I'm not going to let them to bring down more innocent people.
— Paz, talking to her parents
— Paz's most common answer

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Paz Himeyuri
Age 20
Nickname Pazita (given by Candela)
Status Active
Color Navy
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Right-handed
Complexion Tanned
Hair Black, dyed dark blue
Eyes Red
Semblance Skin hardening
Height 160 cm
Weight 56 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team CHRL
Partner Victor van Rijn
Occupation Student
Jobs Guard
Additional Info
Emblem Pazicon50
Likes Videogames
Dislikes the White Fang
Special Skills - Resistant
- Versatile
- Skilled in several types of combat
Weaknesses - Can have balance/depth perception issues
- Jack of all trades, master of none


Paz is a short young woman with short black hair, which is dyed dark blue; she also has red eyes and tanned skin. She's thin but is very athletic and has defined muscles, and her body leans to the rectangle shape.
Her outfit consists of a white/gray/navy blue short-sleeved seifuku, black fingerless gloves with silvery gold buttons, black uneven thigh-highs (the left one being larger than the right one), and black combat boots with steel tips. She also wears a brown utility belt with black pouches and silvery gold studs, and a white sailor hat with navy blue ribbon.
She lacks both her left eye and her right leg (below the knee), and therefore wears a prosthesis made of hard material, and a black eyepatch over her left eyesocket. Also, she has several scars spread on her face and body.

In the past, she had waist-length hair in its natural color, black. She also didn't wear the eyepatch, neither needed the prosthesis.


Overall, Paz is an intimidating-looking person with an asocial, cold behavior. However, she isn't an actually malicious person; she's well-intentioned and her priority is to protect her loved ones at all costs.
She's excessively work-focused, only caring about fighting and getting her job done. Even if her lack of mercy towards her enemies is one of her most outstanding traits, she doesn't lack empathy; she understands how people can feel about things, but she thinks not feeling well or having difficulties isn't an excuse for not getting things done as long oneself has the capabilities to get them done.
She's also stoic and inexpressive, retaining a blank, uninterested face most of times, even if she's doing something she actually likes. This is also reflected in her speech, since she speaks in a laconic, blunt way with a deadpan voice; she's also blunt in her actions and interactions with people (even in interactions that are supposed to be friendly or romantic), and never asks for favors, neither stands people that have pity on her.
She's a reserved, mysterious person that almost never displays her emotions or talks about her personal life; in fact, the only people she's open with is with her parents.
Paz is a very independent person, but has no issues in helping her teammates in battle since she was used to work with people and follow orders in the past.

In the past, her behavior was significally different; she was a more cheerful girl that always had a smile on her face.


Being Vacuo natives, Paz's parents moved to Atlas and worked as guards on a ship that belonged to a Dust company and Paz wished to follow their path since she was little, learning how to do the job from them. When she became 17, she started working with them. The job in general was rather peaceful than stressing since that fortunately there were few to no runaways that went into the ship.

However, one day, things changed and a catastrophe happened. The White Fang targeted the ship, broke into it and attacked everybody on it as an attempt to take control of it; Paz and the rest of the guards could subdue most of them, but fire broke in the ship and quickly reached the Dust chargment, that while it wasn't too big, it was powerful enough to react and cause several explosions. The ship caught fire and started to sink, and most of people that were on it died from either the fire itself, or drowned, or died because of injuries caused by the White Fang. Paz and her parents could make it and save themselves from that terrible fate, but unfortunately all of them ended up with some important degree of injuries; Paz's parents took the worst part: her father having damage on his legs and his spine, becoming paraplegic, and losing vision from his right eye, and her mother also having important damage in her legs, having to use crutches for walking. Paz herself lost vision from an eye and part of her right leg, besides getting some burns, but at least could keep walking thanks to the prothesis she got later, though her rehabilitation was long and even painful sometimes. As her parents couldn't work anymore, they moved back to Vacuo so they could get help from their relatives.

Deeply furious at the incident, and to the fact her parents ended up disabled and them together with herself almost died, Paz swore she would get revenge for all her colleagues, as she was the only one in her family that could keep fighting. The trauma of the incident itself also changed her personality; becoming a more serious, merciless, cold person for coping with the fact that she had to defend the innocent ones and stand up for herself now, since her parents couldn't work anymore; not to mention now she doesn't trust in people as much as she did before the incident, so she avoids forming bonds with people and is a lot less friendler. In a radical decision, Paz applied for Beacon and got accepted, passing the exam, in hopes to become a Huntress and being able to fight against both Grimm and the White Fang.

Time skip

Paz goes back to Vacuo to take care of her parents, and works as a guard again for helping them with money. She hasn't had much contact with her team, only talking with Candela a few times because of her busy schedule (not to mention Victor is unreachable at the moment and that she doesn't feel like talking to Colby anyway). She also has been trying to keep an eye on White Fang goons wherever she sees them, and, if it's needed, fight them.



Bakunawa Ningyo

Paz's weapon is a Dust Rifle-Anchor Hybrid (DRAH) called Bakunawa Ningyo. It's a rifle that resembles a water gun and that shoots rays made of Dust, having a revolver-like chamber with different types of it.

It can also transform into a big anchor for melee combat; in this form the Dust shooting options are unavailable, though the blade of it can canalize Dust.
Its name comes from Bakunawa, a dragon/giant sea serpent in Philippine mythology and Ningyo, the Japanese word for mermaid.


Paz is a versatile and resistant fighter, being able to perform both melee and ranged combat; a jack of all trades, master of none. While she's a balanced fighter, her most noticeable weakness is the lack of precision she sometimes has when she attacks, due to her depth perception issues caused by her unifocal vision; she can also have balance issues due to her right leg, though these are less frequent since she's used to wear the prosthesis.
Her Aura's colour is silver, and her Semblance is called Dreadnought; it consists of skin hardening, considerably increasing both her offensive and defensive capabilities. This Semblance makes it harder to hurt her, but it also decreases her movement and attack speed when active. When she has her Semblance active, her body will make a low metallic sound effect if touched.


  • Candela Quitral: Paz has an OK relationship with her leader, though it seems to be a colder one due to obvious reasons. She actually knows Candela is a Faunus, but she doesn't say anything because she doesn't want her leader to stop trusting in her, neither wants to scare her off even more than she already does.
  • Victor van Rijn: Even if they're partners, their relationship is more of a professional one rather than an actual friendship and Paz still behaves in a cold, harsh way towards Victor, but she actually admires him and appreciates his commitment to the team and his qualities and capabilities.
  • Colby London: Paz dislikes him a lot and thinks he's lazy, mean, and vain. However, since she already behaves in an asocial way Colby doesn't seem to notice this.


  • She alludes to the MV Doña Paz, a passenger ferry that collided with an oil tanker; this accident becoming the deadliest maritime disaster in peacetime.
    • Her name is a mix between the ferry's last and first name it had, Doña Paz and Himeyuri Maru.
    • "Paz" means peace in Spanish, and peace is normally associated with the color white, which is also one of the predominant colours on Paz's attire. "Himeyuri" is the Japanese name for the Morning Star Lily.
  • She was born in Vacuo, though she lived in Atlas most part of her life, and then moved back to Vacuo.
  • She's an ISTJ.
  • She likes to listen to Vaportrap.
  • She's surprisingly good at video games.
  • She actually enjoys dancing and isn't bad at it, though she's self-conscious about dancing in front of people because of her balance issues.

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