Chapter 2: Welcome to White Wing.

Andoria, Blue Shore Town, 7 Years later...

The morning sun began to rise as it touched darkened sky as it brough light to the entire Blue Shore Town, Meanwhile, At the edge of the town nearby the shores, lies a big, old fashioned building with a white wing emblem attached on top of the building entrance, then suddenly, the 17-Year-old Neal Jäger got out from the building, plus a flying White-Blue cat that flew beside him, his name is Ginger, Neals cat companion, The azurian dragonslayer took out a large breath and breath out, then he turned to his flying cat and raised his fist on the air as he grinned.

"Alright, Ginger." He said. "Let's go visit Yang! You know what today is it?"

"Aye!" The cat saluted. "We know that Neal!"

"That means that she's joining in!" He cheered as they performed a high-five. "Let's go Ginger!"

Moments later they ran off, however, inside the Guild, The Guildmaster Ozpin watched over the Brown-haired boy, he took a small sip from his coffee and sighed.

'Well, There he goes.' He took another sip. 'But I heard that he's bringing someone to join our Guild...But however, I've better to employ one of my members to clean up the guild.'

Then he turned away from the window and went out from his office to look after the Guild Hall, But as he looked at the entire Guild Hall, Everything was a mess, eventually, he had set up a celebration party until the freelancers started to brawl themselves and wrecked everything, he sighed again and took another sip from his coffee.

Meanwhile with Neal and Ginger, they arrived on Yang's home, her house stood on top of the hill, nearby the cliff that faced the oceans, however, this house was beutifully decorated, actually, Yang's Family isn't a millionare but a wealthy faily, then neal walked over to the gate entrance and pressed the doorbell.

  • Ding-Dong!*


Moments later, Yang came out, she wears in a simple elegant dress with a sweater, plus she had a handbag with her, she smiled to her childhood friend.

"Morning Yang!" He said in a gleefull way.

"Good Morning Neal."

"And? Are you ready to join us?" He asked.

"Of course!" She said in excitement.

Hours later, As Neal, Ginger and Yang arrived on the White Wing building, she was amazed and excited to her first day to join and become a member to his Guild.

"Alright, Let's get in." He grinned.

However, after they entered the building, suddenly, a pie was thrown right on his face, the pie slided down from his face as it reveals that he was nog pleased, Yang gasped.

"WHO THE HELL DID SOMEBODY THROWN THAT PIE ON ME!?" He demanded in anger, until one came out from the crowd.

"Hey madboy, where the hell did you went?" The gray-haired said to him with a lazy expression, His name is Richard Pole.

"Hey! Did you throw that pie on me!?"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Richard glared ar him. "Do you want to pick up a fight with me eh?"

"You betcha!" He smiled evily as his right fist ignited in azurian flame.

"Come at me, Bro!" He began to strip his clothes, but only his undefwear was with him, Yang blocked her eyes from him.

Then they clashed furiously, but however, Guildmembers cheered as they keep brawling, but however, one of the guildmembers began to brawl another member, seconds later, a massive brawl was caused.

"Yang? Is that you?" A familiar voice said.

As Yang turned around and saw her 15-year old sister, Ruby Rose, which apparently, already a guildmember of White Wing.

"Oh Ruby."

"What are you doing here?" Ruby asked.

"Oh, Erm, I'm joining the White Wing Guild." Yang replied.

But then, Ruby hugged her in an instant.


Suddenly, a Blonde woman approached to the Rose sistes.

"Ah, Welcome to the White Wing Guild." She greeted them in a soft manner with a smile on her face. "How can we help you?"

"Oh my goodness! It's Glynda Goodwitch!" Yang gasped and squeeled. "One of the famous guildmember of White Wing!"

"Oh? So you know me?" She said.

"My bid sister is here for joining our Guild!" Ruby cheered.

"My, How sweet of you two." She smiled to them. "Then come with me to apply youreself Miss?"

"Yang, Yang Rose, But my mother called me Yang Xiao Long in traditional." She introduce herself.

"I see." Then Glynda looked over the guildhall as the Guildmembers keep brawling everywhere.

"Guess those boys were having a good time-" *BONK!*

Suddenly a frying pan hit her hard on the head, Yang gasped in schockment, but Ruby didn't seemed to care and sighed.

"My Goodness! Glynda are you alright?!"

However, Glynda stood up instantly, still a smile on her face.

"Don't worry, I'm fine." She said softly. "Guess guilmaster Ozpin would be not-"


Suddenly, a loud voice boomed over the hall as a body of a giant rose, Yang was frightened and hid behind Ruby, but the Brunette girl sweatdropped.


"Guildmaster Ozpin!" Glynda waved her hand to her guildmaster in happiness. "Glad that you've came back home!"

"Eh!? That's Guildmaster Ozpin!?" Yang flabbergasted to the giant.

Then suddenly, the giant shrunked and reveals to be a middle-aged in his late 30's and has white-hair and a white cloak.

"Ahem, So, You must be this person that Neal brought you here?" Ozpin asked her.

"Y-Yes." She shivered in nervousness. "I came here to join."

"I see." He turned to the bar. "Come with us, we'll apply you."

Minutes later, After applying her in, there is one more thing that Glynda need to finish her taking a guild stamp.

"So, Where do you want to stamp?"

"Ah, Here on my upper hand."

"Alright" Then Glynda stamped a White Wing tattoo. "Here you go, Now you're part of us now!"

Meanwhile with Neal, He rubbed his cheeks and looks over the request board, then Yang came by.

"Hey look Neal, I'm now part of it!" She showed her tattoo. "Isn't it great?"

"Yup." He continuesly looking over the request board. "After youre registration, We've better need a request for us and this is....for youre first time."

"Huh? Really?"

"Yo! Here!" He pulled out a paper.

As Yang grabbed the paper and read.

"Book stolen by an Arrogant Rich Man, Reward: 5000 Credits." She said. "Well, this would be legit."

"Then let's go!" He grinned outside.

"Aye!" Ginger agreed.

To be Continued.

Chapter end.

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