he got bored. Orion often left these lessons bruised and bleeding with the odd broken bone or too. Through this school of hard knock’s Orion’s aura was almost forcibly unlocked in order to keep up with his body.

A year after his ‘training’ begun, Orion’s mother was murdered. Unknown to both her son and her husband his mother had been using her business to run a small smuggling operation to keep her family fed and clothed. A small street gang decided that they didn’t need some housewife stealing their profits and took care of her while she was returning from food shopping. Orion was 5 years old, he almost didn’t notice her death, his life was currently occupied, by his life and home.

Something did change however, Orion no longer had things in his life to lose, and he smiled, not out of any joy, or desire to, but because smiling was something he could do, that no one could take from him.

When the money began to run low, Orion’s Father needed a quick way to make enough money to pay rent and keep himself in alcohol. Turning to the underground fights he knew he couldn’t compete himself, but there was no age limit, meaning his son could, and so the 7 year old Orion started being used in fights by his father.

To put it simply, he got beat, he got beat over and over and over again, he would win one out of every 10 fights, and those only because he simply outlasted the person he was against. His opponents ranged from children a few years older than him, to grown men and women looking to simply hurt someone smaller than them and earn a quick buck while they were at it.

During this time Orion’s body was one great mass of bruises and blood, but through it all he kept on smiling, always taunting his foes, always ready with a quick retort whenever they hit him. Then, he started winning.

He was vicious in the ring, kicking, punching, stabbing, slamming and biting. At times his opponents were simply overwhelmed by this wispy looking kid who was bringing down people almost twice his size. Subconsciously, Orion had both unlocked, and begun using his Semblance, his newfound strength giving him an edge in the ring.

Soon after he turned 11, Orion’s father decided to ‘teach’ his son that he was still able to keep him under his thumb. Long story short, he wasn’t. Orion beat his father within an inch of his life, re-shattering the old man’s leg and breaking both his arms.

Orion left his father’s house that day, the dilapidated broken place giving him what it could in his exit. His clothes, his pack, what money he could find in the house, and a few kitchen knives which he kept strapped to his legs. He left that house with the reminders of his life stamped across his back and arms. His body covered in scars and still fresh bruises and cuts.

He remembered his desire to become a Hunter, something he’d nearly, but never quite forgotten. But, he didn’t want to do it here, too many memories and too many people knew who he was. He’d heard about another school though, one famous through the kingdoms, Beacon, and Vale.

He left the kingdom that week, stowing away on a ship bound for Vale. His trip took him longer than expected but he made it to Vale without too much trouble. Soon he found his way to what they called a ‘combat school’ somewhere to train before you applied to Beacon.

Even though he was very young for an applicant, and many people thought this smiling good natured child wasn’t suited to the hard work the school required he was accepted. After being accepted, the young Orion needed a place to live while he finished Signal. After asking some people, Orion found his way to a local bar called Schrodinger's Ursa. There he met the owner a man named Vermont who took an interest in this skinny orphan.

The man had a great sense of people, knowing the child was hiding a lot of pain. Realizing that Orion was as true an orphan as there ever was, he offered the boy a place to live in exchange for doing some odd jobs around the bar, cleaning and mowing the lawn. To this day, Vermont is one of the few people who knows Orion’s entire story.

After he’d stayed with him for a month Vermont offered to train Orion to give him a leg up in combat school. Orion was ready to run, until now he’d know an entirely different kind of training. Vermont however realizing his mistake, told Orion exactly what he intended to do, practice with him, spar with him, and help him become a better man.

After that Orion trained daily with Vermont, slowly the older man continued stepping up his training, slowly becoming more and more intense in their fighting. With this training, Vermont taught Orion how to better use his Semblance, refining it and showing Orion how to get the most he possibly could out of it.

During his time at Signal, Orion gained many friends, and made a lot of enemies. People didn’t like him because of his attitude and to no small measure, because of his skill which he insisted was all natural and without prior training. Vermont too became something which Orion had never had, a proper father figure, he taught or tried to teach Orion all the things that he should have learnt by now.

Quickly after graduation Orion was accepted into Beacon due to his stellar marks somewhat overlooking some of his attitude issues with other students.

Orion was then went through initiation and came out of it the leader of Team OBLV, which included his best friend Liath Azure whom he’d become very close with during his time in Vale.

Post Battle of Beacon:

Orion and Liath were very involved in the Battle of Beacon, though Liath suffered greatly due to the injury of a friend of his. Once the dust had settled OBLV decided as a team to leave Vale and travel the world living hard on the road.


In the future Orion entered into a relationship with Lacuna Fey, while initially resilient Lacuna eventually took him up on his offer and went out with him. While their relationship was far from perfect they always stayed together.

Eventually they had two children Loren Kane, and then five years later Andromeda (Andi) Fey Kane.


-Orion is in reference to the constellation Orion, the hunter, more specifically, his belt.

-His name can also be translated as "Rising of the dawn" in reference to his red color. His symbol is in reference to the constellation.


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