A cheap version while I work on a better one. P.S. I suck at drawing.

Perry Nocchio recently failed his final year at presitgious Sanctum Academy. Many of his classmates and instructors claim this is due more to laziness than lack of talent or intelligence. He is not currently attempting to redo his final year at Sanctum, and instead has begun traveling to "find his purpose."

"I just wish I could find a place where I fit in..."

-Perry Nocchio


Age: 17 years

Nicknames: Lazy-Head

Gender: Male

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 150 lbs

Race: Human

Color: Periwinkle

Occupation: n/a

Weapon: Lavender Blue (Multi-form Deflector Staff)

Status: Unemployed, wandering


Perry is tall but scrawny. His hair is a light brown which he always has difficulty controlling, so he wears a yellow headband to assist with this. It doesn't actually help. His eyes are periwinkle, as is most of his outfit. He wears a white shirt under a simple jacket with a yellow trim. Perry's pants are of the same color scheme, with his belt being yellow. For footwear, he primarily wears sandals, even when hiking or walking through snow. 

Weapon and Fighting Style

Perry's weapon of choice is Lavender Blue, a Multi-form Deflector Staff, capable of emitting small dust-charged energy fields on either end. These energy fields, the colors of which are shared by the name of the staff, can deflect debris, dust based attacks, and even bullets. Additionally, as the repulsion from energy fields is significant, Perry can use it against a large object like a tree or a wall to augment his speed. The clubs retain these fields, and the modes can be switched between easily, even while in battle. The staff is six and a half feet tall and each club is half that.

As his staff lacks the ability for a ranged attack, Perry relies more on his speed, which is considered impressive even among other hunters, to fight opponents who use ranged attacks. He is capable with both aspects of his weapons, and interchanges them to attack in unexpected ways. His fighting style is similair to Yin Shou Gun (Shaolin stick fighting) with his staff and Bateraicht (Irish club fighting) with his clubs.


  • Perry Nocchio is based off of the character Pinnocchio 
  • Lavender blue is a synonym for periwinkle

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