RWBY: The Game is an open world video game that features the cast of characters from the popular web series RWBY. The game is developed and published by Square Enix. The game was first released in North America, but afterwards also was available in other regions short after. The game is made in the same way as the series.

The game mainly follows the plot of the series, but also has some side-missions, and sometimes even normal missions, that don't appear in the series. The game has several game modes, which will be explained below. However the Story Mode has a story for each of the main characters, and each character fights in a way borrowed from other games.


The gameplay of RWBY is very complicated to explain. Every story in the Story Mode has a different type of gameplay. What they all have in common though is that the game is an open world game. Each of the character's fighting styles borrow elements from various other, well-known, video games.

Ruby and Nora have a similar way of fighting. They are slap-stick fighters, button smashers. You mostly just fight your way through the enemies, without having a real tactic. You can defeat the enemies with their fighting style, but you can learn to understand the combo's in fighting to be a professional in their fighting style. Their style is based on games like; DmC: Devil May Cry, God of War and Dante's Inferno. The difference between Ruby and Nora is that Ruby is much faster but Nora is much stronger.

Weiss makes use of Dust in her fighting style. Unlike Ruby and Nora's fighting style, the one of Weiss is more structured. It is mainly based off the gameplay of the Kingdom Hearts series. There is a little menu in the bottom left corner that displays all the Dust she can use during combat. She also knows standard melee attacks that are also displayed there. She can also combine Dust with her Melee attacks to give it more effect.

Blake has two fighting styles mixed into one. She has a stealth mode and a freerun mode. In her stealth mode Blake can sneak around in the open world and can kill her opponents without being noticed. This also applies to her shooting. This style is based off Metal Gear Solid. In freerun mode Blake is able to climb on buildings and use her quick combat style to quickly eliminate big shrowds of enemies. This is mostly based on the Assassin's Creed series.

Yang and Ren share a similar fighting style. They both mainly use close combat, with some few long range attacks shot from their guns. They have a fighting style similar to the Batman: Arkham City series. Is is mostly close combat and ramming into the foes. Ren is somewhat more structured than Yang and also can use his blades during fighting. However Ren's gunshots do less damage than Yang's but he can shoot more rapidly.

Jaune's fighting style is very basic. He simply swings with his sword and deflects with his shield. You could compare his fighting style with the one of The Legend of Zelda series. He has to rely on his tactics or else he won't be able to survive in combat. Defeating enemies takes longer with him than others, but he gain much more experience.

Pyrrha makes use of a special system which is similar to the one of Final Fantasy XIII. She can switch between three forms; her sniper, her spear and her shield. She mostly is long range but can fight on close range too. She is very fast, but more aimed to big shrowds of enemies, instead of large and strong enemies. When faced a strong enemy she has to apply more tactic to her fighting style.

Glynda and Cinder both have a similar fighting style. They both make great use of the Dust avaible for them, however they greatly different. Glynda is more structured in using her Dust, has a greater defense and good Dust. Cinder is more destructive, thus has more power and uses dark Dust. They could be compared with the good and bad version of Cole in InFAMOUS only with more special abilities.

Adam is a quick and strong character at the same time. You could compate him with Ruby, but he is more structured in fighting. I think he is good compared to the gameplay in Ninja Gaiden 3. He mostly uses his 'katana' for his attack and occasionally uses his gun in battle, that's why. He is more the classic type of samurai.

Story Mode

In Story Mode you are able to play as the four girls from team RWBY. When you start the game you can choose to play the story of Ruby, Weiss, Blake or Yang. The story of each girl will go similar to how the plot in the show goes. However in the open spots (for example Blake's absence in 2 episodes) other missions will fill those spots that don't appear in the show.

The game also has throphy support so you will get achievements when accomplished certain things. The objectives to achieve the achievements also can be viewed in the trophy menu. On certain points in the story you can also unlock the stories of other major character like team JNPR.

Battle Mode

In battle mode you can play as a wide variety of character who appeared in the RWBY universe. The battle mode has two sub-modes within it too.

Versus Mode

In Versus Mode you can play as one of the character avaible for this mode. Versus Mode can be played in two forms. The first form is the same as Dissidia Final Fantasy in which you can customize the character's moves and level them up. It is up to two players in this mode.

Team Mode

In Team mode you can form a team of max four persons online and battle against other teams online. You can chat with the other members of your team with the headset so the opposing team won't hear it. Each team starts together on the end of the map. 

Survival Mode

In Survival Mode you have to fight hordes of Grimm with a single character. Unlike Versus Mode each character has its own battle style like in the Story Mode. You just have to survive as long as you can. There three environments you can play in; Emerald Forest, Forever Fall and Snowy Forest. There is a maximum of 12 players on each game, and a minimum of 2. Once you are dead you can go into observer mode.

Dance Mode

Dance Mode is a special version in the game in which you select a character, from RWBY, and then dance to a song by hitting the buttons displayed on the screen. It is similar to how the Hatsune Miku: Project Diva game series work. You can let the girls dance in their own clothing, but also other customes that appeared in the show, and even ones that are special made for the game. Songs to dance on can be downloaded online for free.


Playable Characters

Name Weapon Playstyle Story Dance
Ruby Rose Crescent Rose

Dynasty Warriors

Green check.svg Green check.svg
Weiss Schnee Myrtenaster Kingdom Hearts Green check.svg Green check.svg
Blake Belladonna Gambol Shroud

Stealth: Metal Gear

Freerun: Assassin's Creed

Green check.svg Green check.svg
Yang Xiao Long Ember Celica Batman: Arkham City Green check.svg Green check.svg
Jaune Arc Crocea Mors The Legend of Zelda Green check.svg 13px-Red x.svg
Nora Valkyrie Magnhild God of War Green check.svg Green check.svg
Pyrrha Nikos Miló and Akoúo̱ Dissidia Final Fantasy Green check.svg Green check.svg
Lie Ren StormFlower DmC: Devil May Cry Green check.svg 13px-Red x.svg
Velvet Scarlatina (Magic Box) - 13px-Red x.svg Green check.svg
Sun Wukong Ruyi Bang and Jingu Bang Dynasty Warriors Green check.svg 13px-Red x.svg
Neptune Vasilias (Plasma Gun/Sceptar) Kid Icarus Uprising Green check.svg 13px-Red x.svg
Penny (Mutliple Swords) Blazblue Green check.svg Green check.svg
Glynda Goodwitch (Crop) inFAMOUS 13px-Red x.svg Green check.svg
Cinder Fall (Fire Semblance/Dust) inFAMOUS 13px-Red x.svg Green check.svg
Roman Torchwick Melodic Cudgel Uncharted 13px-Red x.svg 13px-Red x.svg
Neo (Umbrella) - 13px-Red x.svg Green check.svg
Mercury Black (Boots) - 13px-Red x.svg 13px-Red x.svg
Emerald Sustai (Pistols/blades) - 13px-Red x.svg Green check.svg
Adam Taurus Wilt and Blush Ninja Gaiden 13px-Red x.svg 13px-Red x.svg

Non-Playable Characters

  • Professor Ozpin
  • Peter Port
  • Bartholomew Oobleck
  • James Ironwood
  • Qrow
  • Cardin Winchester
  • Russel Thrush
  • Dove Bronzewing
  • Sky Lark
  • Coco
  • Fox
  • Yatsuhashi
  • Sage
  • Scarlet
  • Junior Xiong
  • Melanie Malachite
  • Miltia Malachite
  • Shopkeep
  • White Fang Lieutenant

Enemy Characters

  • Junior Xiong
  • Melanie Malachite
  • Miltia Malachite
  • Roman Torchwick
  • White Knight
  • Grimm
  • Atlast Androids

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