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Quinn Rita Rosalinda by JAS

Quaralia R. Rosalinda is RWBY Ruby Rose's Original Character.

Main article: Quaralia R. Rosalinda

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  • TheHook1

    The Rule of Nora

    February 13, 2016 by TheHook1

    Hello everybody!

    I've come to notice something suspiscious about the series in recent weeks. In any given battle, relationship, team, etc. the shorter and/or cuter character is the most dangerous.

    For …

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  • ThereGoesKira


    February 11, 2016 by ThereGoesKira

    Well hello there peoples, It's me again...

    You are probably wondering why I have gathered you all here today with yet another blog post..

    So, I'll keep this breif and straight to the point...

    lately I'v…

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  • WeissSchnee

    Future OC's

    February 10, 2016 by WeissSchnee

    Just a blog about what I'm doing with my OC's going forward.

    I have a few holes in teams that need to be filled with new OC's, so that's what I'll be focused on.

    Team CNDY:

    Team CNDY currently has it's …

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