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Peyton Bronte
Peyton Bronte 2
Age 17
Title Leader
Nickname "Princess" "Pey-boo", "Sergeant", "Bossy-face", "PP", "Pey"
Status Active
Color Red
Gender Female
Race Human
Born January 5th - Capricorn
Handedness Right Handed
Complexion Light Brown/Tanned
Hair Red
Eyes Light Brown
Height 5'4
Weight Unknown - Refuses to Reveal
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy

Onyx Academy

Partner Raye Kuria Delsun
Occupation Student

Team Leader

Personal Status
Relatives Lance Bronte: Father (deceased)

Robyn Bronte: Mother (deceased)

Izella De'sainte: Aunt

Additional Info
Likes Quiet, Reading, Fighting/Training, Sweets made with Apples, Butterflies
Dislikes Drama, When plans go wrong, the Rich,Being alone, The dark
Special Skills En pointe aim, long ranged fighting, can analyze and predict most situations
Weaknesses Short-ranged fightning, Communicating, Cooking, Singing
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Peyton wears a red cape with a purple butterfly broach that clasps it together. Underneath she wears a mid-sleeve, low-top, midrift with fishnet material and body-cutouts. Her skirt is a short, red-violet pencil shirt embellished with pockets and belts.

The leggings she wears are a mix of monochromatic shades of red, as well as black, with belts attached to the material. 

Peyton Bronte

Artwork of Peyton

Fishnet stockings are sewn into the leggings near the top, and transparent fabric at the bottoms.

Her boots are light brown and go just a little ways past her ankles. Peyton wears gloves that are dark and light shades of red, with a black mini-sleeve pulled up over her left forearm. Golden Bracelets are worn over the fingerless gloves, and a pair of golden earrings are in each ear.

She also wears a red ribbon attached to her right legging at the thigh. Her partner - Raye - wears an identical one. It's worn as a "friendship ribbon" of sorts and symbolizes their partnership.


New Peyton Bronte

Peyton Bronte's outfit redesign. Drawn by BlissCloudz

Peyton's Redesign retains some elements of her old design, and adds in some new ones. It's a simpliefed version of her old clothes that was re-designed for convenience. Addressing the changes from head-to-toe, Peyton has gotten a haircut and a new style. Her hair is shaved on one side in an undercut, edgy style. She wears a black headband that encircles her forhead. Her cape has stayed the same, but the broach in the center was re-styled. Her shirt is just a solid black and covers her midrift in order to keep some level of modesty. Her complicated (but very awesome) thigh-high sock/leggings/tights invention was swapped for simpler opaque tights, and the ribbon that was around her thigh is now yellow to better symbolize her teammate, Raye. For footwear she now dons black combat boots. 

Her gloves were shortened and simplifed to a solid black, and she only wears 1 bracelet as opposed to 2. Additionally, she has another piercing in her left ear. the new bling is the outline of a butterfly wing.   


Peyton is very militaristic in character. She has a firm belief in discipline, and a strong sense of duty. Peyton likes to get things done exactly when she needs them done, often leading her to take on a lot of things alone.

 She is a perfectionist almost to a fault. With Peyton, the I’s must be dotted and the T’s must be crossed. Peyton is analytical – she wants to have a well-established strategy before diving headfirst into anything. If things end up not going the way she planned, she tends to stress herself out trying to find another solution. She’s so adamant on doing things her own way that she forgets that she has people around her that she can rely on.

Peyton is strict with the people she cares about. She wants to see everyone close to her succeed –like most people. Her strictness and seemingly cold-hearted demeanor towards friends at times is intended to “better” them, although depending on the person, that doesn’t always work out the way its intended. It’s her way of trying to “help” although it’s not always necessary. This especially rings true in her relationship with Raye, who is Peyton's polar opposite. 

Peyton is insecure about her background, so she covers it up with a “princess feint.” She carries herself with the dignity of a princess, and has an “air of royalty” about her. She wants to be certain that she will at least look like a respectable person that’s confident, however she crumbles with criticism. 

Peyton is also somewhat shy. She prefers to stay away from large crowds, and when meeting new people for the first time, she can be awkward. However, she doesn’t let anything impede progress, if she needs to confront one of those obstructions in order to accomplish a goal, she will do it.

On the positive side, Peyton is determined, loyal, and loving. She strives to better herself as a person, a leader, and a huntress, and become a somebody someday. It’s that determination that placed her in her position as leader of PRDT. She’s a loyal teammate and friend. After losing the two people closest to her early on, she understands the value of life; so she’s willing to get into harm’s way to protect anyone, not just the people close to her, and not just the people that are friendly towards her. Peyton is loving caring, and a humanitarian, although she needs work seeing that her views are not always ideal and it is best to work together as a team.


Peyton was born to Lance and Robyn Bronte in a small town that she lived in for most of her life. She grew up poor and went without very often, but she was content. Lance was hailed as a local hero within the surrounding region for single-handedly taking out a pack of Grimm.  Her mother was a graduate of Beacon Academy, born into a well-off family, and a professional huntress. A horrible injury to her right leg rendered her unable to fight anymore, so she retired early. 

Peyton was raised as a “huntress in training.” Her father, the carefree warrior, was more lax in teaching her than her mother, who was pretty much a drill sergeant. Lance taught her how to fight with a Lance, Robyn with a bow and arrow. Peyton loved her father dearly. She was called “Daddy’s Little Princess”, which is where her nickname comes from. She always feared her mother although she loved her very much as well.

Peyton’s family broke apart when she lost her father. She was 8 years old. She held his hand and watched him bleed to death after an alleged "ambush" by a sizeable Grimm ended tragically. She was completely unable to help him. This had a profound effect on her; she took her huntress training much more seriously, motivated by vengeance for her father. Although many claim it was an accident, a lot of people thought it was actually a setup. Lance had a lot of enemies because of his past.

Robyn struggled to raise Peyton on her own. The De'Sainte family wanted nothing to do with her since she’d decided to abandon her position as heiress to her father’s wealth in favor of devoting her life to Protecting the world from Grimm

Peyton was able to continue her training by studying up on archery, Jousting, Forgery and the like at local libraries, and by practicing on her own, with guidance from her mother. No matter how bad the situation was with her and her mother, Robyn always told her daughter to carry herself like a “Princess.”

 “If you have the air of a Queen, people will see you like a Queen. They’ll look past where you’ve been and look at where you’re going.”

--Is what her mother always told her, and it became Peyton’s philosophy.  With this mindset, she was able to enter an Alternative School for Combat, where she excelled as the head of her class. When she was 13, her mother made enough money to move to Vale, where she was accepted into Signal Academy.

Peyton's mother died when she was 14, having passed away in her sleep. Her parents had raised her well, leaving their daughter whom they raised lovingly, with enough knowledge to ho

ld her own. Her mother, who knew she was going to die, made a desperate appeal to her sister—Peyton’s aunt and the new heiress of the family wealth – to take her in. Izella De’Sainte agreed reluctantly, and arranged for her neice to move in with her. Peyton refused to take on her aunt’s name, or become her legally adopted child. 

When she was 15, Peyton decided to take up swordsmanship as an elective in school. Months later she forged her own weapon, the “Regalis Crysalia Trinity”: A lance/bow hybrid and a short-sword minigun combination. The three weapons represent her family. The lance is a symbol of her father’s courage and bravery, the bow and arrow are a symbol of her mother’s determination and confidence, and the Sword is a symbol of herself – a legacy left behind to be passed on.

At 17, Peyton applied to Beacon Academy and was accepted, fixed on the desire to become a legend.

Beacon is where she made the first real friends she’s ever had. She treasures them, although she has a lot of improving to do. They drive her insane at times, and she sometimes feels like dealing with them is harder than single-handedly trying to kill an entire onslaught of Grimm, but she would take a bullet for any of them.

Weapon and Combat


Regalis Crysalia Trinity

All 5 stages of "Regalis Crysalia Trinity"

Peyton's Weapon is named: Regalis Crysalia Trinity. (Or "Royal Chrysalis Trinity")

It has 3 main stages.

  • At Rest: The entire weapon collapses, save for the "wings" potruding on the sides. In the stage, Peyton can carry it around on her back. 
  • The Lance: This is the first stage. a spearhead emerges at the top, and the hilt of the sword comes from the bottom. 
  • The Sword and Lance: This is the second stage, and the one Peyton favors. The sword emerges from the hilt swith the press of a button. The lance extends by a couple extra feet or so. Additionally, if necessary, the sword splits down the center to reveal a gun that 
    Transformation of Regalis Crysalia Trinity00:08

    Transformation of Regalis Crysalia Trinity

    functions like a sniper. She hardly uses this function unless necessary, because she is not good at handling short-ranged weaponry. 
  • The Bow and Arrow: The 3rd and final form. This can only be used with the sword "sheathed" in the lance, because its hilt functions as part of the bowstring. The dust compartment at the top is used mostly in this form, because instead of arrows, dust in the form of arrows is shot. The metal conducts the dust and forms its shape. The compartment only holds three kinds of dust: Light, Fire and Lightning. She uses mostly Lightning.

The Weapon's name is symbolic of her motifs. "Regalis" references her "Princess"-like demeanor. Crysalia/Chrysalis, is symbolic of butterflies and how they start off as insignificant things, but eventually, after a period of growth, become something to behold. And Trinity references all 3 of the weapon's main stages.


When is comes to range, Peyton is 10 steps ahead. She's been training with lances and bows and arrows since she was a small child. She's able to use her weapon in such versatile ways that she can do substantial damage to an enemy without having to be too close to them. 

Mentally, Peyton is like a soldier. She's accostomed to putting up "mental sheilds" to prevent words from seeping into her mind and causing her to falter. She is also very sharp and analytical. She can break down most situations enough to find a favorable outcome, and usually, the outcome is indeed favorable, which is why she detests when people question her methods or leadship. 


Short ranged fights will not end well for Peyton. Should an enemy be able to break through her first line of defense, her immediate strategy is to distance herself, or else the results could be tragic. She isn't particualarly skilled with the short sword (she uses it so she can get better with it), and she isn't all that ambidexterous, so she would have to switch hands to use it, which eats up precious time. Granted, she has no problem kicking enemies away if need be, but...

...If the enemy is faster than her, then its for naught. Peyton's forte is not speed. Her weapons don't allow for it. She isn't tortise slow, but she's not ninja fast either. 

Also, emotionally, she's pretty faulty. If someone should manage to completely shatter her mental walls, she'll crumble and lose focus. The easiest way to do so would be to bring up her past (she's very insecure because she grew up poor) or her parents. However, since Grimm don't speak, that isn't likely unless she's fightning a human--one who would know her well enough to use her insecurites against her. But it isn't likely that she would be fightning a human out of her own will either. 


  • Izella De'Sainte: Peyton does not hate her aunt, but she and her have a relationship like that of two strangers. Peyton meant no disprespect when she declined the chance to become a De'Sainte, she did so because she felt that it be injustice to her parents. However, Izella took it the wrong way. The two were becoming closer up until that point. Then, their relationship faded.
  • Raye Kuria Delsun: The two are like night and day. Their personalities clash so much that they ironically bring out the best -- and the worst-- in each other. People mistake the two for siblings, although both girls will adamantly deny any hint of that. 
  • Dahlia De'Luna: Dahlia acts motherly towards everyone, so Peyton sees her as a mature. Peyton admires Dahlia's politeness and the respect she has for all the people around her, as well as her refined uprbringing. When all Peyton's buttons have been pushed (usually because of something Raye did), she turns to Dahlia for support. In turn, Dahlia admires Peyton for her determination and leadership capabilites. There is a lot of trust and respect between these two.
  • Teagan-Blaise Shouree: Peyton likes Teagan because she is the most worldly-wise of any of the others. Although she has immature moments--many of them at that--she is dependable and loyal. Peyton usually ends up roped into whatever mischeif Teagan is out to cause, but she doesn't mind as much as she would if it were someone else. Teagan calls her "My Ride-or-Die" because of this. 

Peyton's New reference

Peyton's newest reference as of 11/20/13. Drawn by BlissCloudz.

Creation and Development

None of the PRDT members reference fairytales or the like. Peyton has two inspirational characters. Hildeguard von Krone of Soul Calibur 4 and Lightning Farron of Final Fantasy. 

Peyton's reference

Peyton's reference sheet. Done by PitgurlX3 on Deviantart

She was created on 10/8/13. Her development is incomplete (because the RWBYverse is still so new~)

Many changes were made from the earlier drawings to fit her personality. The theme was "Poor Princess who is royalty but not really, but still looks like she can kick some butt." 

The truth of how she came to be is long and boring to explain, but putting it simply, she's like the oc of an oc. Kinda sorta but then again not really. o.o


  • Peyton: Is a name of scottish origin meaning "Regal," or "Royal" 
  • Bronte: Is the Greek word for "Lightning"  
-Her name translates to Royal Thunder.  It alludes to both of her inspirational characters. And is also convinient because:  "We are Lightning/Straying from the Thunder/Miracles of Ancient Wonder" Is the best verse in the whole RWBY theme song. :D


  • Peyton can't sing to save her life. Truthfully, if she wanted to rid the world of Grimm, she could open her mouth and sing for them.
  • Peyton's "final" before the current outfit. The theme was "royalty"
  • Peyton's Final.
  • The earliest drawing of Peyton. A lot of changes were made to better suit her personality.
  • Peyton's Re-design and new final.Go to Peyton's Re-design as of 6/7/14. She sports a new haircut, combat boots, a new broach, tights, a yellow ribbons, and a simplified skirt and gloves.
  • Nor can she cook. If you like your cereal cajun style then she's your girl. 
  • Back in the day, she was very close to taking after the Little Mermaid as a reference (note the red hair), but the idea was scrapped. 
  • Peyton, like Teagan, in truth is inspired by a Create-a-character from Soul Calibur IV named "Keila." This character is almost exactly like Peyton only she was much more ruthless. Not in an evil way, but she is quite intimidating.


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