I am not who I once was.

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Rain wears a teal short sleeve dress shirt, with only the three middle buttons done,  untucked: a long tight fitting white longsleeve shirt under neath the dress shirt: slim fit sky blue pants: light brown boots. He keeps his long light blue hair pulled into a pony tail over his shoulder, tied with a white hair ribbon.

His oval shaped light grey mouse ears are tapered back, and his long thin grey tail stretches to his ankles. Rain has azure eyes and soft features. His build is wiry muscle, meant for speed, agility, and powerful attacks, however his endurance is lacking. Rain is tall and thin, coupled with his soft features, and long hair, he can pass for a girl if he changes his voice.


Rain is very witty, often making sarcastic comments, and making little jabs at his teammates. Rain also speaks in a formal manner, preferring to be polite, despite his sarcastic sense of humor. Rain has a strong distaste for those who disrespect others mainly those who disrespect the faunus, however Rain believes in only demonstrating anger to humans who disrespect the faunus, not humanity as a whole. Rain has no qualms with killing, and has never actually said anything to indicate that he feels a shred of guilt for killing any of his targets. That being said Rain does have a sense of honor, he firmly believes in showing loyalty, and he will not harm innocent people.

Rain in is a bit of an oddball and prefers to live by his own rules, if someone is not using something, and he needs it, he will take it, use it, and return it without a second thought. Rain will disassmble his sword and clean it in the middle of the lunchroom simply because he feels like it. 

Rain has a strange relationship with his sword, as he treats it as if it is alive. Rain speaks to Benihime, he remarks how the sound of the chainsaw edge moving is her "singing", and says she is "sleeping" when she is sheathed. He also will, "introduce her" or show her to others, by unsheathing her, and cutting a nearby object in half. Rain brings his sword everywhere he goes, which tends to cause trouble. 

Finally Rain has a strong connection with his now deceased sister. He always wears a white ribbon in her memory, either  as the tie for his pony tail, or around his neck in a bow when sleeping. Rain also kept his sister's white hairband, which he has put metal plates on, and wears on special occasions. Rain bases his desire to become a hunter on his sister's wish to be a huntress, and also to kill with meaning and purpose as he believes it is what he does best.


Citri Andesine: Rain's partner during initiation, and his leader. Rain shows unflinching loyalty to Citri, and will always have his back. The two often try to convince their teammates to skip classes and go to the beach or downtown. 

Celeste "Celes" Yancy: Celes' kind nature reminds Rain of his sister, and she often tries to curb his more eccentric behaviors. The two get along very well, but do clash a bit over how to fight.

Phoenix Carson: Phoenix and Rain have a very unusual friendship. Rain's effeminate appearance has Phoenix fascinated, as she has never seen a boy who comes as close to looking like a girl as Rain does. His considerable skill also has earned him her repect, as  Rain is the only man who has ever met her expectations. Rain continually tries to teach her to respect men. Phoenix continually tries to get Rain to wear a dress and pretend to be a girl outside of istracting teachers to skip class. The cycle continues.


Born in a small village, Rain's Parent's died when he was still very young. He was raised by his older sister Freya, who he was incredibly close to. Both he and Freya ran their parent's armor shop after their death, however they spent more time repairing, than creating weapons. Freya wanted to be a huntress to help others, but had to stay to look after her younger brother. Rain of course, wanted to be like his sister when he grew up, so the two both parcticed some sword techniques in their spare time, Freya teaching Rain the basics.

The two lived this simple but happy life until Rain was ten. Due to his faunus heiritage both he and Freya faced some prejudice. The two had both mouse ears and a mouse tail, so hiding their faunus appendages was out of the question. Freya despite her kind and gentle nature, was targetted by a group of people who wholeheartedly hated the Faunus. She was burned alive in the middle of town, and Rain saw the entire thing.

He was understandably angered and depresssed, but most of all he felt the strong desire for revenge. He took his sister's sword and found the man who led the others in his sister's murder, and killed him. Rain butchered the man in front of his family, and was subsequently forced to live on the run.

Rain spent three years running from the police and during that time lived off of the kindness of others, and a fierce will to live. Rain discovered as his hair grew longer and wore clothes that hid his body, he could pass for a girl, and people tended to be much kinder when they thought he was a lost homless girl. So he learned to fake a girls voice, and used this as a way to get food, shelter, and clothes. Rain eventually ran into the White Fang who were more than happy to take him in. 

 After being taken in by the White Fang, Rain began to dress as a boy again, and act like a boy again, but he kept his hair long, and tied in a ponytail over his shoulder with a white hair ribbon, in memory of his sister. He also designed his signature chainsaw edge katana, Benihime, and began using her in combat. Rain decided not to join them but to work for them. Shortly before he was found by the White Fang, they had undergone a change in leadership, and a change in idealogy. When the word spread about the fate of Rain's sisterthe new leader decided he would send a message, that the faunus were tired of being pushed around. He put out an order to execute a Shcnee Dust Company foreman, and Rain volunteered saying that he would act as an assassin. The new leader agreed and sent Rain off to kill the foreman. It wouldn't be right to say Rain Killed the foreman. He destroyed the man, Rain left a pile of bloody pieces that resembled what would happen if you dropped a person's hand in a garbage disposal. It sent a clear and dangerous message.

Over the course of two years Rain remained the go-to assassin for the White Fang, killing target after target, further earning the White Fang the reputation of an extremist organization. Rain butchered his targets, earning him the title of "The Ripper" and as a psuedonym he went by Jack. However, Rain began to question his killings. No matter how many he killed, there was always another contract, another person, nothing was changing. Rain found himself caught in a cycle of pointless killings and considered leaving it all behind. Rain voiced this to the White Fang's leader and was told he could leave after his last contract, Kill Weiss Schnee. Rain refused, he had killed grown men and women, but he would not kill a child, someone only a year younger than he was. Rain left, and of course the White Fang tried to tie up loose ends, but the hitman they sent was sent right back to them, well only about half of his head actually made it back to the White Fang but they got the message.

Rain spent a year training, developing a purely defensive style based on counterattacking and dodging, never attacking. he passed an audition to get into Beacon and has been attending alongside his team since.


Rain's weapon of choice is a chainsaw edged katana called Benihime, or The Red Princess. The blade is blood red and it's edge runs from the hilt to the tip of the sword, looping to form the chainsaw edge. Benihime cuts through flesh and bone like butter, butchering anything unfortunate enough to meet it's edge. It chips up and damages metal, but is not strong enough to cut through metal. Benihime earned Rain his title of "The Ripper" as an assassin, and is the only reason people feel uneasy around him. The fact that Rain speaks to the blade only makes things worse.


  • Rain will cross dress and pretend to be a girl to distract teachers who would stop his team from trying to skip class.
  • Rain is right handed.
  • Rain loves music.
  • Rain operates under his own logic which sometimes leads him to suggest strange solutions to problems or strange ideas.
  • Rain dislikes most cheeses despite being a mouse faunus.

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