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Flynn by JAS

Flynn Scarlett is WeissSchnee's Original Character.

Main article: Flynn Scarlett

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Eye Contact
This is a list of Original Characters who are looking for a team or a partner. If you wish to have your characters up here or you wish to take them down after finding them a team, please contact one of the admins

Contact the admins to be featured here.
Contact the creator of the characters you wish to team up with.
Be nice, even if the creator doesn't want to team up with your character.
Contact the admins right away after your character has found their team/partner.

Looking for a team
Miku Voski by The Silent Knight
Odhran Lyndon by Rukatin
Helen Von LaPerle by Tomai88
Leon Lucas by Rileymac923
Wyvern Emberscale by Sirviantis
Riken Ishida by RikenIshida83
Amethyst Archer by Minecrafter1
Sidereus by Sir Blargman Honkertonk

Incomplete Team
Geist Morder - Cole Delaney - ? - ?
Leonore Albus - ? - Verde Boniface - ? by Spymanx

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