Information about new grimm species Rapido Infierno

Note to other users who would like to use this grimm for rp's and fanfictions: you are free to use Rapido Infierno as you wish, just try to keep it in its character and please link any rp's and fanfictions down in the comments for archiving purposes

Rapido Infierno
Rapido Infierno
Race Grimm
Additional Info
Special Skills Quick speed, powerful stomach, Sharp claws, powerful faceplate, pack mentality
Weaknesses one on one combat, low amount of armor


Rapido Infierno is a small grimm creature that stands around 4 to 5 feet in height. Its figure is a grotesque slim form with its mid chest pushed back, making its back bigger and its chest sunk in. Its arms are small and narrow down above the elbow, but return to a muscular shape afterwards. Its legs are more muscular, not having a narrowing area on its upper thigh. Both its arms and legs have continuing ridges along the lower arms and calves, as well as razoe sharp claws on its hands and feet. The creature also has a small tale. Rapido Infierno is armored by a large faceplate that onlly shows its eyes, a small portion of its circular mouth, and antennas from the sides of the head. The faceplate can be decorated by red etchings done in battle; the more scratches, the stronger the Rapido Infierno. A plate of armor also lies around his neck, guarding some of its body when coming from head on. A large line of spikes extnds from its back, apon what is seen almost like a second tail. To each side are dangling studded armor pieces that hang from what seem like cords of muscle and bone, and as of now are know just to indentify males from females who lack the hanging bones.


Rapido Infierno is a grimm skilled in speed and attack speed. It will attack with its sharp claws and high pitched screeches. It will also use its spikes on its back to strike at enemies. 

Rapido Infierno are pack grimm, attacking in groups of 6 or more. When togetherm the creatures attack one after another, and will attempt to overwelm their enemies. This particular reason is why many fall to the creature, for the overwelming attacks can cause fear in the enemy and may render them afraid. 

The Rapido Infierno's screech is high pitch, and standing alone will do no more than leave an earache, but when a pack of Rapido Infierno scream together, the screech can render an enemy helpless. 

Despite its small size, the Rapido Infierno has an insatiable appetite and will eat practically anything that is meat, from human to animal to other grimm if necessary. These creature have also been seen digging up graves for food, roadkill, and sometimes non meat things if necessary as well. 

Additional Notes

Rapido Infierno are easy to anger, and will attack anything that comes within their path or territory. It is also clear that during any battle, two will always try to escape to ensure the race survives. 


- Rapido Infierno translates to "fast/speedy hell" in spanish

- Rapido Infierno is based of off the spanish legend of the Chupacabra, a grotesque creature that would eat goats from farms

- A group of six or more Rapido Infierno is called a flare.

- Rapido Infierno, though may eat other grimm if no food is available, will not eat its own kind for any reason.


Rapido Infierno

The Rapido Infierno atop a shop roof

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