Welcome to the index page of my fanfiction, RWBY: Hunters, Heroes and Humanity, or known as RWBY:HHH. This story revolves around the entire canon RWBY cast and all of the Original Characters that I have created. Right off the bat, due to the sheer magntitude of concepts and assumptions that I have to make with the RWBY world, I will have to say that this is an Alternate Universe fanfic and will not be tied to any of the original RWBY content and will indeed contradict with it after Episode 15: The Stray. However, when there are new updates for canon characters, I will try my best to apply them in here, so I will be waiting for things like Professor Ozpin's combat capabilities, unless I reach a point that I will be forced to make it up.

So if you are here to see a Canon-based fanwork, I'm sorry to say this is not what you are looking for. If you are here for OCs in the canon setting, then you may or may not be looking for this. If you are here for OCs in a constructed setting with just some canon elements and characters, then my fanfic might be just for you and do enjoy. I will try to make weekly updates with each chapter and I thank you in advance for any patience that you may show to me.

Disclaimer: I do not own the wonderful content and characters derived directly from RoosterTeeth's RWBY. You would not believe me anyway if I say I did.


RWBY: Hunters, Heroes and Humanity reveals the tales of the OCs Team LEAV, Team SLST along with the canon Team RWBY and Team JNPR through their lives in Beacon Academy and beyond. Each member bears a heavy burden, eventually lightened through the sharing with each other, but one member in particular carries a burden so great that it threatens to break all four teams, Beacon and Vale with it, perhaps even the entirety of Vytal. Join them through their trials of death, sorrow and hopelessness and celebrate with them in their triumphs and glory.

A Human follows his desires. A Hero follows his orders. A Hunter follows his heart.

There will come a time where you will have to make a choice.

Readable Chapters

HHH: Prologue

HHH: Prologue Pt. 2


RWBY:Fallen LEAVes
Team ALVE: ArtagnanLearVulturnElleyValerian
Team SALT: SilverAlionLancotTinker
Beacon Staff OrbisGooseVernierBlanchePariah
Heads Current: Estelle • Former: Gildas
Mimsy Family SmithClaireCaroll
Momerath Family AetherLittle BoyOthers
Manxome Family FisherHansStartale
Remnant 9: LupusHelliosBlutzahnZincaTeariaBriarCarnavalDurumi

Honorary Members: Blouson

Black Hunters
Vale Members LagoonJungle
HQ Members VulcanaTyphonseZhurong
Prelysium Students LaevaStyx
White Fang MzeeDunkel
Hunters PhonicaLilyHalleyTesion
Salem's Allies CastilloMorusAstra
Rogues/Criminals Kang
Janitors 01:Zephyr02:Istafuron03:Baby04:John Dog05: ReinerThe Swarm
Others Cent
Grimm MellukaSophist
Setting AuraLessonsCombinationsBlack Hunter
Weapons Murasame OriginalsEpitomes
Grimm Danger Ratings

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