...they heard voices of children playing, and the voice of one lone adult laughing.

Platinum Roads is the first modern Fanon OC by LastZephyr.

Platinum Roads
Roads 2
Age 18
Status Active
Color Platinum
Gender Female
Race Human
Born Mistral
Handedness Right
Complexion Pale
Hair Silvery-white
Eyes Yellow-orange
Semblance Fogging
Height 5'8
Professional Status
Affiliation Mistral Police
Team Team PRFC (RPs)

None (Zaniphilos)

Partner FenHong Se Suzhen (Zaniphilos)

Raizel Heidrich (RPs)

Occupation Detective-in-training
Personal Status
Relatives Rufous Roads (father)
Additional Info
Likes Truth, drumming, giving lectures on morality
Dislikes Criminals, immaturity, losing
Special Skills Sharpshooting, staying focused, playing drums
Weaknesses Has an inferiority complex, can be short-tempered

She is from a relatively upper-class family, and as a result is very privileged. A number of difficult events that occurred as she was growing up gave her a strong desire to put an end to organized crime. She alludes to the urban ghost legend Children of the Tracks.


Platinum, as her name suggests, has long silvery-white hair, the top part of which she ties in a low ponytail and the bottom hanging free. She has bright, piercing yellowish-orange eyes.

In her regular Huntress attire, Platinum wears brown metal-tipped military boots and tight navy jeans with a long gold vest over a buttoned silver long-sleeved hoodie resembling a police officer's uniform, with rolled-up sleeves. She wears a pair of gloves that are black on top but with white palms. Her symbol is worn on her gloves and her golden shoulder pads, and her weapon is carried in a rectangular pouch at the right side of her waist. She carries a silver pocketwatch with her wherever she goes, in order to be punctual.


Platinum is overall a very hard-working and goal-driven person. She is very good at following directions and believes her gut instincts, and always tries to be professional and mature when she is working. She has good common sense and is good at judging a situation, and can even be described as having a slight "hero complex" which stems from her fierce drive to prove herself. However, Platinum is rather blunt and unsociable around strangers, and has little patience for small talk. Automne identified her as a "total grouch" when they first met. She is serious but not sulky, but can offend people with her sharp tongue and is secretly a bit proud.

It can appear to many that Platinum is uptight and has a lack of humor, but she makes up for this with her knack for detective work and keen observation skills. However, she does put a great emphasis on the importance of friendship, and is very loyal once you form a good relationship with her. Her greatest emotional weakness is that she can be quick to anger, and will lash out violently during these times. This contrasts with her usual code of ethics, which is to avoid threats of violence when unwarranted.

Platinum is slightly wary and distrustful of Faunus, having been told countless stories about how humans had to fight against them in the Faunus Rights Revolution, and recently, of the White Fang. She does, however, try to form opinions on individuals based on their individual traits, as opposed to their race.


Platinum was born to immigrant parents who had recently moved to a city in the Mistral region. They came from an isolated village in the deep countryside, and sought an opportunity for a brighter and less Grimm-infested life in an urban background. One night when she was an infant, two gangs were engaged in a violent territorial conflict close outside. Her parents decided to flee from the area and return when it was no longer unsafe. They were unfamiliar with the concept of city police and ran into the dark forest. They struggled through dense underbrush and became entangled in it, realizing far too late that they had moved into the path of an oncoming train. Platinum's parents were struck and killed immediately, but her mother, who had been carrying her, was able to fling the infant to the side the moment before the locomotive barreled through her. The cries of the baby attracted the attention of a passing Huntress, who rescued and brought the infant home to her husband, who was a high-ranked police officer.

The two decided to adopt the child, having recently learned that they were unable to bear children of their own, and named her Platinum Roads. Platinum's new parents were wealthy members of the upper class, and encourage her to take classes in a number of extracurricular activities, two of which she showed immense potential in: playing the drums and swordfighting. The fact that she was adopted never seemed to bother the young Platinum. When Platinum was four years old her mother was sent out on a dangerous Grimm-hunting mission, from which she never returned. As a result, her father had to bear the full responsibility of taking care of and training his daughter, a task to which he rose admirably. At the age of 9, Platinum met three other children her age in the band class at the local private Hunter School, and formed a close bond with them. Their names were Fen, Rosso, and Respersio, and the quartet decided to name themselves C4T3R.

Platinum's father was called out to take part in a high-profile project targeting organized crime when she was ten years old, and her grandparents came to take care of her. Her grandfather, although he could not replace the place in her heart she held for her father, was a good albeit stricter substitute. When she turned 13, her father finally returned, and she rushed out to greet him. However, he had been injured badly in a brutal fight against an up-and-coming crime boss named Decadere Diaboli. He was much weaker and frailer than how Platinum had remembered him, and her happiness turned to horror as she realized how different he was from how he had always been in her memory: tall and courageous. She grew distant from her family and began spending more time with C4T3R. However, through encouragement from her friends, Platinum slowly came to meet the reality of her father's new state and decided that she would have to compensate by becoming stronger on her own, and realized that he still loved her no less than he had before, and subsequently rebuilt a good relationship with him.

When she was 15, Platinum's friend from C4T3R, Rosso, was found shot dead in the slums. Overwhelmed by grief, the remaining members struggled to decide which path they would take for their future.With guidance from her father, Platinum enrolled in Beacon Academy to develop the combat ability which would defend her in assignments as a future detective. There, Platinum was made leader of Team PRFC. Although she was unsuccessful in fixing all of the individual members' deep personal issues and eventually disbanded the team, the experience taught her a lot about her own capabilities. She mellowed out considerably once she realized where the limits of her responsibility lay.

Post-BoB (Scales)

After the fall of Beacon, Platinum worked to protect the civilians in Vale from continuous Grimm attacks. She also began assisting the police to combat the rise in crime, and her experience from it taught her about being more mature and how to deal with high-intensity situations in a calm and professional manner. She plans to officially join law enforcement as soon as possible, and is conducting self-study on reacting to scenarios and appropriate conduct of a detective. Her belief in maintaining law and order has grown stronger, but she has grown distant from her Beacon friends after they went their separate ways.


Platinum's weapon is a High-Accuracy Sniper Sabre named Soul's Edge. It is mostly white and silver, and can be unfolded to form a sabre with a 3.5 foot long blade or transform into a sniper rifle. It is based around a circular bar which serves as a hinge joint for initiating transformations, similar to a very large switchblade. She is very adept at drawing it quickly and fighting with it in general.


Platinum has received combat training equaling that of a Huntress. Her fighting style is less showy than that of most young Huntsmen and Huntresses, and focuses more around disarming or disabling the opponent (if they are human) and finishing a fight as quickly as possible. Her sabre is relatively heavy and is meant for short and forceful blows. As mentioned before, Platinum uses her honed observation skills to understand the opponent's weaknesses before deciding on an effective method of defeating the opponent, and her Aura allows her to take a few hits before coming up with a solid plan of attack.

In gun form, her sniper rifle has a telescopic sight, and years of practice have made her an excellent sharpshooter. During battles with a team, she tends to stay back and pick off opponents from afar, preferring only to join the fray when the close combat fighters struggle to maintain a distance between her and her enemies.

However, Platinum is much less versed against fighting the Creatures of Grimm, as her practice against human opponents means little when faced with mindless animal brutes. In these situation she also tries to finish a battle quickly and effectively, to more varying degrees of success than against people.


Platinum's semblance is called "Fogging". She can emit dense grey fog of up to a maximum of 30x30x30 feet to obscure the vision of those around her, which is very useful for quick getaways. She can also concentrate and cause this fog to condense upon a certain spot far away from her position; for example, upon an opponent. It acts as a motile cloud for distraction or concealment purposes. 


Platinum's aura is of average durability.


FenHong Se Suzhen

Platinum's best friend, a girl who befriended her at a young age. The two bonded closely and have stuck together ever since. After the death of the lead member of C4T3R, it seemed as though the two would take a different path through life, but this path somehow curved back into one and the two enrolled at Beacon Academy. They fit each other as much now as ever, although the dangerous activities they will perform at this elite academy has revealed stark ideological differences in their mindsets.

Respersio Caetum

Platinum's close friend from C4T3R. Their personalities don't seem to match on the outset, but the two have developed a mutual understanding of the other, and they share a strong sense of justice which reveals itself in their daily decisions.

Automne Reynard

A cool-headed Fox Faunus who is a member of Resper's team. Although the two initially regarded each other with suspicion, Platinum and Automne have warmed up to each other and respect the other's capabilities in and out of battle. With Fen, they form a girl trio who hang out together. Automne keeps Platinum from getting into heated exchanges with other people, while Automne finds Platinum's down-to-earth thinking and moral integrity reassuring.


Platinum chibi

Chibi Platinum


  • The concept for Platinum came from some random ideas I had when imagining a heroic character who was also a sort of antithesis of a Huntress, which is the traditional "hero" figure in RWBY.
  • In the beginning I had planned for Platinum to be highly intelligent and a smooth talker, who was also very calm and easygoing, but was also very serious. I ended up giving those first four traits to Fen and Automne, respectively, leaving Platinum much less agreeable than I'd originally meant for her to be
  • Her theme would be Q by Kiryu.

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