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    Hello everyone!

    As the title says I have a new Ren figure for sale from the RWBY Blind Box line. Its brand new, undamaged, and quite high quality if I'm honest. If you'd like the figure you have two o…

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  • Arkan421

    Hello, RWBYfanon

    I am Arkan421, and for the past three years, my close friend and I have been working on a "Collaborative RP" project set in the world of Remnant where everyone controls ONE CHARACTER,…

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  • Decathartique

    A little explanation

    November 29, 2016 by Decathartique

    Hello everyone, I hope you guys have been doing fine. This is just a little post in which I explain some stuff regarding my current situation, specially for people that has commissioned me (or is int…

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