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Aurea Melankranz

Aurea Melankranz is BerserkerNox's Original Character.

Main article: Aurea Melankranz

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  • Raytsan


    August 21, 2016 by Raytsan

    Hello there, i am Raytsan , your friendly fanon user and creator of a moderate ammount of OC's. i am here to tell you something

    • Sighs*


    A place where most people would need to go to, including my…

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  • Nice Things

    If you're like me then at some point you've used or tried to get chathacks working. If you're still like me, then you'll know that they don't work for some unknown reason. Well I think I've fixed it.…

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  • WeissSchnee

    My Next OC Team

    August 20, 2016 by WeissSchnee

    So, I've done the following team make ups-

    • 2 girls and 2 guys
    • 1 girl and 3 guys
    • 1 guy and 3 girls

    So I'm thinking of making my next team either all boys or all girls.  I struggle more making male charact…

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