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Ryan Chartreuse

Previous Owner



Épée, revolver

Weapon Derivation

Dust-Powered Revolving Canalizer



[x] Slashing

[x] Piercing

[ ] Bludgeoning

[x] Other: Shooting, Dust canalizing


  • Ammunition:

[x] Dust (Mechanized use only)

[x] Bullets: (.45)

[ ] Other: (Please describe)

[ ] None

  • Delivery Method:

[ ] Gunpowder

[ ] Tension (Bow, Slingshot, Etc)

[ ] Thrown

  • Dust type:

[x] Red - Fire

[ ] Orange - ???

[x] Yellow - ???/Thunder

[ ] Green - ???

[ ] Blue - ???/Water

[x] Cyan - Ice

[x] White - ???/Impact

  • Dust status:

[x] Powdered

[ ] Uncut



Paristhorn's modes in épée form. From left to right: Red Dust + White Dust, Yellow Dust + White Dust, Cyan Dust + White Dust, White Dust, Aura, Aura + White Dust.

Its name comes from Paris Green, a deadly green pigment that was widely used in the 1800's, and "thorn", refering to The Little Prince's rose (since Ryan's based on that character). It's a revolver/épée hybrid that has 4 modes:

  • Red: Has Red Dust + White Dust. In épée mode turns the blade on fire, reaching high temperature; in revolver mode it does fire-charged shots, capable of causing fires.
  • Yellow: Has Yellow Dust + White Dust. In épée mode the blade is charged with electricity and can paralize or even electrocute; in revolver mode it does electricity-charged shots.
  • Light Blue: Has Cyan Dust + White Dust. In épée mode the blade gets icy, in revolver mode it does freezing shots.
  • White: Has pure White Dust. In épée mode it makes stronger the impact that the blade can cause (this is the default mood), in revolver mode it's able to make "air steps" (is useful to make big jumps if pointed to the ground when shooting).

For activating a mood, the bell guard is spinned. Paristhorn's blade is thin and while it's sharp and of made of resistant material it can break if it's used without Dust/Aura against a heavy enemy, but even if this could happen, Ryan tends to use his weapon more as an épée than as a revolver since in that mode it wastes more Dust/it's slightly weaker. Plus, he's able to canalize his Aura as well in épée mode, and be able to deliver stronger attacks.
Paristhorn is versatile and isn't a really heavy weapon, but it's pretty long in épée mode so short people would find it difficult to handle. Also, while it's good for making both direct attacks and attacks from far away, attacks made in revolver mode are slightly weaker than those made in épée mode.
The modes that Ryan uses the most are épée mode + yellow Dust (since it harms but also paralizes the enemy) and revolver mode + white Dust (for compensating his slowness when moving from one place to another). For final attacks he uses épée mode + white Dust + Aura, which could be considered the most powerful combination that he can attain. The first three modes have less impact strength since it has less White Dust (because it's mixed Dust).


  • Previous owner: None
  • Current owner: Ryan Chartreuse. It was given to him at age 12 while he was homeschooled.
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