There are days I try to forget.
Honestly, some days... I wish I never lived them.
But there's one day... a day I must always remember:
The day my sky turned dark.
— Revan MacLeod
Fan Fiction:
MacLeod: The Dark Morning Sky
Author The Steve
Genre Action, Trajedy, Slice of Life
Perspective Revan MacLeod
Narrator 3rd Person Limited
Official Characters Weiss Schnee
Fan-made Characters Revan MacLeod
Heinrich Ubel
Julian Gestalt (Cameo)
Cain and Vanessa Viper
The Áinfean of MacLeod
Tianee and Tatonga Musk (Cameo)
Riona Macentire
Nolen McCoun

Description: As Revan takes a further step, he backtracks to his darkest time...

MacLeod: The Dark Morning Sky


The Dark Morning Sky is a backstory fanfic on Revan MacLeod, in his transition from his boring rich life to the katana weilding, split personality young man he is now. Because this is very long and I am only halfway finished, I will release the chapters one by one. Comment/review on this page and enjoy!


Author's Notes

  • The MacLeods speak with Northern European accents. Think Scottish and and Irish.
  • The Weiss Schnee cameo is meant to be for developmental purposes.
  • All OC cameos were given permission by their respective creators.
  • "Dark Morning Sky" is a reference to Revan's state of mind and colors. "Morning Sky" being blue and Revan's proper color ."Dark", or black, dominating the blue over it.

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