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Get out o' here!
— Perry Tuono
Perry Tuono



Birdbrain (by Iris and Chloe)
Love (by Chorong)


Kevin Lombardi symbol




Pressure Wave and Terminal Velocity


MaleIcon Male




Lavender, Indigo, Silver






Dull Tan



Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color



Personal gravity increase

Professional Status

Beacon Academy

Previous Affiliation(s)

White Fang




Serena Ciano

Previous Partner(s)

Aoi Kawasaki

Personal Status


First Appearance

"Lavender" Trailer

Music Theme

The Pretender

Perry Tuono is an original character created by Hyper Zergling for the RWBY universe.



Perry Tuono is a male teenager with short, brown, spiky hair. He wears a loose indigo shirt with a light blue collar, a pair of indigo baggy pants, and a pair of silver-colored, armored boots. Over his shirt is an unzipped lavender flight jacket with a very high collar. Perry also wears a holster for his pistol.

Perry is a Faunus who possesses qualities of a bird, having a tail of brown feathers.


Perry is a fairly quiet individual who tends to keep to himself, and may sometimes come off as antisocial upon first impressions. However, he will open up to others if they wish to strike friendly conversations with him, even if he does not have much to say. Perry is notable for sometimes being blunt and sarcastic, and tends not to "sugar-coats" his words, which leads some to take offense to his remarks, whether he intends for it or not. He also has very low tolerance for egotists, and will go out of his way to insult them if their pride negatively affects him. Despite his mostly reserved nature, Perry actually enjoys fighting, but only for the sake of sportsmanship.

Abilities & Powers

As with many of the other students of Beacon Academy, Perry possesses enhanced speed and strength. His most notable trait, however, is his lower body strength, which not only grants him incredible power in his kicks, but also allows him to vertically propel himself at incredible heights. Perry also has very precise control over his leg muscles, making him incredibly agile on foot. He often makes use of his agility to attack a single opponent from multiple directions, overwhelming the target and leaving him/her/it with no room to retaliate. Like Ren, Perry can use his aura to further increase the power of his kicks and generate protective fields.


Perry, training on a punching bag against a corner

Through his semblance, Perry can increase the gravitational attraction between himself and Remnant, accelerating the speed at which he falls. Combined with his ability to jump incredibly high, Perry's semblance allows him to dive onto unsuspecting opponents, dispatching them before they can even fight back.

Perry's weapons of choice consist of a selective fire pistol and a pair of armored jet-boots named Pressure Wave and Terminal Velocity, respectively. Pressure Wave possesses two fire modes, the first of which fires somewhat weak electrical bolts. Although this mode may appear useless, Perry uses it to distract and/or disrupt opponents who are aware of his presence so he can safely approach them. In its secondary mode, Pressure Wave instead releases an electromagnetic burst around Perry's body when its trigger is pulled. This shockwave stuns and vertically propels any adjacent opponent, leaving him/her/it open for Perry follow him/her/it into the air. If Perry kicks the opponent downwards after hitting him/her/it with an energy burst, he can immediately follow the opponent back into the ground in order to hit him/her/it with another shockwave. This pattern is very common when Perry is facing a single opponent, but he will mix up the order of his attacks, depending on his enemy's trajectory.

Terminal Velocity is the pair of armored jet-boots Perry uses as his main weapon in close quarters. The jet-boots, with their integrated thrusters, propel Perry further into the air in the form of bursts, enabling him to perform "midair jumps." Only two bursts, however, can be used consecutively before the thrusters must take a few seconds to recharge.

Aside from his physical abilities, Perry is also a capable fighter from a psychological perspective. He makes note of many details he discovers through his own fighting experiences, which will often allow him to develop additional innovative ideas for his ever-expanding list of decisions he can make in any combat situation. In one-on-one scenarios, Perry is almost always gauging his opponent's fighting style and habits while trying to pressure and condition him/her/it into making mistakes he can easily take advantage of. Upon being paired with Serena, however, Perry was able to realize that he had to abandon his usual aggressive style that would only work if he was fighting an enemy one-on-one. Since receiving his partner, who is exclusively designated to close-medium range, Perry has developed a much more supportive role in combat when alongside Serena, making use of his ranged capabilities to provide cover fire for her. Regardless, due to the lack of substantial experience, Perry occasionally degenerates to his own thoughtless habits; in the event this happens, he can end up being predictable against reasonably calculated opponents.

Perry's most notable weakness is his relatively low pain tolerance. Once hit by a fairly powerful attack, Perry will often take noticeably longer than most fighters to recover, sometimes allowing his opponent(s) to land consecutive hits on him.


Like many faunus, Perry suffered a childhood of discrimination. He and his family were members of the White Fang until the rise of its new leader and its violent tendencies. During his childhood, Perry befriended a fellow faunus named Ho Chorong, who inevitably suffered the same discrimination Perry had. For many years, the two supported each other in overcoming the discrimination around them. Unlike Perry, who was proud of his family's bloodline, however, Chorong despised being a faunus, and wished only to become human. The personal lives of the two eventually led them to their separate ways, and they seldom saw each other for several years.

Wishing to become a hunter, Perry trained under Chorong's uncle, Ignis Ho. Once Perry was able to fight with an adequate degree of skill, Ignis would him spar with his more experienced pupil, Iris Spark. However, Iris would always continue to physically torment Perry, even when it was clear that he was no longer able to fight back. Although Ignis reprimanded Iris for her actions, she displayed no indication of remorse. The tension between master and apprentice would eventually prompt Iris to leave her mentor.

One year before attending Beacon Academy, Perry found his parents beaten to near-death by a rising political organization called the Hominid Circle, which he soon found out was led by none other than his former friend, Chorong. Since the incident, Perry has sworn vengeance upon Chorong and her organization, wanting nothing more than their demise, and only worked harder in training so he could be strong enough to disband the terrorists.



White Fang

Perry and his family are former members of the White Fang. They left the organization with the rise of a new leader followed by its violent tendencies.

Beacon Academy

Perry is a first year student at Beacon Academy.


Perry is a member of Team TMPS.


Serena Ciano

Teal Andrews

Morela Sezja

Reed Chernobog

Eoin Chernobog

Philip Brown

Neibi Rai

Aoi Kawasaki

Ho Chorong

Ho Chorong is Perry's former childhood friend, and perhaps his current greatest enemy. As children, Perry and Chorong were very close, and supported each other through the discrimination they faced. The two of them, however, had different views on their own status as faunus. Perry was proud of his bloodline, while Chorong despised being a faunus and wanted nothing more than to be human. When Chorong attended Beacon Academy, the two of them no longer kept in touch. Three years later, when Perry attended Beacon Academy himself, his parents were beaten to near-death by the terrorist organization, the Hominid Circle, which was led by none other than Chorong. Betrayed by his former friend, Perry now despises her, completely letting go of whatever they shared in the past.

Ignis Ho

Ignis Ho is Chorong's uncle and Perry's former mentor. During Perry's training under Ignis, the two of them shared a very positive teacher-student bond. Perry now looks up to Ignis like a second father, and holds him in very high regard.

Iris Spark

Chloe Bowman

Garnet Gallagher

Battles and Events


List of events participated by Perry:



  • Perry Tuono's given name sounds similar to the peregrine falcon, implying he is specifically a peregrine falcon faunus.
  • Perry Tuono's given name sounds like the first two syllables of the word "periwinkle," which is a shade of lavender, Tuono's trademark color.
  • His surname, Tuono, means "thunder" in Italian, which relates to his yellow aura and the fact that his pistol, Pressure Wave, makes use of lightning-based dust.
  • Perry's semblance of accelerating his own gravitational descent is based upon the fact of how the peregrine falcon attacks its prey by diving onto it.
  • If he was to stand in the height chart, Perry would be shown to be 5'11" instead of his actual height of 5'9". This is because Terminal Velocity makes Perry stand two inches taller than he really is.


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