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Don't take shit without permission, bitches
And how long is YOUR sword ?
— Phoebus Thies

Phoebus Thies
Age 17
Title Paladin
Nickname Racist (by Tomy).

Pervert (by everyone else)

Status Active
Color Dark Cyan
Gender Male
Race Human
Born May 20th
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Black
Eyes Cyan
Semblance Ascend
Height 6'4
Weight 199lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team PLTM
Partner Lacie Serica
Occupation Hunter in training
Jobs None
Personal Status
Relatives Parents.
Additional Info
Emblem Phoebus Symbol
Likes Cute girls in skimpy outfits, adults magazine
Dislikes Serious people, teachers


Black, short hair.

Blue eyes.

Well built.

Outfit ref below. I'm not describing it.


Phoebus is a cheerful, optimistic and laid back person in general - sometimes a bit too much, according to his teammates. He always keeps a positive attitude in every situations, and is usually the last person in the team to get panic in dangerous situation. However, Phoebus can also be very lazy and never put any effort in anything he does, especially in school and training even though he "has a lot of potential". The truth is, he doesn't care of how good he can do compare to other people, as long as he can get the job done.

In battlefield, he keeps a calm attitude, allowing him to observe and take mental notes during the heat of battle. Phoebus has a knack of picking up a specific pattern/quirk his enemies display.

To his friends, he is a humorous (and sometimes, childish) guy. He'd goof and joke around a lot, but not above from making racist comments or exaggerated something up for the sake of making a joke. He's still learning to drop that habit (even if it means getting beaten up by his teammates).

Like most teenage boys in his age, Phoebus is a bit of a pervert and a womanizer. He'd often carry around at least one adult magazine and would sneak off to read it whenever he has the chance.


Phoebus is from a family with all-Hunter backgrounds, and he is expected to grow up like one of them. Phoebus was actually excited at first, but as time passed, training and studying days-after-days, he soon grew bored of it and started to sidetrack: At first he was just being lazy during training, but he soon started ditching it altogether.

His parents and tutors were very upset about this: They scolded and sometimes even smacked Phoebus, telling him he's not living up to his potential. They decided to tighten up his schedule by sending him to Signal Academy and asked the teachers to keep him in check.

With all the homework and training piled up, Phoebus became even lazier and sloppier than he was before. He managed to graduate from Signal (barely) and applied to Beacon Academy.

Weapon and ability:


Judgment Blade

Judgement Blade

Phoebus' weapon is a Dual Dust Sword Lance (DDSL) called "Judgement Blade". It's a two handed sword, however, it's a bit smaller than the regular type (Like the inbetween version of a two handed sword and a one handed one). There is a slot for Dust in the cross guard section, and when it's activated, the blade will glow and capable of producing a Dust wave with each swing until the Dust runs out.

The hilt of his sword has a built in shaft, which can extended to a 4 feet pole with a simple push on the hidden button. Phoebus often use this function to take his enemies off in situation where it seems like his attack couldn't reach them.


Phoebus's strong point lies in his great endurance and ability to take a lot of damange, but it doesn't mean he can't fight much. He prefer to fight in close range combat, but his weapon - as well as the Dust function, allows him to fight mid range as well.

However, Phoebus is slow on his feet, so closing the gap between himself and long range fighter would be very hard for him. His Semblance makes up to that, though.

Phoebus is an excellent strategist, being a natural leader. He can notice a specific attacking pattern from a group of enemies, before coming up with attacking strategies for the rest of his teammates.

His Aura's color is neon blue.

Phoebus' Semblance is "Ascend" - With each hit he takes, his body and weapon will become lighter, increasing his movement and attack speed, allowing him to move faster. However, if taken too many hits, he will be drained and knocked out.

In Battle:


  • Regard of whenever he faces one, many, close range or long range enemies, Phoebus will always try and take a few hits to improve his speed first, as well as baiting his enemies before turning the tides on them.

With Team:

  • When fighting with his teammates, Phoebus would stay in the back in order to protect Monte, while wait for Lacie and Tomy to lure the enemies to him.


  • Phoebus Symbol

    Phoebus' Symbol

    Lacie Serica: Partner. His relationship with Lacie got a rough start, as Phoebus mistakenly addressing the Faunus as "she" and even made inappropriate jokes about him being a Faunus. It makes Lacie very sad and his teammates pissed off at him. But Phoebus has been trying his best to improve his relationship with Lacie
  • Tomy Bao: One sided bromance. Phoebus would always tries and get Tomy to join him in one of his mischief adventures, but will always get turned away (and sometimes, knocked out).
  • Monte Shep: Phoebus thinks Monte is too weird and he would get creeped out by his doll collections. He's stay away from the boy as much as he could.


  • He has never, ever flirt with a girl before, despite being a womanizer.
  • He is good at magic tricks.


  • "Phoebus" means "Shining".
  • "Thies" means "Gift of God"
  • He is based on the "Warrior" class in RPG.




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