"Without my weapon I am nothing but a shadow reflected into a pool of emptiness."

-Oshara Otukani

(yet to be completed) Son to the once king of Ausburn, Rasulo Otukani. He is a new student for Beacon.

Oshara's character is a quiet and shy guy. With little to no friends he is forced to make new ones at Beacon.


Oshara's height is 5'7 and he is quite underweight for his age which is 18. He has long brown hair which often confuses people for a girl. His eyes are a silver color which was given from his mothers side, Robyn Osmarni. He likes to wear fancy attire which includes the following: suits that vary from blue, brown, grey, and his favorite color, red. In the insides of his suits he keeps his silver dust crystals grouped by 4 containers.


Oshara has a rather, quiet personality. He likes to seclude himself from everyone by sitting away from people during lunch. When it comes to fighting as a group, Oshara tends to get, sloppy. He has little experience fighting as a team but does quite exceptionally better alone. He does not mind having a partner if he has to, but the chances of talking to him/her are slim.

Despite his lone personality, he can also be a true friend. If you were to make friends with Oshara there's a high chance he would want to do stuff with you. He's a more of a "get to know me better, then we'll talk" kind of guy.

Lastly, despite the two personalities Oshara is alto argumentative. He likes being in debates and would make a great lawyer if he would spend more time doing work than arguing.


Weapons and Abilities

=The Albiar Hammer

Oshara's weapon is a hammer that's similar to Thor's hammer. It's strength is able to knock the foe back 5 feet if hit in the chest. The hammer is also enclosed in a minigun. The hilt of the hammer is grey and the hammer itself is a darker grey. The barrel of the minigun is black and the minigun is powered by Oshara's dust.

'Minigun When the mini gun is fired, the recoil is uncontrollable. It moves the user 10 inches back and if can do bodily damage if not used properly. The minigun has a 3 minute firing capacity and takes a 5 minute cooling time. When the weapon is cooling however, the user is able to speed up the time by being in close combat with the foe. The bullets of the minigun can pierce through skin like it was thin paper. Concrete and cement are it's weakness, due to the hardness the bullet can't pierce them. It can pierce through paper, glass, and practically any liquid base objects.


Oshara has a wind based aura. When he gets angry and when in combat using his hammer, the impact of the hammer is able to produce a semi strong wind current. The foe is pushed back from not just 5 feet, but now able to at 7 feet. The angrier he gets, the more wind is produced but with a price. If he were to get really mad and use constant wind strikes, his inside constrict like a boa wrapping around its prey. He could pass out if he got mad enough. The light of his aura is a silver light that shines bright.


Rasulo Otukani

Rasulo was Oshara's father. He was a strict father who wouldn't hold back from punishment. He got this from being the ruler of Ausburn and being well respected by many. Oshara hated his father and was planning to assassinate him with the Purple Snakes, but another criminal, who was never identified, killed his father instead. Which grew into Oshara's shy personality.

Robyn Osmarni

Robyn, the mother of Oshara, was a kind and loving mother. She loved his father with a strong passion, making a cute couple. Before her husband became king, they had more time to do romantic things. Since his ruling, they were growing.....apart. She still loved him with all her heart, and often times would snark at him for punishing Oshara when it wasn't necessary. She is also why Oshara has brown hair.

Extra facts

~Oshara loved to draw and would do anything to draw. Oshara's talent would often get him yelled at as Rasulo's side was never artistic. Oshara's talent became the spark of his weapon concept.

~Robyn rarely talked to other men, her love for her father was true and passionate. Her death also caused his shy personality because he loved her more than his father.

~Rasulo's kingdom was grand an spectacular. He was able to send 10,000+ men at any time and won several battles. The last battle costed him 100,000 men and caused many of his followers to despise him, hence the assassination that followed the following week.

~Purple Snakes were rarely recognized and often laughed at because of their name. Purple in Ausburn meant royalty and the Purple Snakes had little of that.

[Disclaimer: I am the respected owner of everything that's on the page. All drawings, and characters are owned by me. Permission is necessary if you'd wish to use my characters.]]

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