I got lost, would you be lost with me?
— Ciel Peu to Citrine Motacill
Fan Fiction:
Painted Friendship
Bret CG
Author The Troll Sniper Alpha
Fan-made Characters Ciel Peu

Citrine Motacill

Description: Best friends can be found in the most unlikeliest of places.

Painted Friendship

This page was made by The Troll Sniper Alpha. I'd appreciate it if you didn't change or take anything here.

A Small Meeting

Ciel had been walking since lunch. Well, since that time. She hadn't had lunch, Ciel had spent her afternoon searching the streets for her parents. With the light starting to fade, she realised that she couldn't find them. But more importantly, she was lost. Walking into the nearest store, she looked around. An attendant was just moving out the back of the store, and she couldn't see anyone else. About to slump to the ground, Ciel noticed movement between the isles. It was a long pile of something. When it started to move to the counter, the little girl followed it. When they both got to the counter, the person Ciel now saw was a girl looked down at her.

"Hey there! You getting some paint too?"

Now feeling happier that she wasn't alone, Ciel responded with her usual chipper tone.

"No, I'm looking for my parents, but I can't find them. I've been searching from lunch time. I was getting tired so I came in here for some help, I got lost."

For a moment, she didn't get a response. The girl crouched down, becoming slightly short than she was.

"Well, that's no good. Need some help then? It's getting a little late. Do you remember where you were staying?"

Ciel shook her head vigorously. Being with her parents before, she hadn't looked at the name of the hotel. Knowing she really shouldn't trust a complete stranger, but having no option, Ciel asked her question.

"Will you look after me? I don't know what to do. And you seem nice!"

Smiling at her, Ciel made it even wider as she smiled back. Holding out her small hand, she waited for the girl to respond.

"I'm Ciel! Nice to meet you!"

The girl grabbed her hand, shaking it a few times.

"Hi Ciel! I'm Citrine! It's nice to meet you too. So, once I pay for my paint I can look after you. Do you mind staying at my place tonight? It's a bit late to do anything today."

Nodding at Citrine, Ciel waited patiently nearby as she paid for her supplies.

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