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That does not seem logical.
— Raven Duskshine to Silvia Nytingale
Screw Logic!
— Dawnknight's response to statement above

Raven Duskshine
Age 18 years
Nickname Party Pooper (by Silvia)
Dusk (by Dawnknight)
Status Active
Gender Male
Race Faunus
Species Rat
Handedness Left
Hair Black with a blue streak
Eyes Blue
Weight 5’ 9”
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Partner Tennè Daystar
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives uncle
cousin (F)
Additional Info
Likes Electronics
Helping others
Dislikes Faith
Illogical reasoning
Weaknesses Bad Eyesight without Glasses

Raven Duskshine is a young Faunus who had started his training a year late. He is very experienced with technology and he graduated top of his class in academics while attending combat school.


Raven has short black hair with a blue streak in it. He has sapphire blue eyes. Because of his Faunus heritage, he has pointed rat ears atop of his head.

His attire is casual-themed. He wears a coat over a v-neck top and jean pants. Raven wears prescription glasses, due to his poor eyesight. On his person is usually some kind of electronic he can toy with. Raven wears a backpack to hold anything he needs. Contained in the pack is his communicator, a book to read, an emergency portable first aid kit, and ammo for Civil Twilight.


Raven is a realist and has a logical outlook in life. He does not believe in anything he cannot see. Raven only believes in the facts and the things he can see with his own eyes. He can be a "party-pooper," as Silvia Nytingale describes him to be.

Sometimes, he can be sarcastic. It's difficult to tell if what he says is true, but his team figured out when he's being sarcastic.

Despite all this, he does have a kind side. One of the main reasons Raven holds a first aid kit is to take care of Silvia's injuries since she's more prone to injuries from her fights with "the dog" and playing with the boys. Raven can also comfort Tennè when she seems to need it. Though he retains his sarcastic realist self, his team knows when he's being gentle.

Weapon, Abilities, and Skills

It's when he's fighting when Raven doesn't have an electronic at hand. This, however, does not include his scroll. He always looks at it to see how he controls his own aura.

The Civil Twilight is a rapier weapon that has two forms:

  • Epee Form: When on standby, the Civil Twilight takes the form of an Epee Rapier. Raven keeps the rapier bound behind his waist. His weapon, for a majority of the time, is in this form.
  • Musket Form: Civil Twilight's gun form. It takes the form of a musket gun and Raven is able to shoot musket-balls from it. Because of it's classic and old fashion mechanics, Raven has to keep reloading the gun. He uses stealth when using it's musket form. It can shoot one musket-ball at a time.


Raven was born into a poor family outside of Vale. Knowing they couldn’t provide him with a life they thought he deserved, Raven was sent to his uncle who lived in a large city within Atlas. Growing up around his uncle’s technology company, Raven naturally became inclined to the various technologies around him. His older cousin, whom he viewed as his older sister, was always kind to him and gave him new books to read once he was done with them. Raven loved to read these books. He read them everyday, and even found himself late at night reading. This led to his thin frame spectacles he now wears.

When he turned fifteen, Raven helped build and manufacture for a local tech shop his uncle bought out years before. He worked as a designer while his cousin worked as an assistant. It was one day, in the shop, that he heard about the Hunters and Huntresses for the first time. Entranced by the magical tales he heard, Raven dreamed about it for many days before deciding to dedicating his life to becoming a Hunter. With his uncle’s permission, he attended the local combat school the next year where he graduated at the top of his class.

Turning seventeen, Raven was accepted into Beacon Academy. A few months later would be his birthday.


Jerrick Dawn Knight

Silvia Nytingale

Tennè Daystar

He is her partner and often tries to mess with her. Though at first, it was to tease her, Raven learned about Tennè's fear of men and tries to comfort her in his own way. Raven wants to get closer to her, but he becomes a little nervous. Raven acts as her big brother.

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