Secret chapter Backstory: My Flaming Knight.

Blue Shore town, Weather: Cloudy.

Before Yang joins the Freelancer guild: White Wing, We are going back in three years before she joins in.

In the middle of the town center, the 14-year old Yang Xiao Long held a grocery bag after she went to buy something from the grocery, now she stood on the area were peoples are nowhere to be seen.

"Hmm...that's odd." Yang scanned her surroundings. "Seems no one is here."

She let out a big sight and look on the cloudy skies.

'Seems that it would be raining soon' Her mind said. 'Hope it'll be safe here around...or?'

Suddenly, two figures hid behind the building and peeped out as the looked on the blonde haired girl evily, they smirked.

"Hey pal, it's that girl that our boss wanted to kill her." He muttered to his friend nearby.

"Yeah, He said that one day in the future that our perfect plan would be ruined someday." The other exclaimed. "Come on."

Then two men walked off from their cover and blocked Yang's way, She looked at the two and felt that wasn't right, suddenly, one guy pulled out a knife and began to walk slowly to her and raised his knife on the air.

"Hey miss, felt lost?" He grinned.

Yang shrieked, she dropped the grocery bag and ran, however, the two men began to chase her.

"HELP ME!" She cried.

Meanwhile, not too far away, Neal and Ginger walked lazily towards to their Guild. "Man what a day." He said with a bored expression on his face. "We've beat a group of bandits today.."

"Aye." The cat agreed.

"HELP ME!" Cried a voice.

Neal and Ginger stopped their tracks and spun around and hear someones screaming, he knew that voice.

"Yang!" He said. "Come on Ginger! Let's go!"

"Aye!" He saluted.

Meanwhile with Yang, She continuesly running away and found another way out then took left, however, it was a dead end, she turned around and saw those guys again, she began to walk backward, trembling in fear.

"There's no way out you little blond twerk.." The man grinned as he aimed his knife towards Yang.

"Yeah." The man agreed while slamming his palms, smirking towards her.

"N-...No.." She trembled as a single tear flows out from her eyes and begged. "Pl-Please no!"

They began snicker as they are heading closer, however, the first guy was thrown up into the air and screamed.


"What the he-?!" The guy spun around until he saw a brown-haired, 14-year old boy stood before him and glared at him, it was Neal. "Who the hell are you!?"

However, no response, he clenched his fist and ignited in azurian flames, the murderer shrieked until Neal punched him into the cheeks and flew backwards until he gets hit against the wall and laid unconsciouss.

"Neal!" Yang was happy to see him as her tears flows out.

Neal smirked, but suddenly, someone lifted him from behind, he turned his head around and saw a man in a black hood.

"Damn kid." He snarled, moments later he threw him against the wall painfully.


Neal stood up and glared at the Black hooded man and charge against him, however, he was blocked by an insvisible barrier before him, Yang, however, she shreiked to the black-hooded man.

"Wh-what do you want?"

"My master said that I am here," Then he began to strangle her with one hand and lifter her up. "To kill you..."

"W-why? *cough*" Yang said weakly as she gasped for air.

"Why? It's because that you're going to crush our plans you silly girl." He said musely while smirking. "Too bad that friend of yours cannot help you."

"Wh-What..*Cough* What plans?"

"That you will never hinder it." He replied musely. "Even thought, our master can see the future that you may never stop us!"

The black-hooded man laughed maniacly, outside th barrier, Neal tries to break the barrier, but no avail.


However, she can't hear him, but she can see him.


She struggles against the arm, but no avail, the black-hooded man continuesly squeezing her her neack slowly by giving her a painfull death.

"What is it?" He asked musely. "Can't breath? Hahahaha!"

" me..." She pleaded, however, unconsciousness covered her view.

Neal was starred on her in schock as the black-hooded man laughed like a madman, Neal kneeled to the ground, however, he saw a single tear that drops down to the ground.

'I...I can't save her..' His mind raced, then he shooked his head. 'No....I am not giving up!'

Suddenly, an azurian flamed circle emitted from the ground as Neal began to punch the barrier in full force, until a single tiny break was cause, the black-hooded man felt that it wasn't right, he turned around and saw Neal began to punch the barrier multiple times.

"Hmm?" He man asked himself dumbfoundly. "What's with that kid up to?"

With Neal, he kept punching the barrier.


Suddenly, flames erupted from his entire body as the last punch totally destroyed the barrier, the black-hooded man dropped the blonde girl to the ground and starred to the young Azurian Dragonslayer.

"What?..that can't be!"

"You..." Neal snarled. "Youre going to pay for what you've done to her."

Then he clenched his fists evern tighter and more flames erupted, the black-hooded man tooks a defensive stance, however, he felt a sweatdrop on his forehead.

'Crap, This boy.' His mind said. 'Is our master has been speaking off!? The boy who carries the Azurian Dragonslayer magic!?

Then Neal charged against him in full spee, the black-hooded man wasn't well prepared for the first strike and flew backwards then hit against the wall.

"So? What are you going to do eh?" Neal slammed his fist into his palm. "Youve got a death wish or something?"

"Neal, That's enough."

Suddenly, a familiar voice was heard, Neal turned around and saw the Guildmaster Ozpin came by with his fellow guildmember on his side.

"Uncle Ozpin?"

"Neal, Take youre friend Yang to a safer place." Ozpin said to him. "Do you understand?"

"Yeah but, what about him?"

"Don't worry, I'll take care of him." The guildmaster glared to the Black-Hooded man. "Now go."

Neal nodded and carries Yang away and ran straight to the guild, Ozpin starred to the Black-hooded man.

"I see...You still wanted hinder about youre failures huh.." He sighted. "But we can't let you do that....Member of the Shadow Guild.."

White Wing Guild, Few hours later... Yang opened her eyes slowly until she saw Neal on front of her view.

"Neal!" She hugged him tightly.

"Ack! Yang!" He wheezed. "Y-You're squeezing me!"

"Oops, Sorry. " she apologized. "What happened?"

"Heh, Long story." He scratched the back of his head. "I thought that I've lost you.."

"I thought that I was doomed.." She sighted.

Then she starred on him while giving a smile, then she suddenly grabbed his head and kissed on the forehead.

"Thank you..." She said softly. "My Flaming Knight."

"Y-you're welcome." He began to cover his blushness on his face as Yang giggled.

'Yang...I will never lose you.' He thought. 'I swore myself to protect you, cause, you are my best friend.'

Secret Chapter End.

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