My sister and I helped those who needed it. People thought of us as heroes. But we were just homeless kids looking for a place in life. And I think we've found it.
Pierce Caruleut
Age 17
Title "Defender of the People"
Nickname Piercey, Big Sis, Kreeyt
Gender Female
Race Human
Species Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Pale
Hair Honey
Eyes Pale aqua
Semblance Earthquake
Height 5'11" (1.79m)
Weight 164lb (74.4kg)
Professional Status
Team APEX (P)
Partner Ezekiel Lasius
Personal Status
Relatives Sister, Yasmin
Additional Info
Likes Helping people


Dislikes People who act superior


Special Skills Bullwhip mastery

Unparalleled archer

Pierce Caruleut is a student with no real past, according to her and Yasmin, her sister. The two were abandoned at birth, and taken in by an abusive family. Pierce and Yasmin decided to run, and one night, stole away on a boat headed to the Kingdom of Vale. There, they became thieving troublemakers, hopping from roof to roof and stealing anything they needed.

After seeing a store they had recently stole from be held up by members of a protection agency, they decided to try and help. Through their agility, they managed to incapacitate two goons, and force the rest to retreat without their bounty. From then on, Pierce and Yasmin decided to stop stealing to make ends meet, and help those who really needed it.

After some time, Professor Ozpin noticed their good deeds, and extended an invitation to Beacon Academy, to which the two accepted.


Pierce, due to being known as a "Roof Hopper", a slang name for many homeless children on the streets who travelled by the rooftops, is physically fit, and quite muscular for a woman her size. Her skin is pale, as a result of staying hidden in the daytime, and her hair is honey-coloured. Her eyes are a pale aqua, the same colour as her cape.

Pierce wears a thin aqua headband, and keeps her hair flowing naturally. She wears a green sleeveless tunic, which has an intricate aqua pattern on it. Over the tunic, she wears an aqua jacket, with a green pattern and a brown fur lining. A cape is also worn, coloured aqua, which has her emblem emblazoned on the back of it. Pierce also wears brown tights, and aqua and brown greaves, as well as aqua fingerless gloves, and vambraces.


Pierce is shown to be fairly confident, and is quite manipulative, using her looks to get what she wants. She is loyal to her teammates, and will do anything to make sure that they're happy. Whenever anybody has a problem, Pierce is always ready to assist in any way she can.

Weapon and Abilities

I just don't like guns. They're clunky, and I don't know how to manage one. Besides, why shoot bullets, when arrows do the job just as well?

Calibri Lash - A bow which can split in two and be used as bullwhips. Pierce managed to steal this as one of her last robberies, intending to sell it, but instead using it during her time as a defender of Vale.

Semblance: Geokinetic Shockwaves - By punching, stomping, or slamming the whips into the ground, Pierce is able to make the ground 'ripple' much like an earthquake, causing opponents to lose their footing.

Parkour Master - Spending several years as a Roofhopper has trained Pierce to be able to find the quickest point from Point A to Point B.

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