A side characters page is for characters that appear in a fanfiction but do not warrant their own OC page.


The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsement are a group of powerful mercenaries, lead by the rarely-active man with the title of Chaos.  They never use real names, and the titles they use are hereditary, passing to whoever takes up the mantle after the previous member drop it.

  • ​Death: The sub-leader of the group, the original Death was the wielder of Quoth and Mort, a scythelike weapon designed by Chaos.  When the original Death died in an accident, which is suspected to be Chaos eliminating a possibly rebellious element, the title and weapon fell to a young Azrael Pendragon. After working for the Horsemen for six years, he left them at eighteen, bringing the weapon with him.  This has earned him the emnity of Chaos, and the third Death, both of which want to reclaim Quoth and Mort. The current Death is a young man of 23 who wields a scythe and intends to kill Azrael and claim Quoth and Mort as his own.
  • War: A large man, almost seven feet in height.  He wears bright crimson armor, and wields a claymore and a large axe, both of which he is an expert in using. His armor is thick enough to deflect most bullets, and his attack style focuses mainly on charging in and obliterating his enemy through brute strength. He is a heavy drinker and is prone to violence, with a short temper contributing to it.
  • Pestilence: To be done
  • Famine: To be done
  • Chaos: To be done

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