For those who wish battle with elegance and not in the style of a barbarian.
— Quote from the official style's textbook.


Papillon's Grace is a fighting style that utilizes elegant motions and movements in combat. It's an old technique, used by few people, past and present day, so it's not an easy style to master without a proper instructor. The weapons mainly involved when using this art of attack are light in weight (so rapiers, fans, knives, sashes, anything light goes).

Before learning this style, one must first dedicate themselves to patience, diligence, and most importantly elegance; these were the 3 key points thought of by the art's creator, Julia Sylenne, that must be followed at all times.

Style and Technique

WIP The whole fighting style implements loose and flexible motions that appear similar to a form of dance. The thing about this style is that it revolves around agility, balance, and stamina, rather than power. Some dancers train in Papillon's Grace to further their skills, rather than use it in combat.

The whole body is used when performing any techniques of this style, and most commonly in motion are the arms. Seeing as the style uses handheld weaponry, the user must utilize loose graceful motions when striking or slashing their opponents; these attacks start off by aiming at certain parts of the body for a disabling purpose, then comes the finishing blow to any vulnerable vital spot, when the opportunity arises.



Known Users

Julia Sylenne Amy Thysteine


Can't think of much for now, going in blind when it comes to fighting styles.

  • Doing research on dances when I wake up in the morning. Mostly going to eye ballet on this one.
  • Papillon's Grace is mostly popular among women, but there are some men who also use this form.