Purpura, the Meister

Purpura, the Meister (The Wiki Meister's OC)

(The Wiki Meister's Note: This character is a scrap. Do not use this page for reference in making an RWBY OC.)

"The Grimm are an unusual existence, and pose a great threat to us. However, I will see to it that they are wiped out." - Purpura Drake


Real Name: Purpura Shishizaru Drake

Age: 18.

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Height: 5 foot, 10 inches tall, or 177.8 centimeters tall

Weight: 130 pounds, or 58.9 kilograms.

Hair Color: Light Purple

Eye Color: Silver


Purpura has a light purple hair and silver eyes. He wears a black cloak laced with yellow strips on the right-hand side and lining the cloak's ends. Purpura also has a piece of armor on his left shoulder because his left arm is a little bit slower in combat than his right. He also wears dark pants and dark shoes, to camouflage from Grimm at night.


A quiet, and rather shy person, he tends to avoid people. It's because of this that he is often misinterpreted by others for his straightforward choices. For Purpura, simplicity is the key to life and complicated things often annoy him. When put into missions with partners, he will open himself up for discussion with others because of his experiences in fights to set up a strategy.

Weapons and Abilities (Non-Valid Version)

Weapon: A book known as "Verdict of Darkness" is a shape-changing weapon, and takes on many physical
Wiki weapon finished

3D Modeling Courtesy of Bms111

changes into any weapon suitable for combat against the Grimm. The weapon often used for everyday things, from being a pencil for writing to a longsword for fighting practice. The weapon itself does not weigh much, and cannot change density unless Purpura adds more metal or Dust to the weapon's mass. If the weapon reaches a certain size, it will break because it would be too fragile to hold together. To counteract this, he collects metals whenever he can, adding to his weapon's ability to change and increase his reach. As of right now, his weapon has a range of 10 meters.

Abilities: Dust had been injected into Purpura as a fetus in an experiment to create powerful soldiers so he has the ability to amplify the powers of Dust, though this ability is almost never used. If a shard of Dust was used to make a match light up, in his presence the match would become a bonfire. Using Dust like this exhausts him after continual use, much like Aura, and he'd have to buy more Dust to channel. Purpura practices his combat skills using a combination of physical attacks with his weapon.


While Purpura was a fetus, he had been injected with Dust in the hopes of birthing the ultimate soldier. When Purpura was finally born, he was promptly separated from his mother and was raised inhumanely for the next decade with rigorous training for combat, starting at age 4. When he was 15, he became depressed with his lack of freedoms in the small space they enclosed him in for his whole life. Purpura became emotionally unstable and his anger brought out the Dust's power within, effectively destroying the laboratory and clearing an escape path.

Not long after his escape, the authorities controlling the laboratory sent out their caged Grimm after Purpura. He ended up giving the Grimm a long chase to the city of Vale. Purpura finally made it to the city, but behind him were hordes of bloodthirsty Grimm. There were several guards outside the gates, and were patrolling the area, but they did not expect such a massive amount of Grimm all at once. Purpura assumed they were associated with the laboratory men, and jumped over them into the city. Those guards were quickly slaughtered by the Grimm, and Purpura stopped running. He turned, realizing he just allowed those guards to die, and inside vowed to kill every Grimm he could find. And so he drew his weapon, and charged the Grimm.

He slaughtered the army of Grimm. It did not even take long either. Within 25 minutes, the seemingly endless horde of Grimm were reduced to a mountain of bodies. Purpura then jumped over the wall surrounding the city and made it inside. He afterwards came across some Grimm bounty posters, took them and began to search these Grimm out, effectively slaughtering these dangerous Grimm with little to no effort. His name began to circulate around, and he became slightly well-known among the townspeople. Purpura then applied for entry at Beacon to further train and reach his goal to see the total elimination of the Grimm.

There he was paired with three others to make up Team STOP. The names of these other three are also W.I.P's by The Wiki Meister. They will most likely be submitted whenever The Wiki Meister wants.

Notes from the Meister

Current Status: Mercenary Grimm/Bounty Hunter.

Additional Notes: Purpura often picks the most dangerous missions to eliminate as many Grimm as he can see. He wants to see a day where Grimm no longer exist and live freely.

Creator: The Wiki Meister

Creator's Note: "This is a work in progress, and judging from the reception it seems Dust Powers are too cheap because the story hasn't gone far enough into the details behind Dust and its usefulness. I will hopefully be able to post (and replace) this version of Purpura with a much more sophisticated character and weapon, without Dust powers, and see if that version can be approved. I'd like an admin to check this note and see if making an updated version that can be approved. This version has been rejected by the RWBY Fanon because it has not met the necessary criteria as stated by Monty Oum."

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