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Caelia Blanc is STATICinMOTION's Original Character.

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  • Anlocan

    Considering it's been a while, I figure I should explain the very sudden absence I've had!

    Long story short, things have been very busy for me, and a lack of writing motivation made things tough. Need…

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  • BRTE500

    I'm out for a Geist

    October 25, 2016 by BRTE500

    So, long story short. I'm trying to get a couple of OCs together for an RP in which they would be capturing a Geist. Wisteria Lavandula is the cage, kinda literally. Basically she needs a bit of prot…

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  • Asriel Liengsky

    Still alive. Kinda.

    October 25, 2016 by Asriel Liengsky

    Heeeeeey!! Salutations everyone, Asriel here. Just popping up to say a couple of things related to fanon and ask some questions (as always. Also the post is going to be long, very):

    1 - If someone hav…

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