Quoth and Mort

Quoth and Mort


Azrael Pendragon




Melee, Ranged


Scythe, Blade Flail

Quoth and Mort is the name of the scythelike weapon carried by Azrael Pendragon. It has the normal appearance of a scythe, but sperates into a staff, Quoth, and a blade, Mort. The bottom of Quoth can fan out and be used as a shield.


Mort's blade was crafted out of the talon of a Nevermore.  It is incredibly durable and quite sharp, cutting through flesh with ease.  


Quoth and Mort was made well over 30 years ago, created by the founder of The Four Horsemen for the Death of the organization. He wielded it as the sub-leader of the Horsemen, until he died in an accident. The accident is believed by some to have been orchestrated by Chaos himself in order to remove the rebellious Death.

The weapon passed to young Azrael Pendragon, the organization's second Death whose scythewielding skills exceeded those of the original Death.


  • Quoth and Mort are the names of two characters related to Death from the Discworld series, Quoth being a raven and Mort being a boy who was temporarily Death's apprentice.

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