Pteryx Chondri
Pteryx Chondri
Classification Fish
Ranking B
Abilities Gliding above the surface of the water
Strength Powerful Jaws, Speed
Weakness Land, lack of Grimm hide
This grimm belongs to Van
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Pteryx Chondri is pronounced as (Teriks Kondri), it's a grimm that lives in water and inhabits the costal and open oceans regions of the world. The mature Pteryx Chondris are about ten feet tall, rarely seen in packs. This grimm resembles a mixture of a flying fish and a great white shark. It possess a powerful jaw for crunching with over a bite force of 9,000 newtons. The Pteryx Chondri is mostly seen gliding through the surface of the water, this is a good thing though because you can easily see them when they're near so you can avoid them. When they're underwater it's harder to fight them because you'll never know when they'll ascend from the water. The Pteryx Chondri grimms lack tough hides, making them have a low defensive power, the only part of it that's armored is it's head. 


The Pteryx Chondri is a ranked B grimm when flying. When it's in an unusual behavior and likes to go stealthy underwater and rarely flies, it's considered as a rank A. 


This grimm is able to fly despite its size using its four skin-like wings. Its jaw is also strong enough to pierce through medium class armors, it also has an immense amount of speed when underwater.


Like any fish, the Pteryx Chondri's weakness is land. It is also unable to breath while flying, so this limits its ability of flight. This grimm also lacks the bony hide like armor of a grimm making every part of it vulnerable except the head.


  1. "Pteryx" in Ancient Greek means wings.
  2. "Chondri" came from the word Chondrichthyes, meaning cartilaginous fishes or jawed fishes.

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