this grimm belongs to tierhalibelbrylle

Imagine Batman...combined with Ghost Rider... and give it the ability to fly...
— Tier, the author






Fire Breath, Flame Glide, Releasing intense heat


Bat-like appearance, entire body made of flames, hard exoskeleton

Species/type name: Phyllostomidae

Class: C

Base animal type: Bat

Related Species: Ultimo Phyllostomidae

Grimm Register: Austin Schwarz


As seen on the photo, its a very unique creature of Grimm whose entire body is made of flames. Also possesses a hard exoskeleton and has bone structures that allow it to fly/glide fast. It has the same face structure of any Grimm: White skull-like face with red designs. Extremely invulnerable to fire and lightning elements, it is proven to be a formidable enemy. Unlike most bats, however, it sleeps during the night and awake during the day because they feed on the radiation of the sun.


Often stays in mid-air during fights because of its cautious behavior, getting out of reach of melee attackers. Attacks by gliding with it's fiery wings and breaths fire when the enemy is out of it's melee range.


For obvious reasons, they are vulnerable to the water element. Also, if Hunters are after it during the night, they are easy to spot since they are always glowing (unless they're dead) and Phyllostomidae do not move one bit during their sleep. Separating it's head from it's body is very effective.


  • It's sleeping behavior is in contradiction to normal bats.
  • It's sleeping behavior is also similar to a gargoyle: they do not move and remain frozen when "asleep."
    • The only difference is that gargoyles freeze during the day, where the Phyllostomidae freezes up during the night.
  • Phyllostomidae hunt in colonies.
  • It's name literally means Leaf-nosed bat.

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