As a fashionista, I'll know quite a bit about you just by your appearance before you speak.
— Quaralia
Quaralia Rita Rosalinda
Hs121 by rofeal-d8mb2me.png
Age 17
Title Fashion Extrodinaire
Alias Quinn Rose
Nickname Quinn




Status Active
Color Quartz
Gender Female
Race Human
Born June 18th
Handedness Right
Complexion Pale
Hair Golden Blonde
Eyes Light Blue
Semblance Rune Path
Height 5'6" (5'8" with Heels)
Weight 125 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy

Diamond Rose Fashions

Signal Academy (formally)

Silver Flare Designs (formally)

Team Team QRTZ
Partner Turquoise Namir
Occupation Fashionesta


Fashion Model (Formally)

Personal Status
Relatives Morado Rosalinda (Father)

Genevia Rosalinda (Mother)

Nolana Lau (Cousin)

Additional Info
Emblem QRR emblem
Likes Fashion, Sunny Days, Forests
Dislikes Show offs, Isolation, Bugs
Special Skills -Excellent Use of Dust

-Ranged Attacks

Weaknesses -Close Combat

-Her Temper

This original character was created by RWBY Ruby Rose. Do not use my ideas, artwork or any other information without asking me first.
Feel free to comment anything on my character in the comment section. Id love to hear what you guys think.

Quaralia Rosalinda is an original character created by RWBY Ruby Rose. She is the leader of Team QRTZ and alludes to Rapunzel.


Quaralia is a young woman that has long, golden blonde hair that reaches down to her knees when unknotted. She styles the top into a knot ponytail with two brown and white sticks so she would be able to fight and cast spells without it being in the way of her dust casting. With the medium sized curly side bang, she also has light blue eyes and a pale complexion with her glasses. She is a girl of average height and weight for her age. With her combat gear and multiple outfits, she can change her hair and rarely her eye color to match her designs. As a fashionista, she wears several outfits from time to time with each occasion.

  • Default Outfit
  • Quaralia in an alternate outfit
  • Quaralia's Pjs

Main Outfit

For her main outfit and her combat gear, she is seen wearing a white infinity scarf with a pearl necklace. She wears a purple strapless dress with pink lining with a white sash wrapped around her waist. Quaralia also wears a dark gray denim vest with gold buttons and pockets to store some dust supplies and a pair of long light gray one hole gloves that extended to her mid upper arm with pink lining. Her emblem is in white on the upper part of each glove. Quaralia also has a set of pearl earrings, a fancy pair of white rimmed glasses, and two sets of rings that she wears on her fingers. Three on one hand and three on the other and are one of her weapons in combat. She also carries a small brown buckle purse that carries her spell book. She also wears light gray boots with pink straps and two inch heels.

Alternate Outfit (Fashionesta)

For one of her alternate outfits, she is seen wearing a white infinity scarf with a pearl necklace. She wears a pink and gray striped shirt with three quarter gray sleeves with pink lining, a periwinkle vest and a long, purple, short sleeve jacket with a gray short pleated skirt embroided with pink lining. Quaralia also has a pearl cross bracelet, one of her dust crystal bracelets along with a couple other gray bracelets and pink belt that can carry her spell book and dust supply. She also wears matching boots with 2 inch heels and periwinkle strings tied into bows.


Her night gear is a lavender above knee length nightgown with dark gray and pink design lining. The nightgown is a spaghetti strap with pink crystal (not real crystal) decorations on the top part above her stomach. Her symbol is seen on her hair brush that she usually carries at night.


Quaralia is a very social person that adores fashion and constantly abides by its rules. If a person were to ask her about her take on that particular subject, she would go on for hours explaining all of the fashion rules and current fads. Even though she is very sociable, she will express her opinions on others and criticize others for doing something wrong in her book. She also loves to learn more about being a huntress and will look forward to each class to learn more about the different topics in her classes.

If a person were to tick her off, she will either slap them across the face, step on their foot with her heels or whack them upside the head with a frying pan or textbook. She can easily be agitated to the point of her hurting them and criticizing them with topics like their lack of fashion and fighting style. Though that doesn't mean that she is usually like this with her friends.

With her friends, she would give them presents that would improve their fashion in her eyes and also try her best to be kind and considerate to them. For example, she would give Turquoise a nice pair of shoes to wear with her outfit. Even if she can be critical, she is very caring of others.

Biography/ History

Quaralia was born in a city within Mistral with her loving father and mother. They were a middle class family that had all the essentials like food, a place to stay and other luxuries a middle class would have. She was an only child of the hard working parents. When her father was out working during the day as one of the co-heads of a weapon corporation, her mother would look after her. She was spoiled and was given a lot of toys and devices as she grew older. Her parents sent her to grade school to give her a good education.

When she was 10 years old, Quaralia started to get fascinated in drawing and design. From seeing all the outfits that she was not able to get in the clothing stores, she wanted to draw them so she could have the designs and try to improve them with different kinds of clothes and accessories. Eventually, Quinn had multiple sketchbooks filled with different clothing designs which gave birth to her greatest obsession: fashion. In the next three years, she studied magazines, searched the internet, looked in multiple shops around Mistral, and attended fashion shows in her spare time from school work.

When she was 13, Quaralia was about to head out of a fashion shop with her sketchbook when she bumped into someone. After she stood up, she saw the young woman pick up her sketchbook and took a look inside. Impressed by all of the designs she drew, she introduced herself as the head designer of one of the wealthier fashion stores , 'Silver Flare Designs'. Quinn realized who she was and was excited to meet her. After the woman asked a few questions, she offered her a position in her expanding company as one of the fashion designers and as a model. Quaralia happily accepted and began to work in her business. By next year, Quaralia was well known in the fashion community. Before she knew it, she grew to be famous for not only her designs, but for her beauty as a model. She was in a couple movies, photo shoots, and on a few talk shows. A year later, Quaralia found a different calling when her family had to move to Vale because of her father's transfer.

When Quaralia arrived, she set up a new shop with her family called 'Diamond Rose Fashions', Quaralia helped out multiple customers and some of them were skilled hunters and huntresses from different places around Remnant. While she talked with the heroes, Quinn grew fascinated with all the stories she heard of their adventures throughout their time. It inspired her to the point that she wanted to become a huntress. From that time on, she cut her time with fashion and hired a tutor to learn how to fight and everything else that she needed to know. To be sure, she also enrolled into Signal Academy to catch up with the other students. With her hard work ethic, she was able to graduate a couple years later and apply to Beacon Academy, in which she was accepted. At that point, Quaralia handed her store over to her parents and hired some additional help with designs while she would be away at Beacon though she promised that she would visit from time to time to bring new designs.

In Combat

Weapons: She uses a Dust Caster Spell Book (DCSB) that is named Light's Path and a set of Multi Dust Modified Rings (MDMR) named Crystal Casters.

Light's Path is a spell books that she owns and it is basically a novel sized book that is enhanced with the ability to cast multiple kinds of dust from their pages/ cover by uncut dust. Though she uses the book to increase the strength of certain attacks she uses in tandem with her Crystal Casters. The rings that she wears are called Crystal Casters. They are basically six rings (three on each hand) that each have a small compartment that carries one kind of dust crystal. They can hold different kinds of dust for different kind of effects but only one kind at a time. Like she could have one fire, one gravity, one water, one earth, and one lightning for example. She could also combine two of her rings for a stronger than with just one. To choose which ones to use, she would press the ring center for the kind of dust she needs. With the rings she can project her dust based attacks and channel the energy out into waves or small projectiles.

Abilities and Powers: Quaralia is of mage class and excels at mid- far range combat and her role as a supporter helps her team improve their attacks. Her speed and agility are above average though her strength is average for a young woman. Though if she is forced in close combat, she only knows a few punches and kicks that she could use to get away even to go as far as sacrificing her book by whacking or throwing it. This would occur if she gets extremely angry in the midst of the fight. She can hold her own but she prefers to work with a partner to increase their abilities and attacks with her dust attacks. Quaralia is also quick at improvising for adjusting the situation in her favor during combat in case her initial plan fails.

Aura: Her aura color is a bright purple.

Semblance: Rune Path

Quaralia can summon a small line of runes in a line beside the original. While in the rune wall area, her dust abilities increase. However, the more runes that are used at once, the more it drains her aura with the max of 3 minutes before the runes disappear and they can only be up to 10 ft apart. In addition, anyone with dust abilities could use them.


QRR emblem

Quaralia's Symbol

Rosalina: She finds her very humorous and a great help to her fashion work. They have always gotten along well as she treats Rosalina like her younger sister and Rosalina treats her like to elder sister. She has also come to love her pet Rose and also helps Rosalina to the best of her ability, from school to combat the best she can. Rosalina along with Zabrina help separate fights if they are not part of them.

Turquoise: As her partner, she feels the need to help her in her fashion sense. Even though they argue with each other on different topics, they can work together nicely when it comes to combat. As they get to know each other, she slowly learns to accept her as the Faunus she is and also help her out when it doesn’t come to fashion. Also she is there when Turquoise needs assistance. They truly are opposites, but they finally get along at some point.

Zabrina: She sees her as a person that keeps to herself a lot. Even though they don’t talk very much, their relationship seem to be alright, even though they have their own share of fights as any teammates would. She would be there for Zabrina if she needs it, hoping that she would open to her and everyone else on Team QRTZ. She truly worries about her and hopefully she finds out what Zabrina is keeping to herself. Zabrina is also the one who restrains Turquoise whenever they argue.


  • When her full name is translated it turns out to be "Star Pearl Beautiful Rose". This fits Monty's rule since Quaralia is short of Quarraalia which means "Star" in Australian and it alludes to a shade of gray/ white. Her middle and last name also have meanings. Rita means "Pearl" in Spanish and Rosalinda is Spanish for "Beautiful Rose".
  • Even though her full first name is Quaralia, she decided to have people call her by Quinn, her fashion name.
  • She also cuts her hair from time to time, but it grows back thanks to her special hair formula.
  • She loves to cook. If she is annoyed while she has a frying pan in her hand, she will whack someone upside the head with it.
  • She once had Forest Whisper, a book similar to Light's Path, but gave it to her younger cousin to use to defend herself and look fashionable while doing it.
  • For more pictures of Quaralia, go here.

Concept Art


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