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Ranna Juliet.
Age 17.
Title Fear queen, Spider of death and that mad psychopath.
Alias Ranna Silverwood.
Nickname Ran.
Color Eerie black.
Gender Female
Species Honey badger faunus.
Handedness Right.
Hair Long pure black hair.
Eyes Sparkling red.
Height 5'7.
Professional Status
Team Team OGRE
Partner Pan Everest
Occupation Huntress in training.
Personal Status
Relatives Father.


Lady Scarlet. (Adoptive mother.)

Wolf Black. (Adoptive brother.)

Aster Black. (Adoptive niece.)


Her appearance can be summarized in one word: Flashy. She wears black punk rock styled

Chibi Ranna.

clothes adorned with white graffiti styled flowers covered by a dark purple cloak once worn by her childhood hero and has fingerless gloves with silver spikes on the knuckles. She has very sharp black nails. She covers one of her eyes with bandages to cover a gallery of scars she received in her childhood. Ranna also has two small honey badger ears on her head.

She carries around a metal backpack with her main weapon inside.


Ranna often behaves in frightening manner to intimidate or disturb those around her in order to scare for her own amusement. She keeps a "book of threats", which is filled with secrets from peoples, in order to blackmail them into placing her into a position of power. Also, she is very sadistic and cruel toward people, often tormenting them for her amusement.

Due to her mistreatment as a child and Mask's encouraging, she's driven to always seek revenge and was led to believe her that people always try to betray her if they don't fear her. This trait is usually kept under control by Pan and her adoptive family, but when Ranna is around them, she acts like a normal everyday girl, even can be quite kind.

When in battle she remains surprisingly calm and listens to her teammates, offering them help at any time during the battle. But she does tend to laugh maniacally frigthen her opponents.

Ranna has a great sense of loyalty towards the peopple she deems trustworthy. She never attacks or fights with people that have earned her trust, but she does shoots her weapon at her friends from time to time to annoy them.

She is also vegetarian due to her secret love of small animals.

Ranna also has a close bond with her adoptive family, mostly towards Lady Scarlet, Wolfe Black and his daughter Aster. The family took her under their wings and treat her as Wolfes sister. She is very protective of them and also enjoys cuddling and tutoring Aster on how to be a good fighter.

Weapons and abilities

1st year

Her main weapons are four long thin robotic spider legs that are attached to her metal backpack called Night fang. These legs have in built guns and whips in the joints and are quite flexible. They are made out of a special reinforced ore.

She has a high level of endurance due to her training with Mask and can take more hits that most of her fellow students at Beacon. Her balance and flexibility is beyond that of pro athletes and are used in her Grimm chance martial arts style, Night runner style.

Night runner style relies mainly on movement and balance. The hands are readily available for attack and defense of the upper body, and protect the stylist by employing many short and quick movements designed to hit the targets nerves to deliver devastating blows and to keep them off balance and minimum opportunities for counteracting, but no strong attacks. The legs are moved quickly into range through footwork to protect and defend the body, and kicks are kept low, short and quick so as to never leave the Night runner combatant off-balance and vulnerable.

Ranna's semblance is Reaper's hand's. A semblance that allows her to create and use runes for blocking attacks and increasing her movement speed, making her move twice as fast. What makes Ranna's special is that she can make long black hand constructs come out of them, ones that can grab, punch or even cut an opponent with their long nails. Large runes can make up to 20 hands. while smaller ones can make up to four. The hands themselves can stretch up to three meters. Making the hand constructs can take quite a bit of aura, so it's only used a last resort to make a battle end quickly.

When she was studying at Everest's old cop school, she learned how to be a skilled computer hacker and learned from one of the extra classes how to do taxidermy on Grimms.

Due to her being a fauna, she possesses excellent night vision.

2nd year

Due to 'death training' and exercises recommended by Maki , Ranna became faster and more agile in her movements. She also tries to use fear and deception in her battles to get the advantage over her opponents through taunts and battle strategies. 

Ranna also developed her own style of running that is used in American football in which she employs by using a "stiff-leg" running style while leaning her upper body forward in quick spurts, giving her a explosive acceleration for a few seconds, therefore, making it difficult for enemies to read her step pace.

She also has become more flexible and can twist her body to counter a enemies attacks. Her fighting style has also improved, making her a dangerous opponent and a powerful ally.


Ranna was born in a small town outside of Mistrals borders. She was the daughter of a blind woodsman. While growing up, Ranna was constantly bullied by her older sister. To escape the bulling, she would often spend her time outdoors. She regularly visited the arena to she her favorite huntress, Mulan Jade, in action. At one point, Ranna met her hero in person before she left and Mulan gave her the scarf she wore that day.

A few days later, Ranna's sister grew jealous of the scarf Ranna had and pushed her little sister down a hill. Ranna landed on a few sharp rocks that scared her face and her eye. She now wears the bandages to hid her scares. She became quite shy and paranoid around others after this,even growing very distant from her own family.

After a year, Ranna's village became under the control of a small terrorist group. Her family tried to flee from the village, but they were found out as they made their escape and had to split up In order to save her own skin Ranna's sister used her as bait for the terrorists to get their attention. Ranna was then captured by them.

One of them who the others nicknamed Mask, took a liking to Ranna and helped her train to become stronger by teaching her a martial arts style called Grimm chance, specifically the Night runner style. She saw how the others wouldn't mess with him due to them being afraid of him. She then thought that people fearing her would be the only way that she could make sure that no one would ever hurt her again.

Hunters were alerted by the townsfolk of Ranna's village who told them about the group and a squadron was sent to stop the terrorists. The squadron was led by Capt. Everest. He was part of a skilled swordsman unit in his combat school for training junior officers. Ranna saw this as her chance to escape and fired at a few of the terrorists. The squadron saw this and tried to aid her in the battle.

After a while, they won the battle but some of the terrorists including Mask escaped. Ranna was put on trial to see if her story was true. Afterwards she was reunited with her family, but they noticed that her time with the terrorists changed her. All she wanted was to become a powerful huntress and a big rift opened up between her, her father and her older sister. They allowed her to go to a combat school. It was the same school Everest was in. After a few years the two became good friends and decided to go to Beacon to become professional hunters.

When they arrived at Beacon, Ranna  planned to meet up with Everest in the Emerald forest during the initiation test. Pan agreed to her plan and the two then became members of team OGRE and became good friends with team MAID. Ranna has a bad habit of scaring her fellow students for fun.

During her first year in Beacon, Ranna went on a mission with team OGRE, MAID and WAVE to Windstorm Valley. There she met the family of Wolfe Black (leader of team WAVE). Unlike others who only saw her as a scary individual, the family saw her for her good traits and could see that her being scary was mostly an act. They developed a close bond with her and gave her a family who really did care about her. She's now the adoptive sister of Wolfe and stays in close contact with her new family, often teaching Wolfe's daughter how to be a powerful fighter.


This pic was made by jipooki. It's a rough sketch of what Ranna looks like when she's older.


  • She is loosely based on Juliet from Romeo and Juliet.
  • Her theme song is Linken park - Castle of glass.
  • Her battle theme is Royal blood - Out of black.
  • Ranna's physical skills are based on the honey badgers physical skills and abilities.

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