Pritchel and Hardie is a sword and hammer, respectively, connected by a long chain. Their unique feature lies in using the sword as a nail for the hammer to impail into a target. 

Some parts of this weapon may not make clear sense. Future drawings should clear things up.


Pritchel is the sword in the pair. It's pomel is flat, offering itself as a striking surface. When the pomel is struck, it triggers the sword. Between the pomel and the handle is a ring, and this ring is connected to another ring, large enough to slide over the pomel. That ring is in turn connected to a chain, connected to Hardie. After the ring comes the handle which is fit for one hand. Then comes another ring and inside this one is a trigger. When holding Pritchel, the index finger is meant to go into this hole and pulling the trigger, activeates the lighting dust. After this ring comes the blade. This extends about 66 cm and is still dull at the base. Within the blade there is a compartment for lighting dust shells. These are used as fuel for the lighting based abilities of the weapon. There is also a compartment for a magazine of bullets. 

Pritchel transforms by spinning the blade about the ring with the trigger, catching the dull portion of the blade with the palm of the hand. The handle folds over, with the pomel sliding off to reveal the barrel of a gun, fed by the bullets kept in the blade. The blade also folds forward becoming a guard for the new handle.

When using the trigger in sword form, lighting dust enchants the blade giving it extra power and paralyzing anything it hits. In addition a bullet is fired through the handle in ejected out the back of the blade. The recoil propels the blade forward for a more powerful stab. Note that Pritchel is meant for stabbing, almost exclusively, not so much cutting.

Fireing Pritchel is gun form fires a lighting enfused bullet out of the barrel. These bullets will do damage but more importantly will inflict paralysis on a target. 


Hardie is the hammer of the pair. It is a one handed hammer. The base of the handle has a ring connecting to the chain connecting to Pritchel. Where the index finger falls there is a ring and inside is a trigger. After a few more inches the handle ends with the head of the hammer. The head is a large with a face about 3 inches in diameter. Behind the hammer face are a series of compartments holding special shells and fire dust. At the base of the hammer head and extending out the back is a pair of rather stubby barrels. When the trigger is pulled the dust in one of the compartments is used, fired out the barrle, and propels the hammer into a swing.

Hardie transforms with the hammer curling forward over the hand that holds it. The face splits appart and the two barrels fold over into one. the entire head assembly then slides over the hand so that the face, which is now a ring, braces the gun at the wrist. When fired the ring rotatest moving the next amount of dust and its shells into place. The speed and range of this weapon is rather slow compared to other guns.

Conjunctive Use

Pritchel and Hardie work well together because Pritchel's lighting effects are fast and can cripple enemies so that Hardie can deal more direct damage.

With Pritchel in sword form and Hardie in hammer form, Hardie can hit the end of Pritchel to embue Pritchel with fire. Combined with Pritchel's own lighting, this creates a potent attack that can break through many barriers. Perhaps its most devious application is when tossing pritchel into the air and then hitting it's pommel while pointing at an oppoent. This launches Pritchel at an opponent as a single powerful bolt. The chain can then be used to pull Pritchel back. 

With Pritchel in gun form and Hardie gun form Pritchel can connect to Hardy via slots at both gun's tops. This connects a wire between the next shot of each weapon. In this form firing Pritchel adds a lighting charge to it's bullet and the trigger can be pulled multiple times for more power. Firing Hardie releases the shot and pulls Pritchel's shot with it. The two shots being to spin in the air, while connected by the wire. When the shot hits a target the wire is pulled through the target, leaving a large gash. 

Non-Combative Use

Pritchel and Hardie were meant to be used in a forge.


Pritchel and Hardie are references to the Pritchel and Hardie holes on an anvil. The pritchel hole is used for making things like nails. The hardie hole is used for making "hardie tools" which are used with the hammer durring forging. It was noted that that the sword might have been more appropirate to call Hardy however it made 0 sense to call the hammer Pritchel, so the current configuration leads to a maximum amount of references. 

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