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Rain Rook
Age 17
Nickname Ray, RR
Status Alive
Color Blue
Gender Female
Race Human
Born July 29th
Handedness Left-handed
Complexion Caramel
Hair black/blue
Eyes Brown
Height 5’5”
Weight 117 lb
Professional Status
Affiliation Black Hand (disavowed), Un-named Atlas combat school (graduated) , Beacon Academy, rebel Black Hand
Partner Noire Blaidd
Occupation Student/Huntress in training
Personal Status
Relatives Sera Rook (mother), Tryan Reign, Robert Cova (adopted father)
Additional Info
Likes Parties, having fun
Dislikes Being abused, her past


Rain is a young woman with a slender, slightly rich figure. She has brown eyes, caramel skin, black shoulder length hair that cut shorter at the back, and her bangs are dyed blue. She wears a dark blue leather jacket with black longed sleeve shirt under it, matching jeans, black fingerless gloves, and boots. She wears a hip sash which bears her emblem.

school uniform

Rain dress Beacon's standard female uniform wearing white stocking and blue ribbon instead of red.


Her sleepwear is nothing special, simply an oversize (usually XL) white t-shirt with black shorts.


Rain has a witty, playful personality and a small sense of humor laced with some sarcasm. She intelligent but lacks a certain degree of manners and behavior, often coming off as rude or impatient at times. Never the less; she friendly,loyal, and quite protective of those closest to her. She also emotional cripple and very defensive of her past. She rarely talks about where she comes from, who her mother is etc and often voids it or cover up any discussion about her past with snark.


Rain was born in the city of Harmony in the Atlas region. Her mother, Sera, was a drug addict, binge drinker, and prostitute with Rain being the byproduct of one her  many “one night stands.”  Surprisingly Sera manage to stay sober once she found out she was pregnant. It was only after giving birth and raising Rain to the age of eight when Sera relapse back into old habits. The young girl grew up quickly because of her mother. Leaving her home at random periods of the day, learning how to fight, and gain money from various gangs. She hated her home mostly because of what she face every time she returns; her mother stealing any money Rain had on hand, verbal abuse, and being abused either verbal or physical by one of Sera’s “lovers.”

By the time Rain was twelve, she came into contact with a man named Tyran Reign. Tyran brought Rain clothing, gifts, and basically anything she wants. Eventually, he manages to convince Rain to leave her home and come with him. She agreed only to soon realize how wrong of a mistake it was. Tyran was a recruiter for a group of outlaws known as the Black Hand and took her to place known as the Crucible, a walled-off section of the city. It was there Tyran showed his true colors and started to "train" her. This training was nothing short of brutal, often leaving Rain clinging on to her life by a thread in some instances. Eventually, she found ways manages to slip out of Tyran's sight. In those brief moments, she meets another recruit by the name of Raven Rockwell. The two instantly click and talked about becoming Huntresses. The duo during moments of freedom scouted the Crucible and discovered there was railway just on the outskirts with a train stopping to drop off supplies, an ideal way to escape the Hell they were in.

After a year of planning, watching the train's schedule, and "training" under their so call masters the duo executed their plan. Problems arise when Tyran found a note about Rain's plan. He organizes a Black Hand enforcers to attack the train and stop the two girls from escaping. Raven voluntarily jump off the train to stop Tyran. Rain eventually made it to the capital of Atlas where she meet a kind chef named Robert Cova. Robert took Rain into his life, adopted her, allowed her to follow her dream of becoming a Huntress. She applied to combat school and was accepted. After graduating, applied to Beacon.

Sometime before Vytal Festival, Rain received a letter with Raven's signature. Believing it to be a hoax and curious as to who sent it, Rain booked a flight for Atlas and return to one place his wanted to forget, her birthplace, Harmony. After a quick talk with few city folk and old friends, Rain learned the Black Hand is currently engaged in a civil war. Using the same route Tyran showed her years ago to enter the Crucible, she identifies herself to rebels and join their causes. As of post Battle/Fall of Beacon, Rain currently fights with the rebel Black Hand while still searching for her long lost friend.


Rain weapon of choice is a modular combat mace shotgun (MCMS) named Raven’s Talon. It dark-gray 12-gauge weapon with an overall length of 25 inches. In its shotgun form, the weapon is pump-action, eight round magazine, and utilize a pistol grip. It mainly fires buckshot rounds ranging normal non-dust round to dust rounds such as incendiary and stun. In it's more accurately describe flanged mace form, the pistol grip folds and creates a handle and its edges spring outwards in a X-shape pattern. She often uses it smash enemies, aiming for their legs or head or nearby structures.


Rain is close quarters combat expert of the team. She has rather high pain threshold and fights facing any enemy head on. She not one for strategy or planning, often running into fights with mix results. But what she lacks in planning is often made up for in brutality by using her weapon in either of it forms. Her aura appears light blue in color. her semblance, known as Potency, which allows Rain to create a single rune that boosts her physical strength for a short period of time. She can not boost the attacks of others. She often uses this as an introduction to starting a fight to get some damage dealt early and when losing a fight to turn the table. She can only use it for a maximum of two times before it starts to become taxing.


  • Rain has a wonderful singing voice.
  • She only member on the team that knows how to cook.


  • Rain is pretty self-explanatory(blue).
  • Her surname, Rook, does not come the chess piece but a species of birds that are member of the crow family and have black to bluish purple feather colors.
  • Rain is allure to Viridiana Sovari from the Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks, with a hint of Cortana from Halo.
  • ABRN stands for auburn, a reddish-brown color.


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