Name: Rauben.

Species: unknown/ghostly.

Appearance: Raubens look like normal grave keepers in robes unless you get close to them.

Habitat(s): graveyards.

Behaviour: Raubens mostly take no notice of people unless they get too close to them or damage one of the graves at which point the Rauben attacks brutally with a Scythe and a strange life draining ability. While undisturbed they seem to check the graves for signs of damage and repairing them if damage is found. While it can not be said for sure Raubens seem to be the departed souls of grave keepers who loved their job too much to let death make them quit. Whenever a Grimm enters the graveyard they call home they attack on sight without even waiting for it to disturb the graves.

Fighting: fighting against a Rauben is no walk in the park, or graveyard in this case, as their ghostly body's negate all damage from weapons and tend to hide where people can't follow. As mentioned above Raubens have Scythes, however those are mostly for show and as such are rarely used, and the ability to drain the life out of someone until they are nothing but a withering husk.

Weaknesses: "killing" a Rauben is tough but not impossible. While physical weapons have no effect Dust can defeat them with ease, it's just a matter if hitting it before your dead, ice Dust can freeze its ghostly form allowing blade and gun alike to shatter it to bits and fire Dust can reduce them to ashes in but a few moments.

Possible Raubens: Death: normally portrayed as being skeletal and having a Scythe and also called The Grim Reaper.

Overall analysis: avoid attacking them its best to leave them be lest you be the next one they bury in a grave. If you must kill them for whatever reason use ice or fire Dust as soon as you can.

Trivia: Rauben is middle high German meaning to rob or deprive which is the inspiration for their life drain credit for the name goes to BlackKnight343

OCC: aaannnnd DONE. There we go my second page. Now:

Most of the time ghosts are vulnerable to magic but since there's no such thing in RWBY I had to go with the closest thing.

This was an idea I had for a while and asked in the main wiki chat for ideas.

The name I came up with was Gravers crap I know.

This was in the fanmade Grimm category but I put it into the fanmade creature category which wasn't made yet.

Death. Grim Reaper. Raubens attack Grimms on sight. Hint hint.

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