Grimm Classification:

Utahraptor Grimm

Grimm Title:


Threat Ranking:



As the name states, it has a body structure of a Utahraptor. It has the white skull design like all the other Grimm with the red lines. It has four red eyes. There are spikes that start on its head and end on its back. it has some fur on its head and at the begin of its tail. The tail has also spikes near the tip and around the tip there seems to be some red fur. The predaraptor has three claws on its feet one of which is elevated like a real raptors claws and that one claw is also much bigger. The Predaraptor is 7m long from nose to the tip of its tail. 


  • Strength: It is very stealthy and quite smart. It can also leap some great heights and distances thanks to it strong legs. It's also fast
  • Weakness: It's very weak in terms of defense therefore they will always travel and attack in group. If they are alone then they are not that strong

Additional Notes:

  • The predaraptor is the oldest type of Grimm to date.
  • Like said above, they will always travel and attack in group. 
  • It prefers to live in dry places, but are also seen in big forests.

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