Chibi Cere

Name: Orthus Portokali

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Height 6'0

Weight: 170 Lbs.

Species: Fauna

Occupation: Mercenary


Orthus was raised by his father who taught him to fight and survive the harsh world he would be placed into. Upon turning 12 his father disappeared leaving Orthus only his name, his cloths and his fathers Gauntlets.He remembered that his father had always told him that one day he would leave and orthus would need to fend for himself. Orthus traveled to the nearest town and had his fathers armor melted and turned into steel caps for his fangs and steel claws. The remaining metal he had forged into a collar, showing how though his father was gone, Orthus was still bound to him. Orthus has joined beacon academy in order to hone his skills to allow him to travel the world in search of his father


Orthus has a very naive personality due to his seperation from mankind. As such he is very trusting and loyal and simply attracts friends easily. He is loyal to an insane degree, creating a sort of "pack" of people who he would protect with his very life at a moments notice. He loves sour foods. He hates lies.


Orthus wears a black jacket over an orange shirt and wears long blue jeans. He almost always wears a cap to cover his animalistic ears and wears a black steel collar that he never removes, even to sleep or bathe. He wears pointed steel caps over his teeth and has a set of claws he wears for battle.He has brown hair and brownish orange eyes with a scar over his right eye from training with his father.


Orthus has a set of steel claws the left hand being called "Chalyvas" and the right called "Dankana". His fang caps are called "Donti" and "Fao"

Fighting Style

Orthus fights savagely and often uses his fangs as much as his claws in battle. He uses his claws to dig into the ground like cleats, allowing him to push off with more force causing him to move faster. His training by his father has given him intense reflexes and battle intuition. When on a team Orthus will most likely be provideing support for a teammate or on the front line to buy time for a teammates attack.


Orthus wears little to no armor, wearing light leather when needed, but prefers to simply use his speed to dodge attacks.

Special Ability

Orthus has only one real ability and that is his tremendous hearing and smell, while some may say these are not really abilities as they are merely biproducts of his lineage, he has proved others wrong several times by using his hearing to do things such as pick locks and detect people he has met before from long distances.


All the names of his weapons are Greek.

His name is Greek.

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