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Raizel Heidrich
Age 17
Nickname Rei, Ai, Zel
Status Active
Color Red
Gender Female
Race Human
Born January 2
Handedness Right-handedness
Complexion Pale White
Hair Crimson
Eyes Blue-Green
Semblance Aerial Bomb
Height 5'8
Weight 118 lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team PRFC
Partner Platinum Roads
Occupation Student
Additional Info
Emblem Raizel Heidrich's Semblance 2
Likes Clothes, Alcohol, Music, Romance Novels
Dislikes Faunus, Bossy people, Cockroaches
Special Skills Bomb making
Weaknesses Ranged combat


Raizel has almost perfect curbs on her body. She has a long, crimson hair and blue-green eyes. Her hair is always tied in a long ponytail, with a yellow ribbon, that reaches down to her waist. Her hair also has loose bangs covering her forehead.

Raizel wears an unzipped black leather tight jacket over a red tube that exposes the smooth skin of her belly. She also wears a black skirt, net leggings, and high-heeled black boots. A big, black belt is wrapped around her waist; it is also used to strap her bulletproof bombs.

Her accessories are a pair of silver dangling earrings that has her symbol.


Being the only child, Raizel was born on a wealthy family running the Heidrich Alcohol Industry, one of the well-known industries for manufacturing high-quality alcoholic beverages in Vacuo. At a young age, she was taught to hate faunus by her parents because of their stereotypical view of them as mere animals and low life-beings. This belief was reinforced when a bandit of them infiltrated their home and stole their money but the bandits were soon caught by the law enforcement.

Raizel didn't want it to happen again and decided to learn how to fight; she was home-schooled by a hired instructor. She learned how to wield polearm and nunchucks, and also had training in hand-to-hand combat. Her training showed that she's a balanced fighter. She also learned how to make and use bombs from her instructor (more like use them). The said instructor tried to change her views on faunus but was futile because of her stubbornness. While learning how to fight, she also comes with her father on various meetings. Even though she helped the industry, she barely showed interest in the business (accounting, marketing, managing, etc.) despite her capabilities to deal with them and is only interested in alcohols themselves. Raizel got a chance to learn from various bartenders about preparing alcoholic drinks when her parents brought her to nightclubs and bars to meet with business partners.

She soon showed interest on becoming a Huntress, a term that got her attention when her instructor mentioned about his wife, a Huntress. He told Raizel more about the profession in which the thrill and adventure parts got her more interested. Better than sitting with a bunch of grouchy people talking about business all day. This reasoning prompted Raizel to tell her parents that she wants to enter a Huntsman/Huntress's academy but they didn't allow her for she has to focus on becoming the successor of their industry, firing the instructor for influencing her about it. Before her instructor left, he gave her a DBPN as a gift and told her to give it a name. He also said that she should follow her dreams and one day, her views on faunus will change if she tries to understand them.

Enraged of her parents' strictness, she burned her room and threatened her parents to burn the whole mansion and the factory of alcohol. In the end, her parents disowned her for her barbaric and rebellious actions that might lead to the industry's downfall if she were to take over the business, something that Raizel intended to make image of to be free from them.

She took the money that she had been saving (a lot of it) for a while and left for Vale which she randomly chose out of rolling a dice and did it to be far away from her parents as much as possible. She lived in an apartment for a while before entering Beacon Academy and is currently working as a bartender in a nightclub. Raizel is also now trying to be “okay” with the Faunus race as a stepping stone not to be associated with her parents.


Arrogant, rebellious, sarcastic, stubborn, and rude; these are the words that describes Raizel, which are all true. She's easy to piss off and would sometimes let her emotions do the thinking, having an aggressive, violent temper just makes things worse but killing isn't her thing. She doesn't wanted to be bossed around by someone whom she looks down upon and she will always question his/her authority over her. She is capable in conversing with faunus in civilized manner but her racist attitude will surface in long conversations. Raizel sometimes ignores them.

She has, however, a tsundere attitude with too much bitterness and little yet very sweet side that she's embarrassed to show. She cares for her friends and has a big sister persona that she shows to people close to her.

She's sometimes forgetful; especially when she misplaced her time bombs.


Raizel is slightly above average in hand-to-hand combat and a balanced fighter with strength-base being a bit higher. She's fairly skilled on using and creating bombs limited to grenades (6 in disposal). She uses these bombs as substitutes for her Semblace in order to avoid tiring herself. Her bombs uses all kinds of Dusts for different damage effects like Lightning bombs, Lightning-Fire bombs, and such. She's also good at disarming bombs.

One of her useful skills outside combat are her good bartender skills and high alcohol tolerance. With her polished sense of smell, she's able to distinguish brands of alcoholic beverages through smell but it takes her time to do so in an average of 7 minutes. She'll also need a dictionary of such brands.

Her Semblance is O2 Bomb; she can form spheres of swirling compressed oxygen using a rune field as a medium and make them explode on her will. She also uses this to double her jump. If she got distracted on her concentration, she might end up harming herself if the spheres are near her. Maximum spheres that she can create is 7 at a time for three consecutive times and is limited on being formed within 3 meter radius. She can hold them all in 20 seconds before they discharge themselves. The lesser she makes, the bigger her spheres can get. Incorporating Fire Dusts in the Semblance will make it more lethal.

Her Aura's color is red, strong, and abundant in reserves.

Raizel Heidrich's Stats :

Primary Role Attacker
Secondary Role Bomber
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo


Aeolus is a Dual Bladed Polearm-Nunchucks (DBPN), a gift from her instructor. It has Fire Dusts in the middle of each blades. Its body is black with red lines parallel to it and its default form is a cylinder, as long as a baton, that is hanged on Raizel's right waist.



  • Raizel is a Hebrew name meaning 'rose'; Heidrich is a German surname meaning 'power' and 'rule'.

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