Raleigh Jet Obsidian,commonly known as Raleigh or Jet,is a student at Beacon Academy and does not belong to any team currently. He has been aspiring to be a Hunter since the tender age of seven,something that his mother had discouraged and was against. He has a very dark family history as they are known to have ties with notorious criminal,Roman Torchwick


Being a member of the Obsidian family,Raleigh has snow white hair which appears in a slightly spiked style,with the left side of his bangs longer than the other and tied up in short ponytail. He has yellow eyes,which turn red if he sees blood. He is usually seen wearing a three quarter coat with a black undershirt and white cravat,with an ivory chestplate with his logo on it and also ivory gauntlets. He also wears knee-high boots with steel plated tips. He carries his weapon,which is shaped and looks like a Japanese Katana,strapped to his side most of the time


Raleigh is a very cheerful person,contrasting to his usually lifeless demeanor that he tends to give off. A lot of students tend to get scared by him but if he has the chance,he will tell them that he isn't really scary. He can sometimes go a little bit too cheerful,doing pranks to unsuspecting students and,on rare cases, even staff. Contrasting to his cheerful nature,during combat he can turn maniacal if he sees huge amounts of blood in front of his eyes,making them turn red. Once that happens,he becomes maniacal,almost hellbent on making his foes (more appropriate to call them 'victims' in this situation) bleed


Raleigh carries a High Caliber Piercing Sniper Rifle Katana,named "GodSpeed" (Stylized with an inverted 'S'). It is a combination of a Sniper Rifle and also a Japanese Katana. Unlike other weapons,which transform from gun mode to melee mode,GodSpeed can use both of its modes at the same time. It's gun mode can be used at the same time as the melee mode because the rifle parts are housed in the sword's sheath,therefore it can be used separately. The sword is shaped after a traditional Japanese Katana,measuring at about 73 cm from sword tip to handle butt. It has a normal Katana blade with a serration near the hilt on blunt side and it's handle is shaped to look like a skeletal rifle butt stock,the handle acts as the stock when using the rifle by sheathing the sword before using the rifle. The rifle,as stated,is housed in the sheath making it fully operational while the sword is in use,it is a High Caliber rifle and uses 50. Caliber,armor piercing rounds that uses a gunpowder and black Dust compound,making it slightly explosive upon impact to maximize damage. It uses bolt action to reload and has a 20 round magazine capacity.The sheath also houses a spring loaded mechanism which,upon sheathing the blade punches out the gun handle and vice versa.


Raleigh comes from the Obsidian family,a family known for its ties with notorious criminal Roman Torchwick. Little is known about his family other than his father rarely is home,his mother is against him becoming a Hunter and that he has a younger brother named Wight Chromius Obsidian. He decided to become a Hunter to redeem his family name and also look for his father,who went missing after his company's building burnt down. Besides his gloomy background,he never lets it become a factor to not be cheerful and treats everything that happens to him as a new adventure