Rautt lauf
Age 17
Nickname red leaf
Status missing
Gender Male
Race human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Hair black
Eyes hazel
Height 9'10"
Weight 160lbs
Professional Status
Additional Info
Likes flying,learning
Dislikes jerks,idiots
Special Skills accurate, determined
Weaknesses does not listen to team, determined


rautt is a Caucasian male with medium length black hair and hazel eyes. He wears a brown trench coat, under that he has a crimson t-shirt. His pants are shorts that extend down to just bellow his knees. He has a pair of aviator goggles on his head, he only uses them while flying. His shoes are typically brown boots with a sort of “fluff” on the edges. While flying he puts on leather gloves, any other time he does not have gloves.


he is a very serious person sticking to the subject at hand, That said he is a smart-ass. During flight though he changes completely, possibly because he has a bit of a psychological problem, he becomes very outgoing and often does stunts to mess with anybody on board. Rautt has many tricks for studying,fighting, and of course flight. He has loved planes, or anything that flies really, since he was a small boy. His weapons were spawned from his skills, his focus allowed him to aim easily.

Weapons and Abilities

rautt has the ability to focus and he has the fastest arm speed a human can achieve with out a semblance. His first weapon is a rifle that can fire arrows, almost like a slender sideways crossbow. He sometimes uses arrows that have a sharpened dust crystal on the end giving it abilities such as lightning,fire,etc.

His second weapon is a set of pistols lining the inside of his coat. Each pistol has six shots, on top of which the tip of each bullet is made of dust.


rautt was born into a family that made aircrafts for years and was going out of business. They only made old airplanes that ran on dust. As the years past rautt became 13 and his parents company was shut down, but not before he learned to build and pilot the planes. They moved out to a cabin not far out of vale. There rautt spent the coming years building his weapons and plane, burning dragon. while there he began to attend sanctum acadamy. Eventually he enrolled in beacon and he was excepted. He never finished burning dragon.

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