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So, tell me, when was the last time you heard the word 'treasure' around here?
— Rajah Dipali
Rajah Dipali
Age 17
Nickname Raj
Status Active
Color Saffron
Gender Male
Race Human
Born Atlas
Handedness Ambidextrous
Hair Black
Eyes Gold
Height 5'3
Weight 115
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team FRST
Partner Takehime Natsuki
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Additional Info
Likes Curry
Dislikes Sour things
Weaknesses Impulsiveness

Rajah Dipali is a Beacon Academy student, valued member of Team FRST, and recent emigrant of Atlas.


Rajah grew up half on, half off the streets, and learned many necessary skills through self-teaching. An eccentric teacher travelling from Signal Academy noticed Rajah's promising capabilities after watching several successful pickpocketings and recruited him for her class.

Physical Appearance

Rajah has tanned skin, due to his birth and early life in the desert region of Atlas. He has shaggy, off-black hair that is short but voluminous. He has bright gold eyes, barely noticeable stubble, and is the shortest one on Team FRST, standing at 5'4", just under Sienna's 5'5". His build is rather wiry, but lean with muscle. He often wears short- or no-sleeved shirts and collared vests, long since used to long, cloudless days outside.


Sometimes-reckless trickster that sticks up for his friends (edit this later)

In Battle

When fighting alongside his teammates, Rajah is a lightning-fast 


Rajah wields his Ecru Deserters with deadly ability, delivering blows with the bladed, reinforced brass knuckles while loosing blasts from the miniature yet powerful Dust cannons on their sides.


Rajah's semblance is smoke, allowing him to cross battlefields in the breeze and hide in the darkness to even the most perceptive of Fauna.


Rajah's aura is a deep, pale yellow, just like his name.


He is reckless at times, which gets on Flanagan's nerves. With his semblance, he can sneak around easily with his partner across enemy lines to attack. He is the trickster of the team, liking to pull pranks and 'borrow' items from his teammates. Flanagan has some friction with him because he sees Rajah's reckless behavior as insubordination. 

Despite this, however, Rajah seems to get along well with the rest of his teammates. He is partnered with the quiet Takehime Natsuki.


"If you lost it, then it must not have been that important to you in the first place!" -Rajah, talking about how Flanangan's things keep disappearing. 

"I am a hunter in training, not a thief. Growing up, I did what I could to survive." -Rajah, getting upset over someone calling him a criminal. 

"I play tricks on people so they aren't so uptight all the time. When you are uptight, you start to lose focus on what we are here for." -Rajah, defending his actions to another group of students.

"Watch the smoke...I'll be there, then BOOM, you'll be be out." -Rajah, talking to his competition. 


  • A rajah is a prince, chief, or ruler in India or the East Indies. The name comes from the Sanskrit "Raja", meaning "King". This is alluded to by the sheer number of gold clothing and jewelry he wears. Rajah is also a bright, deep tone of saffron.
  • The name "Dipali" is Sanskrit for "row of lamps", a reference to the story "Aladdin " from "1001 Arabian Nights". His character is related to nature through smoke and sand. 

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