"Having trouble?" -Rachel asking Joann a question


Rachel is a young girl around the age of seventeen. She has medium sized somewhat messy brown hair. Her eyes are emerald green. She wore ear rings, an orange t-shirt, black pants, orange shoes, a small shield on her left shoulder, and an armlet on her right wrist.


Rachel is very cautious, both in combat and out of combat, as shown in chapter one when she tried to reverse her comment about Joann. In combat her caution is extreme, even leading her to stop her allies attacks if they bring out more harm then good.

Rachel does not like going out of her comfort zone, this is why she and Joann sometimes argue. Joann is very different then Rachel, often times removing Rachel from her comfort zone without her even knowing. Rachel is very patent though, so she doesn't hold it against Joann.


Rachel's history in fighting was mainly meant for self defense, or so her father thought.

When she was growing up her father taught her how to fight at an early age, hiring Alec to be her bodyguard. From all the tales he heard about the war form his father Rachel's father was paranoid and turned over protective.

Rachel wanted to be a huntress and tested herself to her full abilities, in the end Alec died trying to protect her.

Rachel was picked to go to Beacon and despite her fathers refusals to allow her to join she got her mother to sign her up. Her mother died soon afterwards in a train wreck.


Rachel has three forms of her weapon. She has a pistol, nothing to special, but then it can turn into a tomahawk, which can then turn into a Halberd with a built in sniper rifle.


Rachel's aura makes her strength improve immensely, making her guns bullets punch though objects like walls and creates a shock wave effect if she slams the ground with her Halberd


Some of Rachel's plans take to much time, and she even stops her allies plans if she deems them to dangerous, or if she thinks it would hurt them more then the enemy. When Rachel does not a plan she starts to panic, leaving her to do something dangerous and risky in her plans place


Joann Xiav Gorm- Her leader, she sometimes argues with her

Jen Shizo- Team mate, Rachel's closer friends with Jen then the others

Lily Gioia- Team mate, Rachel wonders about Lily's past form time to time, but often doesn't by Lily's request.


  • The Orange Trailer had the first hero death in the fan fic (maybe the last, not sure yet)
  • Rachel's outfit is similar to Jaune Arc's, this was actually unintentional
  • Rachel is the third member of Team BLOP
  • The Orange Trailer was the first time Andorids showed up in the fan fic

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